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Every single person feels anxious at some point of his life. This is a normal emotion. Many people feel nervous before making an important decision, taking a test or when they are faced with a problem at work. Anxiety disorders are also different. The can cause you such stress which can interfere with your daily activities. Also this type of disorder is a serious mental illness. People who have some type of anxiety disorder are constantly worrying and fearing and overwhelming which can be disabling. The symptoms of anxiety can vary from person to person but our bodies are reacting in a very specific way to anxiety. When we feel anxious, then our bodies go on high alert and it is looking for possible danger and activating your flight or fight responses. The most common symptoms of this condition are: rapid heart rate; feelings of danger, panic or dread; nervousness, restlessness or being tense; weakness and lethargy; trembling or muscle twitching; increased or heavy sweating; rapid breathing or hyperventilation; a strong desire to avoid the things that trigger your anxiety; digestive or gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, constipation or gas; insomnia; difficulty focusing on thinking clearly about anything other than the thing you are worried about etc. Here are some home remedies for anxiety:

Anxiety –  Natural Cures and Home Remedies

Laugh It Off

One of the most non substantial and medical treatments of anxiety is to cultivate sense of humor in you. Being humorous helps you to secrete dopamine to the brain; this will help to improve your feeling of reward and pleasure. What you should do to achieve this is to initiate an environment which helps you to experience humor. This can be engaging with funny friend or watching funny clips. It will work effectively to you. [1,2]

Lavender oil

This medication has great properties which makes it essential argent to calm you down. The smell that lavender oil is effective in calming you down because it ensures that you are relaxed and you do not have worries caused by anxiety [3]. What you should do is to rub the oil around your collarbone or temple and waft up the smell slowly to help you gain the relaxing feeling that it has.


anxiety, bruxismCuppa chamomile tea is a significant medication that helps you to relax tension in your brain and the entire body [4]. This is because of the compound Matricaria recutita that is present in this medication that affects ability of your brain cells to ease up. These properties affect the brain receptors just as drugs like Valium does. What you can do to achieve greater outcome when using it is to prepare tea with this substance and drink the tea slowly as you relax. This will be effective to help you recover.


This is an amino acid, therefore it is a major component in the building of chemicals in your brain. This medication impacts the messenger chemical known as the neurotransmitters. This is because this substance helps to limited production of stress hormones through activation of neurotransmitter. It is therefore significant if you consider eating foodstuffs like fish and beans which are rich I this component. This help to improve the level of production of this amino acid hence general reduction of stress. [5]

Hot bath

It is an important treatment to this condition because warm bath ensures that your body cells are calmed and the systems are soothed to ease up the tension. Rising of body temperatures that warm bath initiates ensures that those moods together with anxiety are brought to regulated conditions. What you are expected to do to prepare your treatment is to prepare a warm bathing water and then to it add Epsom salt. This has greater outcome because magnesium sulfate in it initiate calming ability and also reduces blood pressure and this is important in helping you to avoid anxiety. Repeat this practice several times in a day or any time you feel anxious and disturbed.

Green tea

Health benefits of green tea, bone cancerThe green tea has an amino acid well known as the L-theanine. This is important because it initiates a relaxing mood hence making you to have ability to focus and prevent anxious conditions [6]. This medication is important because it helps you by reducing the rate of your heart beats. It also has exemplary effect in lowering blood pressure. These then makes you to gain stability and avoid anxious conditions. What you should do is to prepare a cup of tea with green tea every morning and take the same for at least thrice on a daily basis as well as whenever you feel anxious.

Cutting down Caffeine

The caffeine in coffee do boost your energy and it increases the rate at which your heart pumps blood to ensure high level of activity and alertness [7]. This can be very detrimental to your body because it is likely to initiate anxious condition in you. Therefore the best way to combat it if you are fond of coffee is to reduce the rate at which you are taking coffee as well as amount that you are taking this will effectively work to improve your system and limit strain that you subject yourself to.


This herb is known to have a sedative component which is an effective for this condition because of their volatile nature of the oil extract. In this perspective it is recommended that you use this medication in extract form. To use it you can prepare tea with it but because of its bitterness it is important if you mix it with chamomile as well as mint to make it easy to take. It is effective in promoting sleep because of its sedative ability and in this perspective it gives you time to relax and recover from anxiety.

Valerian herb

This is another herb which has outstanding effect on anxiety conditions in you. This is because it is a strong sedative, this is to imply that it has ability to make you sleep and relax. Despite this it has a nasty smell and this makes it very effective when used as tea. To use it prepare tea with valerian before you go to bed, drink this and give yourself time to rest. The effect is so great that it leaves you when full tress free. [8]

Lemon balm

This medication has been in use for a long period as a cure for anxiety and stress. This is because of its ability to enhance your sleep hence giving you ample time to relax your body system and brain. What you are supposed to do is to obtain a standardized amount of it that is approximately six hundred milligrams of lemon balm. This will enhance your calmness and make you alert all through. Repeat the same amount on daily basis or whenever you feel anxious. [9]


Exercise is very important practice to help release stress and anxiety condition from your body system. This is because it has varied and numerous mechanism in which it works to enable you to gain relaxed condition and recover from too much strain. Exercise help to allow blood circulation in the body and also promote production of anti-stress hormones into your brain. This makes you to feel at ease hence reducing anxious condition. A thirty minutes exercise is precisely enough to help you recover [10].

Whole grains

Whole grains are rich source of magnesium, which is an important mineral in boosting ability of your body to manage tension and reduces stress. They are also rich in tryptophan and amino acids which do not only calm you down but also enhances your mood. It is therefore important that you include these grains in your diet at least in a day in case you are suffering from this condition.


This vegetable is rich in vitamins which limits the production of stress hormones into your body system. In this way it makes you become relaxed and stress free as a result this translates to be an important help in preventing you from being anxious and less stressed. What is recommended is to ensure that you include it in your diet most like in the every day’s main meal for it to have great impact on you.


Vitamin c content in this fruit is effective in giving your body ease and preventing stress. The fruit when consumed daily soothes the nice feelings and it makes you to be able to relax and avoid stressful condition [11]. This is why it is an important one, when it comes to this condition. It is important that you at least take one every day if you are stressed. You can also take the juice extract of the fruit.


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