Sugar addiction – Causes, symptoms and other risk factors

sugar addiction

Sugar addiction

What is sugar addiction?

When you consume too much sugar, then you can have some kind of problems with your health. You can gain weight when you consume too many sugar products. Also your tooth can be spoiled. Many products have sugar as their component which has made problems in your body. When you consume these kinds of products, then you can notice that your control over the sugar is lost. You eat too much sugar more than you think. This factor can cause you sugar addiction. When you eat too much sugar, then this product can affect on every cell of your brain. When you are eating too much sugar then you keep wanting more and more of this product. This is a tough habit. [1]

What kinds of sugar are found in the food that we consume?

You cannot eat healthy food when you consume this kind of product. When you eat candy, then the sugar named carbohydrate is transformed in glucose. In your bloodstream you have more levels of this kind of sugar. Then, you can notice that the sugar levels in your blood are increased. Also there are simple carbohydrates in healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. Also in the dairy products there can be find carbohydrates. But these kinds of products have also protein and fiber which can slow down the process of transforming the simple carbohydrate in glucose. You should avoid products which have too much sugar such as soda, table sugar, syrup and candy. When you have too much sugar in your bloodstream, then your body cannot move properly.

What happens in your body when you eat too much sugar?

When you consume too much sugar, then you know that you have too much glucose in your blood. Your body makes one process which can remove the bad sugar out of your body. Your pancreas is making one hormone which is known as insulin. This can cause you serious problems. The blood sugar levels in your body can have a drop. This is making you more serious effects to your body. When this process is happening, then you have a bad habit to consume more and more sugar. In this case your body will have high amounts of sugar in the blood. This is a bad habit which makes your body to be full of simple sugars. [2,3]

What you should not consume?

Avoid foods which have too much sugar in them. You may want to eat French fries, pasta, crackers, white bread, chips, crave bagels and pretzels have too much amount of bad sugar which can cause you health problems. You should eat fruits and vegetables because they can help to detoxify your body. You should not eat sugar products.

Sugar addiction

You may feel that the change of your diet is going wrong or it is too bad but you should not be discouraged. If you try and you succeed, then you can feel improvements in your overall health. You can avoid your old bad habits. You may think that you cannot live without sugar, but you should train the taste buds to eat other products and not bad sugar.

Healthy habits to avoid sugar addiction

You should try to eat dessert at least once per week. You should not put too much sugar in your cereals and sugar. In the first time you may not like the taste of your food, but you will addict to it. You should eat purred fruit on oatmeal and fresh berries without sugar. The best way to eat these fruits is in the raw form. If you have decided to eat canned, frozen or dried fruits, then you should be sure that they not have enough amount of sugar. Also you can add low – sugar yogurt or low – fat milk. You should drink lot of water.

After few weeks you will notice that this is not bad change, but it will help you a lot in your diet. You can eat food which have high amounts of protein because they can help you to feel full and in this way you will not consume too much sugar in your diet. Also this kind of product will help you to have more energy for everyday activities. You can add whole grains in your diet. [4,5]

You should also do a lot of exercises because in this way your body will be in shape and healthy. You can go swimming, walking and riding your bike. In the beginning you should start slowly with your exercises. You should do this exercise at least 30 minutes 5 days per week. Also when you not consume too much sugar food, then your body is healthy and strong. You might think that the cane juice, honey, brown sugar that are too healthy, but they are not. [5]

These are some conditions of the Sugar addiction.


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