Quinoa leaves have anticancer and chemo-preventive effects

Health benefits of quinoa

There are many people who have never heard about quinoa before. This is one of the most popular health foods. It is a flowering plant which belongs to amaranth family. Quinoa is an annual plant which is grown for its edible seeds. When health benefits of quinoa are talked about, then people are talking about the health benefits of quinoa seeds. Quinoa seeds are used. They are gluten – free. The composition of quinoa is similar to rice or wheat when they are cooked. This is an excellent source of protein. Quinoa is a complete source of protein because it has all the nine essential amino acids. Also it has a good amount minerals and fiber.

There are different types of quinoa such as white quinoa, red quinoa, black quinoa, quinoa flakes and quinoa flour. It is known fact that the quinoa is cooked and eaten like most other grains but botanically speaking, this is not a grain. It is relative to beets, chard and spinach. You should know that there are more than 100 types of quinoa. The previous mentioned types of quinoa – black, red and white are most commercialized. Quinoa is rich in fiber so if you eat it in excess amounts, then it can cause diarrhea, bloating and gas. Also it has varying amounts of oxalic acid. This acid is excreted in the urine which means it can bind with the calcium and form kidney stones in vulnerable people. If you had kidney stones in the past, then talk with your doctor before you add quinoa in your diet.

Quinoa health benefits

Helps treat dandruff: It has important minerals like phosphorus, iron and calcium which can seal the moisture in the scalp and it will keep the dandruff at bay. You can mash quinoa and then apply this paste to your scalp and hair. You should let it stay there for fifteen minutes and then rinse it as usual. Quinoa also has protein which can help in the treatment of split ends. It has tyrosine which can maintain the original color of your hair.

Offers the goodness of quercetin and kaempferol: Quinoa is rich in the mentioned compounds. These compounds can help to fight the inflammation. Also they have antidepressant and antiviral properties. A

Aids tissue repair and growth: This natural cure is rich in lysine which is very important element for tissue repair and growth. The only grain that has amino acid is the quinoa. Also it has high amounts of protein which contribute to this factor.

Promotes longevity: There are many studies in which are said that a diet which is rich in whole grains such as the quinoa can help to put a stop to many different diseases which can help people to live longer.

Health benefits of quinoa

Quinoa uses

Aids in anemia treatment: This home remedy is rich in iron. When we consume an adequate amount of iron, then it can help us to prevent anemia. Quinoa is also rich in riboflavin. There are many cases when anemia is caused by less riboflavin in someone’s diet. Also this will allow us to reiterate the importance of the iron. Iron is very important mineral to make the hemoglobin which is part of our red blood cells that bind and carry oxygen in our blood.

Improves metabolism: Quinoa is rich in minerals so when you consume it on regular basis, then it can help you to improve your metabolism. Protein can also improve the metabolism and it will reduce the appetite.

Helps fight cancer: There are some studies in which are said that a daily bowl of quinoa can save your life. Also this can help to reduce your risk of premature death caused by cancer. In another study was said that quinoa can be a savior during a cancer. It is talked about the extracts of quinoa leaves. It is known that quinoa leaves have anticancer and chemo-preventive effects. There are other studies in which is recommended to add quinoa in your diet because it can help you to fight the cancer. It is rich in antioxidants which can fight against free radicals and other harmful substances that are causes for cancer.

Fights inflammation: It has compounds called saponins and in many studies are shown their anti – inflammatory properties.


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