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Natural treatment for metabolic syndrome

This term is used to describe a cluster of conditions, like excess body fat around the waist, high blood sugar, increased blood pressure and abnormal triglyceride levels or cholesterol levels, which are happening together. These conditions are increasing your risk of getting diabetes, stroke and heart disease. If you have more than one of the mentioned conditions, then your risk of getting serious disease is increased. Many of the disorders which are associated with metabolic syndrome are not having symptoms but the large waist circumference is a visible sign of it.

This condition is linked to obesity or overweight or with inactivity. It can be linked to insulin resistance. Older people are having increased chances of developing metabolic syndrome. There are some studies in which are shown that in the United States of America, Mexican Americans are having highest chances of developing metabolic syndrome [1]. If you are carrying too much weight, especially in your abdomen, then you have increased chances of getting metabolic syndrome. If you have a family history of diabetes type 2 or you had diabetes during pregnancy, then you have more chances of developing metabolic syndrome [2]. You need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from metabolic syndrome before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies for this condition.

Home remedies for metabolic syndrome

metabolic syndrome

  • Cinnamon: It is very effective home remedy for boosting the insulin sensitivity [3]. Cinnamon has some flavonoids which can mimic the effects of insulin. It will lower the fasting glucose levels and it will prevent dangerous spikes and drops which diabetics experience. You should add cinnamon to your diet because it can be preventative measure but also it can be used for the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.
  • Eliminate sugar: One of the biggest problems for metabolic syndrome is simple sugars because they can speed the progress of this disease. Simple sugars can lead to obesity, high cholesterol levels, blood pressure issues and diabetes. You should cut out as many sugars as possible, including artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes which can help to eliminate or prevent metabolic syndrome. [2]
  • Grape seed extract: It has been shown that the grape seed extract can reduce the blood pressure levels. When you are lowering your blood pressure, then it will put less strain on your heart and the rest of your body. [4]
  • Get more sleep: It is known that our bodies need time to rest and repair so it means that you should get a proper amount of sleep every night. If you suffer from insomnia or if you have poor sleeping habits, then it can boost your chances of getting metabolic syndrome. If your body does not have time to fix itself, then you cannot expect for your metabolism and organ systems to work normally.
  • Cayenne pepper: It is known that when we are eating meals, then our bodies are going through insulin surge because it begins to break down into simple sugars and process the energy. Those people who have diabetes, the insulin and glucose surges and drops can be very dangerous, because the uptake of glucose by their bodies is not happening properly. Cayenne pepper can help to reduce the amount of insulin which is produced by the body for a smoother form of digestion and energy storage and this can prevent the drops and spikes of diabetes. [5]
  • Regular exercise: The metabolic syndrome is closely associated with the physical fitness, diabetes, visceral fat and obesity so this is a reason why the regular exercise should be a part of the home remedies for metabolic syndrome. You should do regular exercise four to five times per week because it is good for your cardiovascular system and it can help you to burn fat and reduce the adipose fat deposits. [6]
  • Lowering stress levels: When you have excess stress levels, then you have chronic stress hormones which can make problems on your energy levels, metabolism and overall health. You should try some activities which will give you a relief from the stress, such as yoga, meditation, altering your work habits or aromatherapy. They can help you to get a relief from the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. [7]
  • Coconut oil: This home remedy has antioxidants and natural oils. This home remedy is used for the skin care. It can be used in the natural treatment of metabolic syndrome. It is known that the coconut oil in small quantities can help to improve the insulin resistance of the body and also it will lower your chances of developing diabetes which is a component of the metabolic syndrome. [8]
  • Quit smoking: One of the most a toxic and addictive habit that you can have is smoking and it can have serious effects on your body. Smoking can make you less physically able which will lead to a sedentary lifestyle. It will pour carcinogens in your body and it will increase your chances of cancer and chronic disease. It can increase your blood pressure. You should quit smoking because this will lower your chances of developing metabolic syndrome. [9]
  • Kudzu: This herb is not most commonly found in our kitchens but it has powerful effects on the body’s metabolism. There are some studies in which are shown that kudzu can help to optimize metabolism, drop high blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels and decrease weight gain. This is a small dietary change which can have a big benefit in your health. [10]
  • Omega – 3 fatty acids: You should consume foods rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids, such as cold – water fish and wild – caught fish, grass – fed beef, natto, flaxseeds and walnuts. It can help to reduce the overall inflammation, decrease blood clot formation, reduce blood pressure and regulate heartbeat. These benefits will help you to decrease the risk for strokes and heart attacks. Omega – 3 fatty acids can help you to reduce the LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. [11]
  • Whole – grains: You should consume high – fiber foods, like brown rice and oatmeal because they have benefits for the heart health and diabetes and they can help to keep your waistline in check. This is a reason why you should use whole – grains as part of your diet for metabolic syndrome. [12]
  • Holy basil: There are some studies in which are shown that holy basil leaves can improve the blood glucose and cholesterol levels [13]. Holy basil is effective natural way for controlling diabetes and complications which result from the metabolic syndrome.
  • Maca root: This home remedy can increase the glutathione levels in the body which can improve your immune system and disease resistance. Also, it can help to balance proper levels of cholesterol in the body. It can improve the glucose tolerance by lowering the levels of glucose in the body and this can improve heart health and conditions, like metabolic syndrome or diabetes. [14]
  • Spirulina: This home remedy has phycocyanin which is a pigment that is possessing antihypertensive effects which mean it can lower the blood pressure. There are some studies done in Japan in which are found that consuming this blue – green algae can help to reverse the endothelial dysfunction in the metabolic syndrome. [15]
  • Spinach: There are some studies in which are found that spinach has carotenoids that are very effective in reducing symptoms of metabolic syndrome [16]. Carotenoids are antioxidants which have the ability to neutralize free radicals which are reason for cell mutations. Also, free radicals can speed up the development of chronic conditions, such as high blood sugar, metabolic disorders and excess visceral fat deposits. You should add carotenoid – rich foods in your diet, like spinach, and other antioxidant foods because they will keep your body free of metabolic syndrome and its symptoms.
  • Avocado: This home remedy is rich in monounsaturated fats which can help to increase the HDL and lower the inflammation. It can help to lower the blood pressure due to the unique compound they have. Also, they can help you to lose weight and protect your cardiovascular health. [17]
  • Apple cider vinegar: The apple cider vinegar can help people to balance their hormones, insulin, metabolism, to cleanse the body or to deal with the weight issues. It has been shown that the apple cider vinegar can speed up the weight loss, especially when it is combined with exercise and baking soda. If you want to lose weight or if you have a risk of metabolic syndrome, then you should add apple cider vinegar to your diet.


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Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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