13 Top Health Benefits Of White Pepper Powder

white pepper powder uses in cooking

The white pepper powder is many times ignored on the table but it has a lot of health benefits. The black pepper and white pepper come from the same shrub, pepper wine, but they have differences in their aroma and taste and they are different in the kinds of benefits which they offer. The white pepper is also known by other names, such as Shan Morich, Paandri Miri, Safed Mari, Bili Menasu, Vella Kurumulagu, Vellai Milaku, Tella Miriyalu and Safed Mirch. The white pepper is prepared by having the outer layer removed before or after drying and only the inner seed is left. Here are some health benefits of white pepper powder:

White Pepper Powder cure cataract 

The white pepper is very effective home remedy for curing the cataract. You should combine it with almonds in ratio 1:5 and then mix it with brown sugar and ghee. This home remedy has been tested on many patients and it has shown positive results.

white pepper allergy

Prevents flatulence

White pepper has carminative properties which can help to prevent the formation of gas in the intestines. The white pepper powder can boost the secretion of hydrochloric acid and it assists in carrying out the digestion more effectively.

Cutes toothache

The white pepper powder can give you a relief from the toothache when it is used in a combination with table salt or clove oil.

White Pepper Powder control blood sugar

The white pepper powder can help to boost the metabolism of the body and also it assists in the digestion process which is a reason why it is beneficial home remedy in blood sugar control. You can consume a mixture of white pepper powder with turmeric and fenugreek seeds powder with a glass of milk on daily basis because this can help to bring down the sugar levels. This is one of the best home remedies for the most diabetics.

Ability to improve the digestion

The white pepper has unique trait which can stimulate the taste buds to send a signal to the stomach to secrete hydrochloric acid which is very important for the digestion of the food.

Antioxidant properties

White pepper has vitamins and flavonoids which are responsible for its antioxidant properties. This is making the white pepper an effective fighter for the organisms which enter the body and can cause harm in the cells.

White Pepper Powder control blood pressure

White pepper is rich in flavonoids and Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are making it one of the best home remedies for keeping the blood pressure under control. Those people who have high blood pressure and other related problems can add the white pepper powder in their daily diets.

Prevents stomach ulcers

You can consume white pepper powder because it can kill the ulcer causing bacteria in stomach and intestines. This is a reason why it can help in the prevention of stomach ailments, such as stomach ache and ulcers.


The heat which is generated by the white pepper powder can help to clear the nasal tract and relieve nasal congestion. It can help in the fight against nasal infections and it can clean the air ducts. Also it can help people to breathe properly.

Cures cough

If you suffer from sore throat and bad cough can consume white pepper powder with a little bit of raw honey to get a relief. When the raw honey and white pepper are together, they generate heat due to antibiotic properties. Also they can give you a relief from the cough and cold easily.

Headache healer

The white pepper can help in the treatment of headaches. The pain in the head develops when the neuropeptide, substance P transmits the pain to the brain. White pepper has capsaicin which can block the transmission and also it can alleviate the symptoms of a headache.

Weight loss

White pepper has capsaicin which can help in the burning of fats inside the body and also it can help in losing weight.

Wrinkle remover

White pepper is rich in antioxidants which are making it one of the best home remedies for dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines and some of them are signs of aging. You should use white pepper in your daily diet because it can help you to have beautiful and young skin for longer period.


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