Natural treatments and Home remedies for brain fog

Brain Fog home remedy

When you are diagnosed with brain fog, then this means that you have sign of inflammation in the brain. This inflammation is causing to slow down the recall, mental activity, and neurons to fire more slowly and the reflexes are slowing down. When this is happening also the production of the energy in those cells is slowed down. Your cells fatigue easily and you are not having focus for longer period. This inflammation means that you live in hazy reality where you are feeling dull, disoriented and scattered. When you have brain fog, then you can have some of the next symptoms: the function of your memory is low, you are often confused, you are processing the information slowly, you are feeling groggy and you are stammering or stuttering when you are speaking. There are many home remedies and natural cures which you should try before you decide to take medications for your situation:

Natural cures for Brain Fog

Omega-3 supplements: When you have decided not to eat meal, then your brain is fuzzier. After you have not taken your meal, you are eating a large meal. When you are done with it you have decided to sleep. This can be reason for your brain fog. autoimmune disease, fish oil, brain fogOne of the most used natural remedies for treating the brain fog is omega-3 fatty acids [1]. You should omega-3 fish oils because it is very effective natural remedy for helping to lower the inflammation. Also when you are consuming omega-3 fish oils you are making balance of the fatty acids (which are in your body) in diet that you are using. You should use omega-3 fatty acids because this oil is helping you to have healthy brain. This natural remedy has the biggest role in the brain health because the DHA which is found in the omega-3 fatty acids is making big portion of the tissue which is located in the brain. 10% of the dry weight in the human brain is made up from the omega-3 fatty acids. If you take omega-3 fatty acids supplements, then you are protecting the nerve cells in the brain and also you are improving the cognition.

Magnesium: This element is helping a lot in improving the cerebral vascular circulation. When you are adding magnesium in your diet, then more oxygen and more blood is delivered to your brain. When this is happening your brain is improving its health and also you have clear thinking. [2]

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Mitochondria are place where the fatty acids are converted into energy. Acetyl-L-Carnitine which is amino acid is helping in the transportation of the fatty acids in the mitochondria. Also this amino acid has other vital role for the brain and that is to stimulate the neurotransmitters in the brain.

B Vitamins: If you are not having enough amount of Vitamin B in your body, then you will be moody and sluggish. When you are adding B complex supplement in the body, then this vitamin is converting the nutrients from the food that you have consumed into fuel which is very usable for the body. All vitamins B are having major role in keeping the brain health. The most important B Vitamins which are having the biggest role in the promoting brain health are Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, niacin, folate and thiamin. Vitamin B is needed to be consumed in the organism because it is metabolizing the glucose which is the primary source of fuel in this element in the brain. [3]

CoEnzyme Q10: This anti-oxidant is produced in the natural way in the body and also it is found almost in every cell of the body. The primary function of the CoEnzyme Q10 is to keep the heart health. Also this anti-oxidant is improving the energy and circulation in the cells which are very important for keeping the brain health. If you have been diagnosed with brain fog, then you should take the CoEnzyme Q10 in a supplement form because it will keep the health of your brain. [4]

Adaptogen herbs: Adaptogen herbs such as maca, ashwagandha and holy basil having ability to lower the cortisol and also they are defending the body from stress and fatigue.

Detoxification: One of the most important practices for treating this inflammation is to detoxify your body. There are many famous medicine experts which are recommending the use of the modified citrus pectin for removing all the toxins from your body. This element will not alter the levels of the essential minerals. The recommended daily intake of modified citrus pectin is 15 grams which should be consumed with your mouth which means you should take this natural remedy in oral form for the best results.

Reflexology: One of the most important treatments for the brain fog suggested by many famous doctors is the daily foot reflexology. Target areas in your body are pinpointed with this method and also utilization of the message based system which is promoting the removal of the wastes from your body  will improve the general processing of your body.

Spirulina: This is a supplement which is recommended being used from the doctors because this supplement is promoting the health of the brain.

Omega Astin: It is very recommended the usage of it because is supporting the neurological health.

Supplement known as astaxanthis: The health of the brain and the function of the brain cab be improved when people diagnosed with brain fog are taking astaxanthis [5].

Lecithin: The most recommended daily intake amount is 5 ml or one teaspoon of lecithin twice per day. This is a raw material which is important for the building blocks of the membrane.

Hemp oil: This oil has ability to make sure those membranes are not too elastic or not too stiff. This means this oil should ensure that the body that membranes have the perfect consistency.

Coconut oil: This is the most perfect fuel which is keeping the health of the brain cells [6]. The recommended daily intake amount is 10 ml or one dessertspoonful of coconut oil twice per day.

Gingko biloba: This herbal supplement is very effective at giving the relief in people who are suffering from brain fog. This herb is dilating the blood vessels to increase the oxygen and improve the circulation in the brain. It is improving the cognitive function in the brain and it is promoting the good memory. [7]

Water with lemon: If you want to get rid of all toxins in your body, then you should drink lots of water. When you are getting rid of the toxins in your body, then you are improving the function of your brain. Also if you want to have relief from the brain fog, you should drink water with lemon. If you have the right hydration in your body, then you are improving the mental function.

Getting adequate sleep: You should have adequate sleep because this will help your brain to have the optimal function and also is relieving the brain fog. There are days when you are sleeping more than 12 hours and you are still feeling tired. But this feeling is passing. You should sleep at least 8 hours per day (which is recommended sleeping every night). When you are sleeping 8 hours per day, then you will have energy for the everyday activities. Also you will be alert all day. What is the most important for you is that you will improve the function of your brain and you will have a relief from the brain fog.

Physical activity: You should be physically active because when your body is physically active you are having the right function of your brain. When you are exercising, then you are increasing the oxygen flow to the brain, you are boosting the levels of your energy and also you are improving the blood circulation in your body. Also when you are physically active you are increasing the production of the chemicals which are known as feel good chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin which are regulating the cognitive function and the mood. [8]

Rhodiola: This is yellow-flowering herb which is called adaptogen herb. This herb is regulating the production of the hormones which is responsible for the production of the stress.

Avoid caffeine: Many people are drinking coffee because this product will make the awake through the day. The coffee will make them physically and mentally active. Also it is increasing the energy and the focus. But people who are diagnosed with brain fog should avoid the consummation of the coffee because this product will make them feel more brain fog than they have at the moment. [9]

Avoid alcohol and drugs: Alcohol is known as CNS depressant which means it is reducing the arousal. Also is affecting the motor skills and judgment. If you want to avoid the brain fog, then you should not take alcohol any more. If you are consuming alcohol, then you are affecting the function of the neurotransmitters which means that you will have problems with your focus. Also the illicit drugs and prescription drugs should be avoided because they are function in the same way as the alcohol which means they are CNS depressant. [9]


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