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Natural treatments and home remedies for Myopia (short sight)

Short sight is also known as myopia or nearsightedness. This is a condition in which some individual is not able to see some objects that are far away. This condition is considered to be a refractive type of error in your eye. The focus of distant objects is not falling on the surface of the retina. It is falling in the front of the retina which results in the inability to see clearly some things that are beyond a certain distance. There are many people who suffer from this disease. The most common symptoms of short-sightedness are strained focus tends to cause a squint in the eyes, eye strain because of the pressure exerted while trying to focus, light sensitivity at nighttime and regular headaches. There are many types of short-sightedness such as nocturnal myopia, pseudomyopia, degenerative myopia, and induced myopia. There are many factors that can lead to this condition such as heredity factors, diabetes, long-term use of corrective lenses, low light conditions, and close-up work. If you suffer from this condition, then you should talk with your doctor about the best natural treatment or medication. You should not try some of the mentioned home remedies without consulting your doctor.

11 natural cures for short sight (myopia)


Licorice is a type of spice that is one of the most used home remedies for short sight [1]. You will need licorice in a small amount. You should not take more than ½ spoon of licorice. You should mash this amount of licorice. You should make 2 equal parts of licorice. In the first part, you should mix it with ghee and in the second part, you should mix it with honey. You should consume these mixtures two times per day with milk. You should take each mixture once per day.

Almond, coconut, anise seed, and candy sugar

One of the simplest home remedies for short-sightedness is this combination. You should mix candy sugar, anise seed, coconut, and almond. You should make them into powder. You should consume this natural cure two times per day. It is a known fact that this natural treatment can improve myopic conditions.

Kusuma Varthi Anjana (Ayurvedic approach)

This home remedy is used as a natural treatment in the Ayurvedic medicinal preparations to treat myopia in people who have a simple stage of it. This natural treatment has black pepper, common jasmine, long pepper, and sesamum flowers. You should mix these mentioned ingredients and then you should mash them. You should add water to this mixture and you should make it in a paste. You should dry this paste in shade. You should take this natural cure two times per day because in this way you will minimize your risk of getting short-sightedness.

Triphala (Ayurvedic approach)

The ancient Indian medicinal system is known as Ayurved. In this system, there are many different ways how you can treat your eye diseases [2]. There is one prescription for short-sightedness which is said that the Triphala is an effective natural treatment for short sight. Also, this natural cure is used to improve your vision. This is a mix of three fruit extracts. This mixture includes yellow myrobalan, Indian gooseberry, and beleric. This is a very powerful home remedy that will strengthen the muscles of your eyes. If you consume Triphala on a regular basis, then this natural cure will help to treat short-sightedness. You can find this home remedy in Ayurvedic medicine shops. But if you do not have this kind of shop in your near area, then you can prepare this home remedy at your home by mixing fresh fruits or their extracts. Also if you do not want to make it at your home, then you have a choice to order it online. You should put an ounce of Triphala in 2 cups of boiled and cooled water. You should wash your eyes with this natural treatment every morning and every evening. Also, you should drink this home remedy. This is a very effective natural treatment for short-sightedness and also it can help you to remove the redness of your eyes. This natural cure is also very effective for your digestive system because it will help you to have better absorption of nutrients.

Intake of vitamins

One of the major home remedies for this eye disease is the consumption of vitamins. It is a known fact that eyesight and vitamins have had a close relationship for a very long time. There are some vitamins that are associated with the good eyesight such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and Vitamin A. These vitamins are found in non – vegetarians and vegetarians foods such as nuts, dried fruits, green leafy vegetables, fish, peppers, apples, tomatoes, and carrots. All of the mentioned types of foods are very important for the health of your eyes. [3,4]

Work in an adequately lit space

If you work in low light conditions, then this can have a serious effect on your eyesight. It is known that when we work in low light conditions, then we put extra stress on our eyes. This means that it strains the muscles inside and this tightens them up which is resulting in short-sightedness.

Take vision breaks

One of the best home remedies for short-sightedness is to take vision breaks. If you work on a computer, watch TV or continue reading for long hours, then this means your eyes need to focus at short distances which is increasing your chances of getting short-sightedness. If you want to reduce the appearance or severity of short-sightedness, then you should take regular breaks from working on the computer, watching TV, and continuously reading.

Dogwood (Piscidia Erythrina)

This specie is also known as Jamaican Dogwood. This specie of trees and shrubs are mostly found in Eastern Europe, North America, and Europe. Its popularity came from Jamaica. In Jamaica, this herb is used as a natural treatment for many diseases. The leaves of dogwood are used as a natural treatment for short–sightedness [1].

It can help your eye muscles to become strong. You should prepare a tea of powdered and dried dogwood leaves. In a bowl of boiling water, you should infuse a teaspoon of dogwood leaves. You should let this natural cure cool a little. You should take medicinal gauze. Then, you should soak it in this herbal tea. You should lie down. Then, you should cover your eyes with this gauze. You should let it stay there for at least 15 minutes. You should let this natural cure work. You should do this natural treatment 3 days in a row every week. You should not do any kind of treatment to your eyes in the next 4 days. You should take a break after 3 weeks. Then, you should rest your eyes for a period of one month. After this period has passed, then you should restart this natural treatment. If you do this natural treatment on a regular basis, as we have explained, then this will be a very effective natural treatment for short-sightedness.


Grape seed

Grape seed extracts are rich in antioxidants. This means that they will help you to have good eye health and also they will protect your eyes from many diseases [1]. When you take grape seed extract as your natural cure for short sight on a regular basis, then this can help you to cure mild short sight. It will help you to strengthen the eye muscles. You should take this home remedy two times per day. When you consume it, then you should mix it with some honey or water. People who have blood thinners should not use grape seed extract because it is making your blood thinner. If you suffer from short sight, then you should talk with your doctor if this will be an effective natural treatment for you.

Breathing exercises

You can take breathing exercises at your home if you want to reduce your chances of getting short sight. You should make this natural treatment at your home in relaxing conditions. You should close your eyes then you should inhale through your nose and then you should exhale through your mouth. You should do this natural treatment in a steady and continuous manner for a period of more than 3 minutes. You should not strain by trying to breathe in more air than you need (which feels natural).

Eye exercises

There are some studies which are shown that eye exercises are having an effect on myopic conditions. Many ophthalmologic doctors are recommending doing eye exercises along with prescription glasses and prescribed medications. Also, you can do yoga because this is another way of doing eye exercises. [5]


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
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