Nutritional and health benefits of mace spice

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You can add mace spice in your cooking and it will give you many health benefits. This spice is prepared from the aril surrounding the seed of nutmeg plant. The scientific name is Myristica fragrans. This plant carries the nutmeg kernels which are highly sought after for the popular nutmeg spice but the aril is separated in processing and it is used for many different culinary applications. Mace spice is very popular in India and other Asian cuisines. It is also known as javitri. When the mace spice is separated from the nutmeg kernel, then it is flattened out and it is allowed to dry for ten to fourteen days and the aril often pales in color from its original vibrant red. You can use the mace spice in whole form or ground which depends on its intended use. If you consume the mace spice in excess amounts, then it can cause gastrointestinal distress and it can have some potential psychoactive effects. Here are some health benefits of mace spice:

Mace spice useful in cold and cough

You can use the mace spice as your natural treatment for cold and cough. It can protect you from viral and flu diseases and it can keep your body safe and protected from diseases. Also it is used to prepare cough syrups and cold rubs. This is a very effective home remedy for people who suffer from asthma.

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Mace spice protects kidneys

Mace spice has the ability to protect your kidneys. It can stop the kidney stones from developing in your body. If you have kidney stones, then you can dissolve them effectively with the help of mace spice. This is one of the best home remedies for treating kidney infections and other conditions that are associated with kidneys.

Effective for relieving the pain

You can topically apply the mace spice to soothe the inflammation and eliminate pain while at the same time it will protect your wounds from infections.

Mace spice good for Dental health

This spice will ensure a good dental health. It can help to eradicate the bad breath effectively and it can protect your teeth from all dental problems. The mace spice is a very effective home remedy for toothaches and aching gums and this is a reason why it used in many types of toothpaste as their components.

Mace spice as stress buster

Mace spice is acting as a stress buster. It can eliminate the anxiety and tension in very effective way and it can help you to feel calm and peaceful. Also the mace spice will give you a relief from the mental exhaustion. It can help you to pay more attention to work and it will increase your memory.

Ability to boost the blood circulation

Mace spice can boost the blood circulation. It can keep your skin and hair healthy and it will protect you from dangerous diseases and infections. When you have increased blood circulation, then it will prevent diabetes and other life threatening conditions.

Prevents cancer

This natural cure is rich in antioxidants and active ingredients and all of them can neutralize free radicals and also they can lower your risk of cellular mutation and cancer.

Encourages appetite

You should add mace spice to your diet if you think that you are too thin or you feel that you do not eat enough during the day. When you add mace spice to your diet, then you will be amazed how it can change your eating habits for better. This spice can help you to eat well and also it will keep you healthy and robust.

Keeps your digestive system healthy

Mace spice can help to keep your digestive system healthy. It will help you to get a relief from gas, constipation and bloating related problems. Also the mace spice is good for regulating bowel movements. You should use mace spice to cure nausea and to treat flatulence and diarrhea.

Anti – inflammatory properties

This spice has anti – inflammatory properties. It can help in the treatment of joint pains and other inflammatory conditions. It is considered as effective home remedy for treating diseases, such as lumbago and arthritis.

Ability to boost the immune system

It is known fact that the mace spice has high amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which can boost your immune system against foreign pathogens and infections.

Nervous system

It is known that the mace spice is commonly used as a tonic for nerves and it can help to lower stress hormone levels and eliminate the anxiety when it is taken regularly.


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