Health benefits of golden berries

Health benefits of golden berries

Golden berries has many health benefits such as manage diabetes, maximize immune function, reduce inflammation, boost heart health, prevent certain degenerative diseases, help to lose weight, manage diabetes, detoxify the body and optimize kidney function. Golden berries have different types of names such as Aztec berry, harankash, Cape Gooseberry, poha, Physalis or harankash which depends on where are you located in this world. The scientific name of the golden berries is Physalis peruviana. This is one of the best foods in the world. It has nutrients and antioxidants which can help you to have a good health. It is native to South America. Nowadays it is spread all around the world. You can find it in Europe and South Africa but with other names. They have the size of the marble. They are closely related to eggplants and tomatoes than the other berries. When you eat unripe golden berries, then you have a risk being poisoned. This is a reason why you should not get them from the wild. People who have allergies from other types of berries should not eat golden berries. Talk with your doctor before you add golden berries in your diet. Here are some health benefits of the golden berries:

Health benefits of golden berries

Immune system benefits: It has high amounts of Vitamin C. In a single serving of golden berries you get almost 15% of the daily recommended intake amount. This is very important vitamin for your immune system. It has antioxidant properties and also it can help you to stimulate the production of the white blood cells. Our body needs vitamin C for the production of the collagen which is important for the repair and produce processes of blood vessels, cells, organs and tissues.

Vision health: It has high amounts of carotenoid content. They are one of the best berries which you can use to boost the health of your eyes. This element can eliminate the oxidative stress from your ocular system which can help you in the prevention of macular degeneration and cataracts. It can help you to have normal eye health when you are in your older ages.

Health benefits of golden berries

Liver and kidney health: Golden berries can reverse the liver degradation and they can reduce the liver scarring. It is not known the exact way of how these berries are doing the mentioned functions. When you consume golden berries in your diet, then you eliminating the toxins from your kidneys because these berries can stimulate the urination and the flushing out excess salts, fats and toxins from our lymphatic system.

Diabetes management: There are components in the golden berries which can slow down the intake of sugars from the carbohydrates which we take from our food. This means that the insulin receptors in our body are properly regulated and also our bloodstream and body are not flooded with these sugars. When you have big sugar fluctuation, then you are in a risk of getting diabetes. People who suffer from diabetes type 2 or who want to prevent this kind of disease should add golden berries in their diet because it can help them to improve their condition.

Withanolide content: Many of us never have heard about the withanolides when we talk about the health food but they can be easily found in this type of berry. They are unique organic compounds which are similar to the organic compounds found in the ginseng. They can slow and reverse the spread process of the cancer cells in our body. Also they can prevent the automatic cell death and also they can prevent the apoptosis. This is possible because the withanolides have anti – inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Fatty acids: When we talk about the fatty acids, then most of us think that they are bad for our health. But in reality we need many varieties of the essential fatty acids which can help us to have normal processes in our body. Golden berries are rich with linoleic acid and oleic acid which can help us to lower the bad cholesterol levels. It can help us to have normal cholesterol balance which means that our heart health will be at high levels.

Weight loss: It has 53 calories in one hundred grams of golden berries. Golden berries are low calorie food which is perfect natural remedy for people who want to lose their weight in natural way.

These are some of the health benefits of golden berries.


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