Effective health benefits of horsetail

Health benefits of horsetail

The scientific name of horsetail is Equisetum. Its origins are from Eurasia and North America. This is a thin and sterile plant from the vascular plant family and it is considered as living fossil. In the appearance, horsetail resembles to alfalfa. This plant is reproducing by spores instead of seeds like the usual plants. Also it is known as Pewterwort because it is used in the polishing wood and pewter work. Also it is known as Scouring Rush and this name comes from the abrasive coating on horsetail stems which are used to scour metal pots. In the ancient times, this plant was used by herbalists because it has many medicinal properties. It has antimicrobial, antiseptic, healing, antioxidant and anti – inflammatory properties which are making it a very useful plant. You should use the horsetail under a guidance of a naturopath or nutritionist. This will ensure the effectiveness of the product and it prevents any side effects. Also it is smart to start with small doses because it will ensure that it is not causing any allergy in your body. Children below the age of 6, lactating mothers and pregnant women should totally avoid it because it has high nicotine content.

Some health benefits of horsetail:

Aids weight loss: You can use the horsetail tea if you want to lose weight in a quick way. It can help to eliminate toxins from your body at an incomparable rate which in turn will speed up the metabolism.

Boosts immunity: You can use the horsetail to protect you from many different germs and disorders. Horsetail has antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties which will protect our body from the invasion of unwanted and foreign pathogens. This can help you a lot if you are wounded or you are recovering from a serious illness. This herb will boost your immunity which will keep the infections at bay.

Health benefits of horsetail

Health benefits of horsetail

Good for memory: There are some studies in which are said that the lack of silica in the body is one of the main reasons for the memory problems. Horsetail has a promising content of silica which means that it can boost your memory. The horsetail has the ability to strengthen the connective tissues in your brain, nerve cells as well as spinal cord. Horsetail has nicotine which is known to stimulate the brain and nervous system. Horsetail has antioxidant properties which are often linked to higher cognitive abilities. This is a reason why doctors are suggesting to have 1 or 2 horsetail capsules on daily basis because it will help you to have better memory.

Treats hemorrhoids: Horsetail has hemostatic and anti – inflammatory properties which are very helpful for people who suffer from hemorrhoids. You should use horsetail because it will alleviate the pain. Also it can decrease or completely stop the bleeding that is caused by piles. You should drink a cup of horsetail tea before every meal. You should be sure that you are consuming a fiber – rich meal which can minimize the risk of constipation and reduce the hemorrhoid pain.

Cures canker sores: You should gargle horsetail tea because this is a very effective way to treat canker sores and several mouth related problems, such as bleeding gums and inflamed tonsils.

Lowers blood glucose levels: There are some studies in which are suggested to people who suffer from type 2 diabetes to take an oral dose of horsetail extract once per day because this will cause a significant drop in their blood glucose levels in a period of 2 hours of taking it. You should take horsetail capsules before every meal because this will keep your blood sugar level under control. You need to talk with your physician before you start using horsetail as your natural treatment for diabetes.

Treats respiratory disorders: You can drink horsetail tea as your natural treatment for many respiratory disorders, such as bronchitis, a dry cough as well as fever associated with flu and cold. You should drink this tea two times per day because in this way you will quick recovery. Also those people who suffer from nasal congestion can benefit from inhaling the vapors of a hot horsetail tea.


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