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Ativisha: Best 8 Health Benefits

The scientific name of ativisha is Aconitum heterophyllum. It is also known as Atees, Atis, and Indian Atis. It is an herbaceous perennial plant that belongs to the Buttercup family. It is native to Western Himalayas and it happens in the alpine Himalayas of Nepal and Sikkim. The taste of ativisha is acid, bitter, and pungent. The root and tube of ativisha are used in the internal prescriptions for fevers, loss of vitality, and rheumatic conditions. It normally grows about 15 – 90 cm tall and occasionally it reaches 200 cm in height.

The flowering season of ativisha is from August to September. The season of ativisha is from September to October. The ativisha can cause toxic effects on the human body. The whole plant is highly toxic, and simple skin contact has caused numbness in some people. The excess usage of ativisha can cause chillness, tremors, and dryness in the mouth. Also, it can cause dehydration, convulsions, vomiting, and nausea.

If you are pregnant, then talk with your doctor before you use the ativisha in your diet. You can take one to two teaspoons of ativisha oil, add sesame oil and gently massage it on the affected area. You can use this natural remedy two to three times per week to get rid of the pain and inflammation in the joints. Here are some health benefits of ativisha:

Health benefits of ativisha


Health benefits of ativisha

Treats diabetes and leucorrhea:

You can make a mixture from half a teaspoon of a dried and powdered mixture of roots of ativisha, leaves of Ajugaparviflora, and roots of Podophyllum hexandrum. When this mixture is given two times per day in the early morning and at the night after dinner, in a period of three months, then it can be used as a carminative and it can help to treat leucorrhea and diabetes.

Treats mumps and parotitis:

You can make a decoction extracted from equal amounts of Atibala, Musli, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, and ativisha and you can take this mixture three times per day, as a dose of 14 – 28 ml and it can be used as a home remedy for mumps and parotitis.

Heal’s constipation:

There is one mixture that can help you to deal with constipation. You should make a mixture from the powder of ativisha root, salt of sodium and potassium, the fruit of piper longum, leadwort root, and rhizome of the sweet flag, and mix all of these ingredients. You should consume this home remedy with warm water two times per day, as a 3 – 6 grams dose.

Treats indigestion:

Some foods which we consume are not digestive because they have low digestive properties. But, this is not the case with ativisha. It can help to digest toxins due to its digestive and appetizing properties.

Cough and bronchitis:

The ativisha powder can be given with honey and PistaciaIntegerrima, so it can help you to deal with cough and bronchitis. Also, it can help to clear your lungs, reduce inflammation and modulate mucus secretions.

Treats piles:

One of the most common problems which develop due to chronic constipation in piles. This is mainly happening because we live inactive life. Constipation is happening very easily in our bodies. When this condition is not treated or ignored, then it leads to piles. The ativisha can help to manage constipation and it can help to prevent piles’ formation.

Prevents vomiting:

Improper eating habits area leading to vomiting. Also, eating excessive foods, such as uncooked food, heavy diet, raw food, cold diet, or sour diet, can lead to burning sensation and vomiting. These habits are leading to improper digestion of food in our bodies and this is leading to indigestion. The ativisha has digestive properties. It can help to digest foods that are leading to indigestion and vomiting. At the same time. The ativisha will give you relief from these conditions.

Great for detoxification:

One of the best detoxifiers which you can find is the ativisha. The root powder of ativisha can be given to children. It can help them to clear out worms in the body. Also, it can detoxify the blood and it can help you to have a better immune system.


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