12 Impressive Health Benefits of Tamarind Seeds

tamarind benefits for skin

Tamarind is a popular fruit that is used in Indian cuisine. It is the fruit of the Tamarindus indica. The rural population in India is using roasted tamarind seeds in their diets as a popular snack.

Tamarind seeds are mostly available during the dry season. They have minerals and vitamins, such as amino acids, calcium, potassium, Vitamin C, magnesium, and phosphorus.

These seeds are shiny black, and they have many nutritional and health benefits. The tamarind seeds and fruits can be found within each pod. They have a tangy flavor, and they are sticky.

It is recommended for people who are taking aspirin medications or blood thinning medications to talk with their doctors before they consume tamarind seeds because they can affect this type of medication.

There are some studies in which it is said that taking antidepressants in combination with tamarind is not a great idea because it can lead to serotonin toxicity.

12 Health Benefits of Tamarind Seeds

Tamarind seeds help skin health.

Tamarind seeds are very beneficial for skincare. They can boost skin elasticity, which will provide you with smoothness and hydration. These seeds have hyaluronic acid, which can help in skin moisturization and smoothen wrinkles and fine lines.

Tamarind seeds are water-soluble, so they are used for masks, moisturizers, facial toners, gels, and serums. This is also acting as an antiaging formula.

tamarind seeds poisonous

Eye drops

Extract the tamarind seed juice to moisturize, and add a few drops to your eyes. You can heat this juice and applied to cure conjunctivitis. These seeds have polysaccharides with adhesive properties that stick to the eye surface.


You can apply a thick paste of tamarind seeds on your broken bones to cure fractures.

Heart health

Tamarind seeds have potassium, which is a very effective natural treatment for hypertensive and heart patients.

Tamarind seeds help with diabetes.

Tamarind seeds can help to lower the blood sugar levels. This can protect the pancreas, increasing the size of insulin–producing cells.

Cough, tonsils, and throat infections

It is known that tamarind seeds are very effective as a mouthwash. It would be best if you gargled with this home remedy to relieve the sore throat.

Also, you can mix it with some ginger and cinnamon to treat the cough, cold, pharyngitis, and tonsils.


Tamarind seeds have antibacterial properties protecting you from pneumonia–causing bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus and Typhus. This will protect you from the bacterium causing skin infections, urinary tract infections, and intestinal infections.

Tamarind seeds treat cancer.

You can use tamarind seed juice to treat and protect yourself from colon cancer.

Tamarind seeds good for low immunity

Tamarind seeds have immunity-boosting properties that protect you from many diseases and disorders.


These seeds can help cure indigestion and increase bile production. Tamarind seeds are rich in dietary fiber which can help to lower the cholesterol. This will give you relief from digestion, and also it is a great natural appetizer. Also, it can help relieve constipation and is a useful home remedy for stomatitis.


You can rub tamarind seed powder on your gums and teeth if you have weak teeth. This is very beneficial for heavy smokers who have nicotine deposits or tartar and plaque caused by a lack of dental and oral hygiene and the consumption of soft drinks.

Also, tamarind seed powder can remove the stain caused by smoking soda, coffee, and tea. These seeds can cure all teeth-related problems and clean the nicotine stuck to your teeth.

Consuming tamarind seeds (fried or roasted ones) would be best; mash them until they are smooth, and brush your teeth with a toothbrush.


Tamarind seeds have anti–inflammatory properties, which can ease joint pain, especially in people with arthritis. You can consume one-half teaspoon of roasted tamarind seed powder twice daily with water to boost joint lubrication, soothing the pain.


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