Natural treatments for breast cancer – broccoli and garlic

Breast Cancer Natural Treatment

Breast cancer is type of cancer which usually is affecting women but also this kind of cancer can be found in man. It is affecting women in old ages but also it can affect elderly women. There are many symptoms for this kind of disease. If you have noticed change in your nipples or your nipples are inverted, then you should visit your doctor because this is one of the most common symptoms for breast cancer. The most common risk factors for this disease are family history, old age, consumption of alcoholic beverages, first childbirth at an old age, intake of progesterone and estrogen hormones and prior breast treatment with radiation therapy. The most common symptoms for this kind of disease are next: nipples become inverted; pain is not felt even when pressure is applied, lump in the underarm region or near the breast, increased heat radiation, increased discharge from the breast and change in the texture or morphology of breast like scariness, swelling, reduction in size and unevenness [1,2]. Also there are some studies in which is proven that the high – priority chemicals are also reason for the breast cancer. There is no remedy for breast cancer which will make you healthy. Scientists are trying to find the perfect natural remedy or medication which will beat this disease. When you are using some home remedies and natural cures then you are preventing yourself from this disease or if breast cancer has affected you, you cannot stop it. But you can use some home remedies and natural cures which will activate your immune system to fight against the cancer cells. Here are some home remedies and natural cures which you should use to prevent your body from this disease:

Natural cures for breast cancer

Garlic: This vegetable is used as natural treatment for many kinds of diseases. When you are using garlic as your natural remedy, then you are riding of the infectious agents such as fungi, bacteria and yeast because this kind of vegetable has antibiotic properties. This kind of vegetable has alkyl sulphur as its component which means that garlic is one of the best anti – cancer agents. This was proven by NCCAM – National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. When garlic is consumed, then it has one vital process which is known as apoptosis. Apoptosis is a process when malignant cells are undergoing their natural cell death. Also the garlic is very important kind of vegetable for our health because it is activating our immune system to fight against the cancer cells. The best way in which you should consume the garlic is in raw form. Also you can use garlic in powdered form or as garlic oil. You should avoid using this vegetable in cooked meals. [3]

Broccoli: Linamarse gene which is a component of the broccoli when is consumed by us and when we are suffering from cancer, then it is getting inside of the cancer cells. Then, this element is breaking down in cyanide which means that it is a very effective remedy for killing the cancer cells. [4]

Grapes: This fruit is also effective natural treatment for the prevention of breast cancer. Proanthocyanidins is a component of the grapes. When grapes are consumed in our body, then this element is reducing the production of the estrogen. In some clinical trials were given grapes to breast cancer patients. In these trials they have noticed the previous said statement. Breast cancer tumors which are sensitive to hormone are reduced the when you are consuming grapes as your natural cure according to this study. Also when you are using grapes juice or when you are consuming grapes in supplement form, then you are reducing your chances of getting tumor because this kind of fruit has anti – cancer properties which are useful to prevent the body from breast cancer. [5]

Wheatgrass: This is one of the most used kinds of grass because it has positive effects on patients who are suffering from breast cancer. The Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Centre has said that when you are consuming wheatgrass in raw form or you are drinking juice of wheatgrass, then your body is reducing the growth of the cancer cells. It is boosting your immune system which means that your body is free from the waste products and free radicals which can be a reason for serious damages.

Green tea: This kind of tea can be also used as anti – cancer treatment. In a glass of water you should put some leaves of green tea. Then, you should let them to boil. You should let this tea to boil in the water until you have noticed that water is reduced to the half of the glass. This tea is very helpful for preventing yourself of getting breast cancer because the green tea has anti – inflammatory properties. [6]

Vitamin D: When you have enough amount of Vitamin D in your body, then you are reducing your chances of getting breast cancer. This statement is proven by some medical studies. You should eat food which is rich with Vitamin D such as eggs, cold liver oil and milk. You should not consume yogurt and cheese because they can make you some side effects. [7]

A low calorie diet: There are many studies in which is shown that people who are eating low calorie diet are reducing their chances of getting breast cancer. Also when you are suffering from breast cancer, you should use low calorie diet because it will slow down the spread process of the breast cancer. [8]

Lignans: Peanuts, sunflower, strawberries, flaxseed and cashews are rich with lignans. When you are using these kinds of foods as your natural remedy, then you are slowing down the estrogen – dependent tumor because they can slow down the growth of the tumor. Also these kinds of foods are slowing down the developing process of tumor.

Exercise: There are many studies in which is shown that women who are exercising at least one hour per day are reducing their chances of getting breast cancer no matter what age are they or how much is their weight. Scientists are recommending healthy diet and exercising as one of the best ways to prevent you from breast cancer. [9]

Natural cures for breast cancerNatural treatments for breast cancer

Soybean: People who are suffering from breast cancer must use soybean because it is recommended by many scientists. MD Anderson Cancer Center has said that when you are using soybean as our natural remedy for breast cancer, then we are preventing ourselves from developing process of this kind of this disease. This is possible because they have phytoestrogens which are blocking the cancer cells from the use of estrogen. Also if you want to prevent the cancer to spread more, then you should use soybeans when your cancer is it in its early level because they are having isoflavones as its component. You can use cooked vegetable or you can take sprouts.

Calcium: When women are in their pre – menstrual period, then they should use calcium which is one of the vital elements for their health. There are many studies in which is shown that women who were taking calcium have reduced the chances of getting breast cancer. You should consume foods which are rich with calcium such as green vegetables, canned salmon, almonds and orange juice. [10]

Olive oil: This oil has many health benefits which are known all around the world. Also this kind of oil is reducing the chances of getting cancer. This kind of oil has hydroxytyrosol which is helping to women who are in their postmenopausal period to reduce their chances of getting breast cancer.

Beneficial diet: When you are in your adolescence period and you are using dietary fiber, vegetable protein, nuts and vegetable fat, then you are reducing your chances of getting breast cancer. People who are suffering from breast cancer or other type or cancer should use corn, bananas, spinach, peas, cucumbers, lentils and carrots. Also these kinds of foods can be added in soups. Lentils are rich with protein which means that you can consume them as sprouts. [9]

Harmful diet: You should not eat pork, hot dogs, lamb and beef because these kinds of foods are rich with saturated fats. When you are eating these red meats, then you are increasing your chances of getting colon and prostate cancer. [9]


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