13 Best Health Benefits of Cotton Rose

Health benefits of cotton rose

The scientific name of cotton rose is Hibiscus mutabilis. It is also known as the cotton rosemallow, the Confederate rose or a Dixie rosemallow. It is a plant noted for its showy flowers that belong to Hibiscus family, called Malvaceae. It is a plant that is native to China and Japan. In Alabama, this rose is extensively cultivated. This rose is a large, erect, robust, deciduous and spreading shrub or small multi stemmed tree which is usually growing about 15 feet high with about ten feet spread. This rose can be found on roadsides, around old hone sites, in wetlands and thickets along streams.

The leaves of this rose are alternate, petiolate and broadly ovate to orbicular ovate shape. In India is believed that the juice of fresh flowers can help to increase the hair growth. In Java, leaves of cotton rose are used as a food wrapper. Usually, no flowering is observed during December to March in Java. In Philippines, the bitter root of this rose is used as a tonicin. The fertile flowers of cotton rose are followed by dry, loculicidally dehiscent capsules five to ten celled that are round and hairy and they have fuzzy seeds. In Java, the leaves of this rose are used as a food wrapper.

In Pacific Islands, this rose is used as fodder when other foods are lacking. The bloom season of cotton rose usually lasts from summer through fall. The propagation by cuttings root is easiest in early spring, but cuttings can be taken at almost any time. The single blooming flowers are generally cup – shaped. The stems of cotton rose are erect, little branched and pubescent on the new growth. There are some studies in which are shown that the cotton rose is poisonous to horses, so avoid giving to them as part of their diet. Here are some health benefits of cotton rose:

Cotton rose Treat of earache

There are some studies in which are shown that when flowers of this rose are boiled in milk and then used as ear drops, can help in the treatment of earache.

cotton rose hibiscus

Remedy for gonorrhea

When seeds of this rose are pounded into a pulp and then mixed with water, can be used as a home remedy for gonorrhea. Also, the juice of the cotton rose leaves can be used for the same purpose.


You need to boil five grams of fresh leaves of cotton rose plant with 20 ml water. You need to drink 15 ml of this home remedy, three times per day. Ask your doctor about this dosage, if it suitable for you, then you can drink it.

Heavy menstrual bleeding

You need to drink 30 ml of leave decoction of cotton rose plant. You need to drink it two days before your menstrual cycle begin.

Internal usage

When the cotton rose is used internally, then it can detoxify your body, reduce the swelling and keep your blood healthy.

Cotton rose good for menopausal women

There are some studies in which are noticed that the nutritional properties of cotton rose are good for menopausal women.

Good for burns

The abundant mucilage content in the tissue makes the cotton rose a very effective home remedy for burns.


You can make a decoction using the leaves of this rose and drink ten milliliters of this natural cure, two times per day.

Relief from inflammation

When the cotton rose is pounded and applied externally, then it can give you a relief from the inflammation and it can reduce the swelling.

Skin problems

The flowers of this rose can be applied to burns and swellings. It is one of the best home remedies for skin problems.


You can add decoction of leaves and flowers of this rose in your bathing water. You should take a bath with it and this will soften your skin.


You can take two flowers of this rose and pound them. You should apply this natural cure on the place where you have swelling.

Lung diseases

You need to prepare a decoction using one fresh flower of this rose. You need to drink 36 ml of this natural cure, two times per day. You can talk with your doctor about this home remedy, so you will be sure if it will work well for you.


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