Top 10 health benefits of straw mushroom

Health benefits of straw mushroom

The straw mushroom is also known as paddy straw mushroom. The scientific name of the straw mushroom is Volvariella volvacea. It is a type of edible mushroom which belongs to the Pluteaceae family. This mushroom is widely grown in the hot and steamy climate of the tropical, subtropical regions and temperate regions of both the eastern and Southeastern Asia. It is extensively used in the Asian cuisines.

The straw mushroom has the size of thumb. It is heavily cultivated for food and it is often available fresh in Asia. Also, this mushroom is found in canned or dried forms outside their nations of cultivation. The growing temperature of this mushroom is around 28 – 35oC.

This mushroom is rich in vitamins, such as selenium, manganese, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Also, this mushroom has vitamins, such as folate, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B1. It is believed that this mushroom can help to remove the excess heat from the body. It is believed that this mushroom has blood thinning properties and they can help to lower the high blood pressure.

Health benefits of straw mushroom

Health benefits of straw mushroom

Good for heart health

The straw mushroom has a high additional mineral content, such as potassium and copper. Copper has anti – bacterial properties which can keep the internal organs away from bacteria and attack of them. Also, it has high amounts of potassium which can help to maintain the function of the blood vessels. As a result of it, the heart health will be maintained.

Prevent anemia

We need iron for the blood – structuring material. The iron deficiency can lead to higher chances of anemia, which is a condition with lack of iron in the blood. The straw mushroom has enough iron which can help you to avoid the risk of anemia.

Strengthen bones

The straw mushroom have high amounts of calcium and Vitamin D. It is needed to have good amounts of Vitamin D and calcium for the bone growth. This is a reason why you should add straw mushroom in your diet.

Prevent the growth of cancerous cells

It is known fact that straw mushroom can help to prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the breast and prostate cancer. The straw mushroom have beta – glucan and conjugated linoleic acid which are having carcinogenic effect. The linoleic acid can help to lower the effects of estrogen hormones, because when the hormone estrogen is too high, then this is increasing the risk of breast cancer. Also, the beta – glucan can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in the prostate cancer. Also, This mushroom has selenium which can effectively inhibit and reduce the amount of cancer cells.

Reduce free radicals

It is known that flavonoids can help in the fight against free radicals. Also, this mushroom has selenium which can help to overcome and reduce free radicals. It is known that the free radicals which enter from pollution, smoke, foods with bad fats and electromagnetic radiation can lead to many serious diseases. This is a reason why you should add this mushroom in your diet.

Good for diabetes

This mushroom has good natural insulin for diabetes, carbohydrates and low fat fungus. The straw mushroom is considered as healthy for the pancreas, liver and other endocrinal glands which can increase the formation of insulin with the right amount. Also, straw mushroom has antibiotic content which can help to avoid infection due to diabetes – caused wounds.

Good for the growth period

We know that proteins are good for the growth. The straw mushroom has protein so you should consume it if you are in the growth period due to ability to help in the growth process.

Contains low cholesterol

The straw mushroom has several proteins. It has no bad fats and it has low carbohydrate content. Also, the fiber and enzyme content in the straw mushroom can help to launch the digestive system. The high protein content can help to burn cholesterol in the digestive system.


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