Corn silk can aid recovery from peripheral or pulmonary edema

Health benefits of corn silk

Every single person loves munching fresh corn. But not many people know that corn silk has health benefits so they just throw it away. When you take of the greenish cover surrounding the corn cob, then you get another layer of stringy stuff. This is the corn silk. You can use it in both dried and fresh forms. You should pull out the golden – green strands of the corn and then store them in a pot. If you want to store the corn silk in fresh form, then you should put it an airtight container and then store it in the fridge. In this way it can last for a couple of weeks. If the weather is good, then you can dry the corn silk for a few days and after this it can be stored for a long time.


Corn silk health benefits

Facilitates recovery from edema: When the heart fails to function or it becomes weak, then the edema is happening. This is a reason why the heart is not able to pump enough blood to many body parts. This will lead to weakened kidneys and fluid storage in your lungs and knees. There are some studies in which are said that if you use corn silk, then this can aid recovery from peripheral or pulmonary edema.

Works as a diuretic agent: Corn silk tea has been used for ages as a natural potent diuretic agent. It can help to flush out excess waste and water from your body which means that it can reduce the complications that are related to water retention.

Health benefits of corn silk

Corn silk benefits

Balances mineral levels in the body: When you take corn silk tea, then it can balance the levels of vitamin minerals in the body which is very important for the healthy living. Also it can help to retain the ideal level of sodium in the body. Also the corn silk can remove the extra potassium from the body. Sodium is playing a pivotal role in the development of cognitive and mental abilities and the regulation of the blood pressure.

Helps relieve skin pigmentation issues: There are many studies in which are shown that the consumption of corn silk can help in the coping with skin pigmentation issues. Also this can help to people afflicted with vitiligo.

Source of Vitamin C: The corn silk has Vitamin C which is ideal for boosting the immunity. It plays a pivotal role in the regulation of a myriad functions in the body.

Helps fight cholesterol: When we have cholesterol in the bloodstream, then it can lead to onset of several critical ailments in long run. You should keep the cholesterol levels low because it can help you to stay healthy and to avoid hazards. There are some studies in which are shown that the consumption of corn silk can help to bring down the cholesterol in rodents.

Helps heal inflammatory ailments and conditions: It is known that the corn silk has anti – inflammatory properties. The corn silk can be used to reduce the pain caused by inflammatory ailments like arthritis and gout. Corn silk has diuretic action which can prevent the excess uric acid formation in the body joints which can lead to gout pain. But the corn silk should not be taken as a cure for arthritis related conditions.

Lowers blood pressure: There are many people who suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension. These people can take corn silk tea because it can help them to reduce the high blood pressure. This tea will ensure them that they do not have to cope with the side effects of OTC blood pressure medications.

Facilitates blood clotting: Corn silk has Vitamin K which can help in the blood clotting process. It will ensure you that you will not experience excessive blood loss if you have an injury.

Treats urinary tract infections: The corn silk is working as an anti – inflammatory agent for the urinary tract infections. It coats the urinary tract lining and it thwarts the further irritation. When you consume corn silk tea, then it can soothe the inflamed bladder and urinary tract. The corn silk tea can make you to urinate and it can reduce the risk of bacteria build – up in your urinary tract. Also this tea can be used to soothe the irritated prostate gland.


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