Health benefits of green apples: Rich source of vitamins

green apples nutrition

We know that one apple per day can keep us away from the doctor. Green apples are one of the best fruits all around the world. They are rich in vitamins and proteins and they should be a part of the daily life. There are different kinds of apples. Green apples also have fibers and proteins. They can give you a relief from the digestive disorders. Green apples can lower your blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

They can stabilize the blood sugar levels and also they will improve your appetite. You can eat green apples in many different ways. You can eat them in raw form or you can make apple shake. You can add green apples in your ice creams or desserts. You should consume them as a whole fruit because in this way you will get all natural nutrients.

health benefits of green apples

green apples nutrition

Cures dandruff: You can make a paste of leaves and skin of green apples because it can help you to fix the dandruff. Also you can use this paste as your shampoo. You can get the same benefit with green apple juice if you massage it regularly onto your scalp.

Eliminates dark eye circles: One of the most common signs of aging are the deep brown circles along with the puffiness around your eyes. You can apply the fresh green apple juice on the dark circles because it can help you in the treatment. Also you can consume it internally because it has the same positive effect.

Controls and prevents pimple eruptions: Green apple is one of the best home remedies for acne. When you consume green apples on regular basis, then it can help to control and prevent pimple eruptions.

Prevents skin disease: In many cases, the lack of nourishment leaves the skin at a risk for skin disorders, such as eczema and cancer. You should drink green apple juice because it will ensure you that your skin will get the necessary level of nourishment. Also it can protect you against many skin problems.

Healthy strong bones: Green apple juice is rich in calcium which is very important for strengthening of bones and teeth and it will keep them healthy. Women who are in their menopause should drink green apple juice because this will reduce their risk of osteoporosis.

Good for blood clotting: The green apple juice has Vitamin K which can help the blood to coagulate and clot. Those people who drink green apple juice on regular basis have a better wound healing and repairing potential. Those women who have extremely heavy periods should drink green apple juice because it will help them to keep the bleeding under control.

Good for your vision: You should eat green apples because it is rich in vitamins. It has Vitamin A that has the ability to strengthen and improve the vision.

Good for your lungs: There are some studies in which are shown that the green apples and its juice can reduce the risk associated with the onset of asthma by 23%. Smokers should consume green apples because they will have fresh delight which will keep them protected from the obstructive pulmonary disease.

Good for your liver: It is natural detoxifying agent which means that it possesses antioxidants in good amounts. They can prevent the damage which free radicals can cause in the liver. This will ensure you that liver will function properly while at the same time it will keep it safe from many hepatic conditions.

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease: If you eat green apple on daily basis, then it can help you to prevent the chances of old – age neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents skin cancer: Green apples have Vitamin C which can help to prevent the skin cell damage by free radicals and also it can reduce your chances of skin cancer.

Enhances hair growth: Green apple is rich in vitamins and minerals which can strengthen your tresses. Also it can ensure you that your hair fall is under control. The regular usage of green apples can promote the hair growth. It will help you to have strong, long and lush hair.

Helps to lose weight: You can eat green apples because it will improve the calorie burning potential which can help you to achieve your weight loss goal.


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