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Anosmia home remedy and collection of best natural treatments

When you lose your sense of smell, then you have anosmia (this is a medical term). The most common causes for anosmia are brain injury and nasal condition but also there are some people who are born without a sense of smell (this is a condition which is known as congenital anosmia). If you lose your sense of smell, then this can lead to isolation and depression. You cannot smell the scent of a loved one, perfume or fresh flowers. This condition can be cured but your doctor needs to discover the underlying condition. People who suffer from a congenital anosmia have a lifelong inability to smell and they do not have a concept of what is the term “smell”. There are many people around the world who are born without a sense of smell because of a faulty gene or a genetic condition. [1] There are many causes for the anosmia such as hay fever, certain medications, diabetes, a viral infection affecting the upper respiratory tract, recreational drug use, chronic sinusitis, an underactive thyroid, long – term alcohol misuse etc. [1] We do not guarantee you that the mentioned natural cures will improve your condition and this is a reason why you need to talk with the doctor. Here are some selected best anosmia home remedy that can help you to improve anosmia:

Anosmia Home Remedy and natural cures


This anosmia home remedy is effective because it has both antiviral properties as well as antibacterial ones. These properties help it to eradicate congestion in the nose cavity. This in turn unblocks the blocked passages hence eases the anosmia. The anti-inflammatory components in it make swelling impossible in the olfactory nerves this makes the passage to widen up therefore preventing blockage. You are expected to gnash around four leaves of garlic then add this to a glass of boiled water. Add a pinch of salt then drink the mixture while it is still hot. [2]

Hot Steam

Due to congestion in the nose cavity, hot steam has perfect action for it. It therefore stands also as one of the most effective treatments for anosmia. You are supposed to boil good quantity of water in a pan, put the pan of boiled water on the table and sit on a chair with the pan of steaming water right in from of you. To increase concentration of the steam and prevent them from escaping cover your head with a towel. Inhale the steam continuously till the water loses its steam. Then lower your face over the pan for some minutes. This anosmia home remedy has great outcome in unblocking the nose.

Lemon Juice

Antioxidants are good medicine for treating anosmia. This is what lemons have since they are rich in vitamin C. This treatment is good since it increases body`s defense mechanism hence ability to fight diseases and infections. Using this treatment you are supposed to squeeze the choice from lemon in a glass of prepared warm water. Add honey to this mixture and stir it, drink the warm water afterwards. This anosmia home remedy should be repeated twice or thrice in a day. Within no time the congestion will be gone. [3]

Castor Oil

This anosmia home remedy is not only natural but also another safe treatment for anosmia at home. It has three key properties which make it very effective to treat your anosmia condition. These are antioxidant, property to relieve pain and ability to prevent inflammation. These properties prevent growth of the nasal polyps which do block the nasal cavity. Before going to be ensure that a drop of castor oil which is warmed is put in your nostril. Repeat the same immediately after waking up. Do this regularly and it will not take long to be cured.

Carom Seed

This is a medicine with powerful cleaning ability, it also contain both anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial ones. These are effective in destroying infections, clearing blocked nose pathways, and preventing swelling. As a result of this action it opens up the nose cavity and this makes it very good medicine. Prescription for this medication is that you are supposed to take one teaspoonful and put this in the central part of thin cloth. This should then be tied to come up with a sachet like thing, after this take a griddle and heat it to an average temperature then put the sachet on it. Allow it to be hot then when it is hot enough bring this close to your nostril, then take a deep inhalation of the fumes. This anosmia home remedy should be done more than once every time before going to bed till relief is gained.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seed are rich in zinc mineral which is significant in curing anosmia. This is because they help to eliminate zinc deficiency in the diet which in most cases cause the anosmia condition. Constant consuming these anosmia home remedy helps then to prevent the condition above.

Sweet Potatoes

They are rich in vitamin A, you are suppose to eat them in large quantities, this will help to trigger the body to develop mechanisms to prevent the adversities of anosmia hence develop mechanisms to prevent it. What you are required to do it to boil the potatoes with medium level of water then eat them. This anosmia home remedy can be mixed with pre-prepared jaggery syrup for a greater outcome.

Ginger Syrup

Ginger has properties which make it effective in curing colds, as well as coughs. This is because of the inflammatory properties. These properties are significant in fighting germs which normally cause this condition. You can prepare this anosmia home remedy by chopping ginger cardamom, add this to a glass of water and then add sugar boil the mixture then drink the formed syrup. [3]


This medication has a lot of vitamins; it has zinc oxide as well which are key components in eradication of anosmia. This it does using its anti-oxidant properties, what you are expected to do is to add it in a cup of warm water and then add a little sugar then drink it.

anosmia home remedy treatmentAnosmia home remedy treatments

Yoga and Deep Breath

This anosmia home remedy is a relaxing mechanism for treating this type of disease, this does by calming the mind hence making the whole body to relax releasing the tension in the nose cavity hence reducing instance of blockages therefore help to treat anosmia. You are supposed to take around one hour time relaxed and taking deep breaths as you ease out.

Habit Change

This condition can also be effectively treated by avoiding certain habits like smoking this is because smoking aggravates the condition and interferes with the treatment process. It is therefore important to completely quite smoking for you to get cured from anosmia.

Cure the Cold

Some cases of anosmia are perpetuated by having cold, in this condition it is effective if you focus on treating the cold. This way it will be easy to get rid of the anosmia condition. To treat the cold it is recommended that you take warm bath and take part in exercise to clear up the air path ways. This also works to widen the nose path ways.

Vitamin Supplement

In other circumstances, it is relevant if you focus on taking vitamin supplement. This can be achieved by taking food which are rich in vitamin E. This is because vitamin E (anosmia home remedy) helps to clear up the upper respiratory conditions which is associated with the anosmia condition. [4]


Coriander also has similar properties to other natural remedies which can help you to effectively cure anosmia. This can be achieved by taking three tablespoonful of this cure after two day. You are supposed to do this only once after this period of time, this is to enhance outcome of the treatment and avoid instances of complications. [5]

Apple Cider Vinegar

This has significant outcome when properly utilized for this purpose, in preparation for this medication you are suppose to take 2 table spoonful of apple cider vinegar then mix this with a quarter spoonful of baking powder and add a half glass of water to the mixture. When the mixtures have formed a solution you are supposed to drink this because it is an effective medication to cure the condition above. You should repeat the same anosmia home remedy practice twice every day for greater outcome and faster process of recovery, you should take notice of the portion of mixing these components so that instances of uncertainties might not result.


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Dr. Emil Sarsath (aka) Vijila, a licensed naturopathic doctor (BSMS) who always ensures his patients receive compassionate, and individualized care. He has extensive experience in primary care, digestive health, mental health, nervous system disorder and more.Area of Expertise – Naturopathic Medicine, Whole Foods-based Nutrition, Siddha, Panchakarma.She is always available through [email protected]


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