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fainting home remedy, Natural cures for fainting

When there is a sudden drop of oxygen supply to our brain which is resulting in temporary loss of consciousness, then this is a condition which is known as fainting. This condition can be caused by a heart attack, stroke, pain or some underlying ailment like low sugar, starvation, shock and sheer excitement. Also there are some cases when people   use some medications for controlling their high blood pressure which results in fainting. A person who is undergoing fainting will visualize dizziness, vomiting or sudden blackness just before getting faint. There are some ways which can help you or other people during fainting phases. You can use some of the mentioned fainting home remedy to help yourself or others at times when you have fainting. You can use these natural cures to combat fainting but you also need to talk with your doctor which will be the best natural cure for you.

Here are some fainting home remedy

Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is effective home remedy for fainting. In 8 oz of water you should add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of honey. You should drink this remedy often because in this way you will prevent future fainting spells. This natural fainting home remedy treatment will also help you to clear up the airway passage of your respiratory system which will ensure you unrestricted breathing.

Wine vinegar: If you have fainting, then you should use wine vinegar as your natural cure for this condition. You should put 3 cups of wine vinegar for a boil. Then, you should add two tablespoons of mint and rosemary to the steaming wine. Then, you should steep it for twenty minutes. You should strain this tea. Then, you should drink this natural fainting home remedy after overcoming fainting because this will prevent further fainting spells. The aroma of this tea is very soothing and it will activate the nerves of your body. Also it will refresh you. [1]

Gingko Biloba: Gingko biloba is effective home remedy for treating circulatory problems and it can boost your memory [2,3]. This fainting home remedy has been used since ancient times to increase the memory. But also there are some studies in which is shown that the gingko biloba can prevent the sudden loss of blood from your brain. This natural cure can help you to enhance the blood circulation to your brain [4]. There are some studies in which are recommended consuming 40 – 80 grams of gingko extract for 3 times per day because in this way you will improve circulation [5]. People who use some medications such as blood thinning drugs, anticonvulsants, blood pressure lowering drugs and antidepressants should never consume a gingko. There were some studies in which were shown these results. But you need to talk with your doctor about the recommended dose which you should consume for getting a relief from this condition.

Basil tea: People, who suffer from repeated fainting spells, should use basil tea as their natural treatment. In 8 oz of boiling water you should add 3 tablespoons of fresh basil. Then, you should boil this tea for fifteen to twenty minutes. You should use this kind of tea several times per day because in this way you will get away from the fainting troubles. This natural fainting home remedy is an effective antidepressant, antispasmodic and nervine which is stimulating our nerves. This means that it will protect against the fainting spells. Even if you drink basil extract immediately after you had a fainting, then this will help you to recover from this situation immediately. [6]

Melissa: This home remedy can help you with fainting which is due to nervous breakdown. Melissa can soothe your nervous system and it will help your heart to relax. There were some studies in which is Melissa extracts were tested on patients for fainting and it was shown that this is a very effective natural fainting home remedy.

Onion: Onion is one of the best fainting home remedy which you can use if you have fainting. You should cut one onion into two halves. You should put the open half directly beneath your nostrils. It has strong and pungent smell which will activate the nerves of your brain and this will help to person who has fainting to regain consciousness.

Peppermint oil: This home remedy has antispasmodic properties that soothe your tensed nerves. Also this natural fainting home remedy has refreshing smell which will stimulate your brain to function efficiently. You should put 3 drops of peppermint oil on a handkerchief and you should keep it close to the nose of person who has fainting. This natural cure will give an instant relief from the fainting spell.

Posture change for fainting: There are some moments when we feel that we might faint. If you feel that you might faint, then you should lie down and then you should rise both your legs up. This will improve the blood flow to your brain and it will prevent fainting. If you are unable to lie down, then you should sit and put your head between your knees. You should continue sitting in this position until you feel relaxed.

Ginger: Ginger is natural cure that will help you in overcoming unconsciousness, stupor and delirium that are caused to our brain during fainting [7]. You should use one part of ginger, one part of black pepper and one part of pippali (long pepper) and you should grind them all in a blender. Then, you should apply this natural cure on your nostrils in small amounts. You should make a thin paste of ginger using water and you should use this paste for your eyelids. This home remedy will help you to overcome the blackout. You should give one cup of ginger tea to fainted person because this tea will increase the overall circulation of your blood and it will help him to recover from fainting completely.

Natural cures for fainting, fainting home remedyfainting home remedies and natural cures

Increase oxygen supply to brain: You should comfort the person who has fainted by making him to lie down on the flat surface with his face up and his legs rose in a position that is a little higher than his head. This will ensure increased oxygen supply to his brain and he will regain consciousness and revive from the fainting. Also you can loosen the cloths to help him to have maximum air flow. This will also clear up his respiratory hindrances.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is a decongestant. The eucalyptus oil can be used to pacify your nervous system and heart and it will stabilize you if you have fainting episode. You can use compress of eucalyptus oil. You should drop some eucalyptus oil in one bowl full of warm water. Then, you should soak a towel in this liquid. You should compress the back of your neck and the forehead region with this towel if you have fainting. You should repeat the fainting home remedy compress and this will help you or the fainting person to regain your consciousness because this is a combination which has an aroma of lavender and effect of warmth of the compress. [8]

Green tea: Green tea has anti – inflammatory and antioxidant properties [9]. These properties are good for your heart because they can relax your heart. During fainting episodes you can have rapid heartbeat. You can use this natural fainting home remedy to calm your heart and to alleviate the symptoms of fainting. Also this home remedy will stabilize the blood flow to your brain.

Bilberry: This home remedy is one of the best antioxidant herbs in the world. This herb will promote the blood circulation [10]. A drop in the blood flow is one of the most common causes for fainting. This natural fainting home remedy will give you a support during the fainting episodes. You should take some bilberry extract because this will increase the blood flow to your brain. This natural cure will help you to recover from fainting.

Smelling salts for fainting: Many people hate the smell of onion. But this natural cure is one of the best natural treatments for fainting. If you have fainting, then you should inhale the smell of onions till you have noticed that tears flow down from your eyes. This fainting home remedy will help you to get a relief from the fainting. Onion has ammonia contents that will dilate your blood vessels by supplying more oxygen to your blood and this property will correct dizziness. Also you can inhale the smell of sandalwood oil because this can also help you to get a relief from the fainting. Also you can use some herbs such as tea tree drops, eucalyptus and lavender if you have fainting. If you want to have the best results and to get a relief from the fainting, then you should place a hot compress on your neck and forehead. The heat from the hot compress along with the fragrance will give you immediate relief from the fainting.


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