Lemon juice uses and health benefits

Lemon juice uses and health benefits

You can add lemon juice in your cooking or medical applications. The lemon juice is tart and sweet. It is part of many dishes and it is a refreshing burst to cocktails. It can boost our overall health. Lemon juice is rich in magnesium, Vitamin C, copper, citric acid, iron, B – family vitamins, manganese and calcium. These components are making it an incredibly powerful ingredient in some kinds of foods. Lemon juice is also added in many alternative health remedies such as infusions, hair washes, tonics and skin cleansers. It can detoxify the body, promote healing, optimize metabolism, lower inflammation, prevent chronic disease, build strong bones, improve the immune system and lower blood pressure. If you are allergic to lemons, then you should not use lemon juice as your refreshing beverage. Lemon juice has flavonoids that have antioxidant properties. This is a reason why lemons are used as natural treatment for many conditions and ailments.

Health benefits of lemon juice:

Prevention of kidney stones: Lemons have citric acid which can help prevent the calcium kidney stones. There are many national health institutes which are recommending the increasing amount of citric acid in your body because this is decreasing your chances of getting new calcium stones. When you drink lemon water, then this will help you to get more citric acid but also it will prevent the formation of stones. You should take ½ cup of lemon juice because of this health benefits.

Balance pH: Lemons are a good source of an alkaline food which can help you to balance the pH levels of your body.

It freshens the breath: Many people have rubbed a lemon on their hands to remove a powerful stench. This natural cure is neutralizing the odors. Also you can apply this home remedy to bad breath which is caused by eating foods with strong smells such as fish, onions or garlic. You should drink a glass of lemon juice after your meals and the first thing in the morning because it will keep your breath sweeter. Also you can drink lemon water for the same purpose. Lemon stimulates saliva and the water helps prevent a dry mouth which is one of the biggest causes for bad breath that is caused by excess bacteria growth.

Lemon juice uses and health benefits

Lemon juice health benefits

Bring down a fever: You should drink lemon juice mixture because it can help you to bring your fever down in very fast way.

Aids in digestion: There are many people who drink lemon juice in the morning because it can help them in the prevention of constipation. But also it is recommended drinking hot or warm lemon water when they wake up because this will help them to rid of the digestive system moving. There are many doctors who are recommending drinking a mixture of lemon juice and flaxseeds because in this way you will eliminate waste more quickly form your body.

Support weight loss: There are many studies in which is shown that the lemon juice can help people to lose their weight. This juice has pectin which is a soluble fiber that aids in weight – loss struggles.

Potassium power: When we talk about potassium, then many people think about bananas. But it is known fact that lemons also have potassium as their component. Lemons have 80 milligrams of potassium which can help your body to stay nimble and strong.

Stop an itch: When it comes to insect bites or poison ivy, then you should rub a lemon juice on the affected area because it can soothe your skin. This is possible because it has anesthetic and anti – inflammatory properties.

Start your day right: You should leave caffeinated drinks behind. Instead you should use hot water and fresh lemon juice to start your mornings. In this way you will add Vitamin C in your diet and it will stimulate your digestive tract.

Anticancer properties: There are many studies in which is said that citrus liminoids have anticancer properties which can protect your cells from damage that can lead to formation of cancer cells.

Soothe a sore throat: You should mix lemon juice with honey because it can help alleviate the discomfort which comes from a nasty sore throat.


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