15 Emerging Benefits and Uses of Carom Seeds

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If you have stomach problems, then you can chew carom seeds. But these seeds have many other health benefits except ability to help in stomach upset. You can consume carom seeds in raw or powdered form. You should include these seeds in your daily diet along with other herbs to get the best benefits of it. Carom seeds have oval and ridged shape. In size, they are very small. Their color can range from yellowish – brown to grayish. Their taste is hot and pungent. They have small feather like leaves. Carom seeds have strong odor, like the thyme. You should keep carom seeds away from humidity and direct sunlight. These seeds cannot be stored for a long time. You should avoid overconsumption of carom seeds because it can lead to headache, allergy, skin irritation, vomiting and nausea. You should store the carom seeds in air – tight bottle in a cool and dry place. Those people who have hyperacidity and liver disease should avoid this herb. Here are some health benefits of carom seeds:

Carom seeds cure urticaria

You should consume one gram of carom seeds with three grams of jaggery because this is one of the best home remedies to cure the urticaria.

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You should soak 25 grams of carom seeds in a mud pot filled with water for whole night. You should grind them and drink it in the morning.


You should consume six grams of carom seeds on daily basis because it can help you to rid of the calculus.

Body cleanser

It is known that the consumption of carom seeds tea can help your body to be clean of toxins. Also this tea can help to reduce many skin and health related problems. It can help to purify your blood and improve the blood flow in the body.

Carom seeds treat migraine

You should wrap carom seeds in tissue paper and smell it. It can help you to reduce the migraine headaches. Also this home remedy can be used to treat other problems related to head.

Carom seeds help pimple

You should apply powdered carom seeds with yoghurt on your face and let it stay there for thirty minutes. Then, wash it off using warm water. This home remedy can help you to lighten the pimple scars.


These seeds have been used since ancient times to cure deafness. You should put few drops of carom seeds oil in your ears to rid of this problem.

Eye cleanser

You should boil a handful of carom seeds in water. You should cool it and then strain it. You should wash your eyes with this water to clean them.


It is known that when carom seeds are soaked in water and consumed on daily basis, then they can help in the treatment of paralysis, shaking and trembling.


You should boil ½ teaspoon of carom seeds with one teaspoon of fennel seeds in ½ liter of water. You should cook it on a low flame for five minutes. You should cool it and then strain it. You should drink a cup of this home remedy after meals.

Joint pains

You should mix carom seeds, fenugreek seeds, black cumin seeds and shatavari. You should powder this home remedy and you should take ½ teaspoon of it every morning.


You should soak three tablespoons of carom seeds in lime juice. You should dry this home remedy in the shade. You should powder it and then mix it with little black salt and consume one teaspoon two times per day with warm water.

Ear pain

You need to heat one teaspoon of garlic and two teaspoons of carom seeds in sesame oil until it gets red in color. You should cool it and then strain it to put some drops in your ears. Also this is a useful home remedy for treating boils in ears.

Bed wetting

You should take 50 grams of black sesame, 100 grams of jaggery and 25 grams of carom seeds. You should mix them well. You should consume one teaspoon of this home remedy two times per day. It is very effective in helping bedwetting and frequent urination.

Carom seeds reduce weight

You should drink half glass of water with soaked carom seeds on an empty stomach. This home remedy can dissolve the fats. You should consume one teaspoon of carom seeds on an empty stomach every morning because it can help you to lose about four to five kilograms in a month.


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