17 Natural Home Remedies for Rib Pain

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This type of pain can be achy, dull or sharp and you can feel it below your chest or above the navel of either side. This pain can happen without explanation or after an obvious injury. The bruised rib or pulled muscles are the most common causes for rib cage pain. Also there can be other causes for rib pain, such as inflamed rib cartilage; muscle spasms; inflammation of the lining of the lungs; diseases that affect the bones, such as osteoporosis; rib fractures; injuries to the chest; broken ribs.

The pain which is felt in the rib can be aching; dull; sharp; sudden; constant; slow to develop; worse when breathing in or moving; intermittent. There can be other symptoms which can affect the rib cage, such as difficulty breathing; tenderness and bruising. This type of pain can be caused by medical conditions or underlying injuries. If you have rib pain for which you do not know the cause, then you should talk with your doctor as soon as possible.

You should seek emergency medical help if you have noticed that the pressure or pain in the chest is severe and the breathing becomes difficult because this can indicate a heart attack. You need to talk with your doctor if you have rib pain before you start using some of the below mentioned home remedies. Here are some home remedies for rib pain:

Blackstrap molasses tea treat rib pain

This is a very effective home remedy for the treatment of rib pain. It has been used for long times by arthritis sufferers as an alternative to the conventional pain relief so this is giving you a reason why you can use it as your natural treatment for rib pain. You should drink a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses dissolved in water once per day because it can help in the treatment of bruised ribs. It is packed with potassium, magnesium and iron which can help your body in the healing process.

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This is one of the most effective home remedies which you can use for the treatment of injuries. It has active compound called curcumin which is having anti – inflammatory properties. Also this component can speed up the healing process and it is effective painkiller [1]. You can take a teaspoon of turmeric with a grind of black pepper in water. You should drink this home remedy three times a day. If you do not want to take turmeric in its nature form, then you can take supplements but you need to talk with your doctor about the recommended dosage.

Fenugreek seeds

You can cure your rib pain by using fenugreek seeds as your natural treatment. You should roast 50 gm of fenugreek seeds slightly on gas and then crush them. You should add ten gm of black salt and you should eat two teaspoons of this powder with water for 2 times a day. You should use this home remedy in a period of fifteen days or until pain cures completely. [2]

Garlic help rib pain

You should take 5 garlic cloves and peel them. You should deep fry these garlic cloves in pure ghee and then eat this mixture with a lunch and dinner and you should continue until it is required. This is a simple and very effective home remedy which can help you to remove the rib pains without using medications. [3]

Cold compress

You can use ice pack or cold compress to reduce the strain and inflammation on the joints which have happened due to coughing. You should use the compress for ten to fifteen minutes and then take it off. [4]


This home remedy can cure the rib pain. You should mix one gram of asafetida with one egg yolk and you should apply it on your ribs gently. This home remedy will cure the pain immediately without medications. Also you can mix asafetida with warm water and mix it until it turns into paste. You should apply this home remedy on the ribs locally and you should cover it with clothes. You should repeat this natural treatment three to four times per day until you get a relief from the rib pain.

Heating pad

You should put a heating pad on the affected area because this can help to promote the blood circulation. This can help to reduce the inflammation and it will help the ribs to heal. [4]

Apple cider vinegar

It is recommended mixing a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the same amount and you should drink this home remedy three times a day. Also you can dip a paper towel or a clean muslin rag into the apple cider vinegar mixture and hold it against your bruised ribs firmly for about fifteen minutes. The raw and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar has been used since ancient times as a natural treatment for bruises.

When you are taking apple cider vinegar, then it can stimulate your blood circulation. This natural cure can help your body to remove the clotted blood beneath your skin and it will speed up the healing process.

Mustard seeds

You can control the rib pain when you are using mustard seeds. You should grind some mustard with water and apply the lukewarm paste on the ribs four to five times per day and you should wrap it using a thin cloth. The mustard paste can help you to remove the rib pain naturally. It will not cause you any side effect.

Dry ginger

You can use dry ginger decoction or kadha as your natural treatment for rib pain. You should take 25 gm of dry ginger, crush it and then boil it in 2 glasses of water until the water is reduce to half. You should sieve it and then divide the water into 4 doses and consume it on daily basis. This is a very effective home remedy for rib pain and it will not cause you side effects. Also you can boil 6 gm of both dry ginger powder and jaggery in a cup of water for few minutes. You should sieve it and drink this tea when it is lukewarm. [1]

Mustard oil

You should use the mustard oil for massage and this way you can cure the rib pain in natural way. You should boil some mustard oil with crushed garlic cloves. You should let it cool. You should strain this home remedy into a jar and massage your ribs with lukewarm oil. This is a simple but very effective home remedy which can control the rib pain that is caused by coughing and it will not cause you any side effects.

Carom seeds

You should take carom seeds and tie them in a cotton cloth to make swag. You should keep this swag on a pre-heated pan and you should give a fomentation on the ribs for five to ten minutes. You should repeat this natural treatment four to five times a day because it can help to remove the pain and inflammation naturally.

Also you can boil some carom seeds in water and you should apply the warm wet covering on the ribs to get a relief from the pain. You should dip the dry cotton cloth or napkin in the preheated water with carom seeds. Then, wring out the cloth and you should cover the ribs or the affected area with wet cloth. You should repeat this home remedy four to five times per day. [6]


This is a very effective home remedy for rib pain. Also small children can use it for your children if they suffer from rib pain. You should rub nutmeg with water on hard surface and you should apply over the ribs. You should repeat this natural treatment two to three times per day. Also you can ingest nutmeg by rubbing on stone in a similar way. If your children have rib pain, the dosage will be half. [7]

Turnpentine oil

This is one of the most effective home remedies for curing the rib pain. You should mix some camphor cubes in turnpentine oil and you should rub it gently on the aching ribs four to five times per day.


We know that tulsi is also known as basil. You should make a basil leaves decoction using cloves, black pepper and ginger. You should take two black peppers, two cloves, four to five basil leaves, a small piece of ginger and a pinch of rock salt. You should crush all of these ingredients and put them into a glass of water. You should boil this water until it remains half and you should ingest the lukewarm home remedy after sieving. This home remedy is not recommended for rib pains in children.

Wheat flour

You should make a thick chapatti of wheat flour and you should bake it from one side only and then remove it from the pan. You should apply mustard oil in the raw side or unbaked side and you should tie down on the ribs. This will help you to remove the pain in a period of few minutes.


This natural cure is used as a natural treatment for many problems and it can help you to cure your painful ribs. It has gingerols which is very effective for reducing the inflammation, including the inflammation in rib area. You should mix 1 or 2 teaspoons of ginger in a cup of warm water or you can drink a ginger tea because these home remedies will help you with the inflammation. [5]


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