Morel Mushrooms: 5 Amazing Health Benefits

morel mushroom

Morel mushrooms are also known as true morels or Morchella. They are a prized variety of edible mushrooms favored for their rarity and rich flavor. These mushrooms can be harvested in certain areas of North America, China, Turkey, India, and Pakistan. Morchella is a genus that includes around 70 different species of morel mushrooms. Each of them has minute variations in flavor and appearance. These mushrooms have a distinct earthy taste which works well when it is used in meat dishes, soups, and pasta. Also, they can be sautéed in a bit of butter and served with a sprinkle of salt and pepper for a simple dish.

The appearance of the morel mushrooms can vary a bit between different species. Also, the colors can range from grey to yellow to brown and they can be anywhere from one to five inches in size. You should always clean the morel mushrooms properly and you should always cook them prior to consumption. The raw morel mushrooms contain a type of toxin which is destroyed during cooking.

You should always choose morel mushrooms with someone who knows them well, so in this way, you will get true mushrooms and not false morel mushrooms. The false morel mushroom has a gyromitrin, which is a dangerous compound that is hydrolyzed into a toxin, called MMH and it can cause side effects like stomach pain, vomiting, weakness, and headache.


Here are some health benefits of morel mushrooms:

morel mushroom

Fight against cancer cells:

The morel mushrooms can help to increase the strength of your immune system. Also, they will deliver a hearty dose of disease–busting antioxidants. Also, morel mushrooms have a powerful impact on cancer development. One study was found that the compounds extracted from the morels can inhibit the growth and spread of colon cancer cells in a dose-dependent matter. But, you should remember that additional studies are needed to determine whether eating morel mushrooms can give the same cancer-fighting properties in people such as in the in vitro study.

Boosts immune function:

There needs to be done a lot more studies in people, but preliminary studies said that certain compounds which are found in the morel mushrooms can rev up the immune function and this can help you to get relief from the inflammation in your body. In one in vitro study was shown that the polysaccharide extract of the morel mushrooms is able to enhance the activity and the anti-inflammatory properties of the immune cells. In another study were found similar findings and it was shown that polysaccharides found within morel mushrooms can act as an immunomodulatory agent in vitro.

May promote liver health:

The morel mushrooms have powerful antioxidant properties. This is a reason why studies have been shown that the morel mushrooms can protect and preserve liver health. One animal study which was done in India was shown that morel mushrooms extract exhibited hepatoprotective activities and it can help to reduce several markers that are used to measure liver disease.

Possesses antimicrobial properties:

In several promising in vitro studies have shown that the morel mushrooms can help to protect against harmful pathogens to fight against infections that are caused by yeast and bacteria. In one study dine in 2017 in India was shown that certain compounds found in the morel mushrooms were effective at blocking the growth of E. coli. This is a type of bacteria that can cause problems with your intestines. The compounds in the morel mushrooms were able to reduce the activity of Aspergillus fumigatus, which are species of fungus known to infect people who have weakened immune systems.

High in antioxidants:

Antioxidants can help to fight against free radical damage and they can help to protect the cells against oxidative stress. In one in vitro study was found that morel mushrooms are rich in antioxidants and they can help to scavenge free radicals and prevent lipid peroxidation. When you increase your amounts of antioxidants, then you can stay away from chronic conditions like cancer and heart disease.


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