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Health benefits of sweet cicely

This herb is native to the British Isles. It has been used to grown in kitchens near the door for easy access. Also, it is famously used by the Carthusian molks to make the liqueur – Chartreuse. This herb was used to prevent infections in the plague years. All parts of sweet cicely can be used which is a reason why it has been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes with centuries. This herb has a similar taste to aniseed and it can help to reduce the acidity of other ingredients in cooking.

The sweet cicely is ideal for adding to something like cooked apples because it adds a touch of sweetness which means that you do not have to use as much sugar. You can use the sweet cicely as a sugar substitute. You can cook the roots of sweet cicely like you would parsnips and you can use them to flavor up stews and soups. The leaves of that can be used as a garnish or in salads. The sweet cicely is especially good for the digestive system when it is mixed into boiling water with a little finely chopped dinner, then it creates the perfect concoction for relieving digestive issues, like flatulence.

There are not enough studies in which can be said that the sweet cicely has side effects. It is not known enough about the effects of that during pregnancy and breast – feeding so these women should talk with their doctors before they add that in their diets. The appropriate dosage of that depends on several factors, such as the user’s health, age and several other conditions. There are not enough studies for this period to determine an appropriate range of doses for it. You should remember that natural remedies are not always safe so you should talk with a doctor about the dosage and safety.

Health benefits of sweet cicely

Health benefits of sweet cicely

Used as a treatment against gout: You can use the crushed leaves of that as a home remedy for the treatment of pain that is associated with rheumatism, as well as gout. It is know that the tea prepared from sweet cicely can induce sleep.

Treatment against asthma and cough: The sweet cicely is effective home remedy for many different types of respiratory problems. It is smoked as tobacco to release the phlegm which can help to cure these problems.

Known to have diuretic as well as anti – spasmodic properties: It is known that the sweet cicely is a week diuretic and this is a reason why it can be used for purposes of detoxification. It is known that the sweet cicely has soothing effects and it tends to relax the neural system of the body.

Helps in detoxification as well as healing: The sweet cicely has been used for long period in purification of blood. It is known that it can speed up the process of recuperation of wound so this is a reason why the ointment prepared from sweet cicely is widely available. It is known that the sweet cicely is effective in the treatment of snake bites.

Minerals: That is rich in minerals, like potassium, iron and calcium which can help you to stay in a good health.

Acts as a tonic: It has compounds which are acting as a tonic and they can help to prevent problems, such as anemia in people. Mainly, the leaves and roots of that are used for this purpose.

Helps in maintaining digestive health: It has been known that this has many different nutrients which are good for improving the overall health of the digestive system. It is known that they can help to increase the appetite of people while at the same time it will prevent the accumulation of gas in the stomach.

Vitamins: The sweet cicely is rich in vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C and both of these vitamins have anti – oxidant properties which can help your body to stay safe from free radicals.

Acts as antiseptic: It is known that the essential oil from the sweet cicely is possessing antimicrobial properties. Also, it is thought that pressing that against a wound is beneficial for preventing infection and promoting healing. As a result of it, the sweet cicely is used as a home remedy for dog bites.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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