Natural treatments and home remedies for alopecia

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Coconut Oil is very important for the health of your hair. It ensures that there is constant hair growth. And above all it allows it to be conditioned. This is because the minerals; proteins, as well as fat content that it has, are exemplary good to prevent breakage of your hair [1]. The medicine is also a good source of potassium as well as iron which enables your hair to remain strong and avoid falling. To prepare it you are supposed to warm a good amount of coconut oil then follow it by applying it to the root as well as the tip of your hair. Once this is done leave it for a period of one hour and then wash it off.

11 Alopecia – Natural Cures and Home Remedies

Onion juice

Being well-stocked with sulfur, onion stands to be a good treatment for alopecia because it ensures that your hair is promoted to grow. This is because it increases the rate at which collagen is produced and this is very important in ensuring constant hair growth [2]. When it is applied directly to your scalp it will ensure that there is strong growth of your hair. To prepare it you should chop one onion to the finest and then squeeze out the juice. Leave the juice on your scalp for a period of fifteen minutes, after this period you should rinse it off with a mild shampoo and leave it to dry. When you use it for at least twice a week basis the result will be outstanding.


It is also rich in sulfur, and in making hair growth medication it’s normally used to prepare such medicine. This makes it to be very fast in improving the growth of your hair [3]. What should be done is to crush some garlic then mix it with some coconut oil then set it to boil for some time. Get it off the heat and give it time to cool down. After this apply it to your scalp and repeat the practice at least two times every week and see the amazing result.


This has been an effective natural conditioner as well as a coloring agent. Despite this, it also has components that are significant in strengthening your hair right from the roots. When it is combined with other ingredients the medicine is more than outstanding for the treatment. The steps to be followed are to get washed henna around 60 grams and then add this to tin with 250 milliliters of mustard oil. After this boil the mixture and allow it to cool. After this massage your scalp with it regularly.


This has its purpose on your hair as nourished, and ensures that premature graying is avoided as much as possible. It is also known to be good medicine in dandruff treatment as well as controlling hair fall. What you are supposed to do is to mix it with sesame and this will make a paste then apply this on your scalp as well as hair then give it time. Once the time has elapsed rinse it off with mild shampoo and wait for results.

Another preparation can be made by mixing the petals of the plant in enough dandelion oil this should then be rubbed on the scalp when it has formed a paste-like substance. This treatment is effective because it has compounds that are important in ensuring that the health of your hair is maintained. It is also important in the removal of radicals under your skin and this will help to give way to new and fresh growth of hair on your scalp. It is effective when it is constantly done since this gives its power a higher concentration hence making it to be even more effective.


This is more than just a blessing to alopecia; the reason behind this is because it is well endowed with vitamin c as well as antioxidants which are crucial in reversing hair loss. This is important to treat this condition when it is in its initial condition. To make it you are supposed to get amla juice or powder and prepare a mixture of this with lemon juice. Leave it to dry once you have applied it to your scalp. After this, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water and the result will be evident with time. [4]


This medicine is well staffed with varied ingredients which are the perfect cure for the condition. One of these is the well-established sulfur content in eggs which is significant for establishing strong hair. Apart from this eggs have selenium, zinc, protein, phosphorus, as well as iodine which are crucial in promoting hair growth. What you are supposed to do is to mix one egg white an egg with olive oil, prepare a paste from the mixture and apply this to your entire hair as well as scalp. Leave the application to stay for as long as 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Once this is done the practice should be done consistently on a weekly basis and the outcome will be great.


This is a topical type of medication; it is effective and spontaneous in initiating hair growth within a period of six months. It works by stopping the problem of balding and then making the follicles of hair to be restored and strengthened. What you are supposed to do is to consume it regularly to help restore your hair condition back to the normal one.

Ultra-Violet Rays Exposure

In the event that the condition is Alopecia, exposure to these rays is very important because they help to initiate the growth of the hair. This is because it helps to make the cells responsible for hair growth to be stimulated and hence start growing. Nevertheless, the practice should be adopted with limited exposure as an excess of it will have some negative impact on the skin?

Relive stress

Stressful conditions are very dangerous to alopecia because it is likely to aggravate it, it is therefore recommended that when you are a victim of this condition you try as much as possible to be less stressed [5]. The best way is to get yourself composed and less anxious because this has a limited effect and it will help you to grow back your hair again.


This has components that are responsible for stimulating the hormones that are responsible for initiating hair growth. The proteins which are obtained in this medicine are important in helping to improve the defense mechanisms of your sculpt. And it makes you be able to regain the strength of your hair and their health. It is only required that you constantly apply it to your hair and scalp on a daily basis to make it more effective for alopecia. [6]

Green tea

This should be done by dipping a piece of cloth in the tea and then rubbing it o your hair. This is very effective and can be effective in treating this condition and making it be regained in the shortest time possible. The medicine has catechins as well as saponins which are excellent antioxidants and are important in initiating hair growth hence the possibility of recovering from alopecia. [7]


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