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Weak vision – Causes, symptoms and other risk factors

When you have a loss of your eyesight, then you have a weak vision or low vision. When you suffer from this problem, then you cannot do the everyday things in normal way. When you have a weak vision, then you can have problems with writing, reading, driving car, shopping, recognizing faces and watching television. There are many ways to improve your vision. Most of them are in medical way. Many people use medications and made surgeries on their eyes to improve this condition. When you lose your vision, then this not means that your life is ended. This means that you should find new ways to do all the previous activities which you have done when your eyes were functioning well.

Causes of weak vision

There are many factors which can lead to low vision such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and glaucoma. Also when you have an eye injury, then this can lead to weak vision. [1] This condition can affect you on any age but mostly it can affect the old people. But old people should not worry about their eyes because when their eyes are getting older, this does not mean that they will have low vision for sure. Also this kind of disease can be result from other conditions such as brain injury, albinism and cancer of the eye. If you have a risk getting the mentioned disease or you suffer from some of the mentioned diseases, then you should visit your doctor because you have increased risk of getting weak vision. It is very important to make regular tests. Your ophthalmologist will make the tests which are needed to see the health of your eyes. Your doctor will help you to improve your condition. People who are diagnosed with low vision will have adequate rehabilitation which is given by their doctors.

Weak vision

Low vision symptoms: When you have a low vision, then you cannot do the everyday activities in normal way. Even people who use contact lenses, glasses, surgery and medicines cannot see clearly. There are many signs that you have low vision such as finding difficult or impossible to recognize faces, drive a car, write, read, watch television or to shop. Also it can be difficult for you to manage glare or to set your dials. When you do not look well, then it is very difficult for you to find clothes for you. Even you cannot find the perfect match of colors of this problem. You cannot do the everyday activities. Also you can find it difficulties when you go to work and where you cannot do the everyday activities. If you have children, you will feel difficulties while you are spending the time with them. There are many types of low vision which in the most cases include blurred vision, night blindness, hazy vision, loss of central vision and loss of peripheral (side) vision. When you have lost your vision that does not mean you should not give up of your life, but you should find new ways how to do them. You may find difficult to read the price tags or the newspapers. There are many techniques and tools which can help you to improve your condition.

When you suffer from the weak vision, then this problem is often associated with farsightedness (a condition which is known as hyperopia) and nearsightedness (a condition which is known as myopia). There are many factors which can lead to weak vision such as poor nutrition [2], genetics [3], excessive strain on the eyes [4] and aging [5]. When you suffer from weak vision, then you can have watery eyes, blurry vision or frequent headaches. You should talk with your doctor about your condition. He or she will tell you which is the best home remedy or he or she will give you some medications to help you. You should not be discouraged if you have this problem.

There are many methods which can make you feel better and safer. You just need to listen to your doctor. Your family needs to give their support to make you feel that your life is not over and that you can do a lot more things. You should be independent as much as you can. When you have felt the symptoms of this condition, then you must talk with your doctor. It is better for your eyes to be diagnosed in their early stages of weak vision.

These are some causes and conditions of weak vision


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
Hanan, a medical student (MBBS) having passion for writing and is very much interested in holistic living along with nature. He is very much interested in doing community service and watches anime and play PS4 during his free time. You can reach him through [email protected]



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