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10 Amazing health benefits of Citron Tea

When you drink a cup of the rejuvenating citron tea, then it can boost your health and you will enjoy in an unusual variety of tea. This is a type of tea which is not actually brewed from tea leaves. Citron tea is also known as Korean citron tea, yuja – chu and yuja tea. It is a flavorful beverage which is prepared from using thin slices of the citron fruit and preparing it with sugar and honey to form a fruit preserve. Citron is a large citrus fruit and it is closely related to pomelo and mandarin.

It has been cultivated since ancient times. Citron tea is most popularly prepared and consumed in Korea and it has become a cultural export. It can be easily find in United States and other regions where this tea is gaining its popularity. There are some cases when citron tea can cause allergic reactions, such as swollen parts of the body, itchiness, redness and rash. Also, it can lead to dizziness and nausea if the ingredients are not fresh. It can lead to miscarriage in pregnant women so they should talk with their doctors before adding this tea in their diets.

Citron tea – 10 health benefits

Health benefits of citron tea

Power booster: It is known that the citron tea has high levels of vitamins which can help to boost your power. You can drink a cup of this tea in the morning because it will bring you energy for your day. You should be sure that your tea is not too sweet because it can lead to ton – diabetic.

Avoid cardiovascular diseases: It is known that the citron tea can help to improve the blood circulation. It can help to avoid blood clot in arteries and it will lower the cholesterol levels. This will help you to avoid any cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke or heart attack.

Improve digestion: The citron tea has the ability to improve the digestion. Also, it can improve your metabolism. When you consume citron tea on frequent basis, then it can optimize intestine bowel movements and it can improve the food absorption into energy.

Natural antibiotic: It is known that honey has natural antibiotic properties. It is component of the citron tea. This is a reason why it can help you to cure some diseases in natural way. You can use this tea when you are not feeling well instead of drinking antibiotics.

Anti – aging: Citron tea has anti – oxidant properties as well as anti – aging properties. It can help you to have a younger appearance of your face. It can help to slow down the early aging signs of your body.

Maintain healthy skin: Citron tea has the ability to produce a healthy and smooth skin. It will help to eliminate the possibility of skin inflammation. If you have acne inflammation in your face, then you can drink this tea because it can help in the treatment.

Anti – oxidant properties: Citron tea is a good anti – oxidant which you can add in your diet. It can help to eliminate free radical effects to the body and it can help to avoid forms of cancer cells. It can give you a youthful appearance to your skin and it can help you to avoid early signs of aging, such as wrinkles. This tea is helpful for people who want to look younger and freshener.

Optimize metabolism: Citron tea has the ability to optimize the metabolism in balancing hormones. It can help to improve the digestive and body efficiency in converting food into energy. Also, it can help your body to get all nutrients which it needs, such as vitamins and minerals and it can prevent you from absorbing too much fat. In this way, this tea can help you to lose weight.

Improve immune system: Citron tea has Vitamin C which can help to keep your immune system well. When you are consuming this tea, then it can help your body to maintain body health from bacterial infection or virus infection. Also, it can help to avoid any kind of diseases by improving the body power in restoring the wellness.

Rich in Vitamin C: It is known that citron tea has honey and citron which are having Vitamin C. This vitamin can help you to stay away from many different diseases. This is a reason why you should add citron tea in your diet.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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