Moderate Sodium intake is good for your heart and brain functions

Health Benefits Sodium

Sodium an extremely important electrolyte and an essential ion which is present in the ECF (extracellular fluid). This is the primary iron and electrolyte within our bodies and sodium is needed for the blood regulation. Sodium can improve glucose absorption, nervous system and improve heart performance. Sodium has pivotal role which plays in enzyme operations and muscle contractions. Also sodium is very important for fluid maintenance and osmoregulation within our bodies. Serious impairment of bodily function is caused due to the absence of this mineral. This is a very versatile element and sodium occurs in more than 80 different forms. Because sodium is electrolyte, it regulates the bodily fluids and also it transmits electrical impulses in our bodies.

Health benefits of sodium

Maintains heart health: This mineral can help you to maintain normal contractions of your heart. Also it plays a vital role in maintaining the blood pressure of our bodies but if you take this mineral in excess amounts, then it can dramatically boost your blood pressure which can result in serious health complications.

Balance of ions: This mineral shares an association with bicarbonates and chlorides in maintaining a sound balance between 2 types of ions, both negatively charged ions and positively charged ions.

Regulation of fluids: One of the most important health benefits of this mineral is ability to balance the osmotic pressure in our bodies due to the regulation of fluid in the cells of our bodies.

sodium benefitsSodium health benefits

Maintains acid/base balance: Sodium is altering the proportions of acid – base alkali phosphates in our bodies and this helps to control the reaction of the kidneys and the frequency and content of our urination.

Regulates glucose absorption: This mineral helps to facilitate the absorption of glucose by cells which is resulting in the smooth transportation of nutrients in the cell membranes of our bodies.

Eliminates excess carbon dioxide: This mineral plays an important role in the removal of any excess carbon dioxide which has accumulated in your body.

Anti – aging: This mineral is important hydrating product which is contained in many anti – aging creams because this mineral is defending against the free radicals which are accelerating the aging process. Also this mineral will help you to restore healthy and youthful skin.

Muscle cramps: Muscle cramps are caused during the hot summer months due to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. It is very important to have proper hydration of our bodies but also to take sodium – rich juices and fluids because they can help you to restore the amount of electrolytes in our bodies.

Brain function: It is known fact that our brains are very sensitive to sodium levels in our bodies. When we have sodium deficiency, then this can manifest as confusion and lethargy. Also this mineral aids in keeping your mind sharp. Sodium is an important element for the development of your brain because it works to improve the function of your brain.

Sunstroke: This condition is caused due to the failure of the heat regulating system in our bodies. This form of heat exhaustion is caused due to continuous exposure to very high temperatures. This exposure is causing your body to lose its capacity to maintain normal temperature. This condition is further aggravated due to the loss of water and salt from your body. Also this mineral is playing a vital role in the preventing heat exhaustion or sun stroke by replacing the loss of essential electrolytes. You should drink water but also you should drink fluids which have sugar and salt because this is favorable against sunstroke. You can mix the juice of raw mangoes with salt because this will provide you even more relief.

Water balance: This mineral is one of the most important minerals which help you to regulate fluid levels in your body. Water and sodium balance are closely linked. Sodium gateway and channels are what pump water into our cells and they regulate the amount of extracellular fluid in our bodies.


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