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Home Remedy treatment for stomach polyps

When we have stomach polyps then this means that the mass of tissues is originating from the lining of the mucus membrane of your stomach. This is a kind of disease which is affecting our stomach. Our stomach has a shape of pear. Stomach is located between the small intestine and the esophagus. We know that the lining of our stomach is smooth. When we have growing on or in the lining of our stomach, then this is making a trouble in our stomach. This is what we call polyps. When we suffer from stomach polyps, then this problem can lead to obstruction in our stomach and also it can be a reason for stomach ulcers. You must talk with your doctor about this problem. You should not risk on your own. This is a rare disease. There are small cases in which this kind of disease was a reason for cancer. Usually this is not cancerous type of disease.

When you suffer from stomach polyps, then you can feel anemia, bleeding and tenderness or pain in your stomach. Even this type of disease is not cancerous type of disease there are chances if the polyp grows too much to increase the risk of getting cancer. It is very important to eliminate the abnormal tissue if you want to have normal health. It is the best way to use the natural remedies to rid of the stomach polyps. They will help you to eliminate the stomach polyps in natural way. They will reduce the inflammation and also they can eliminate the irritants which are a reason for the infection. You should not let your stomach polyps without treatment because they can increase your risk of getting stomach cancer and malignant polyps. Your doctor also can prescribe you some antibiotics which can help you to improve your condition. Also it is important to add fresh fruits and vegetables in you every day diet. Here are some home remedies which can help you to improve your condition:

 Natural cures for stomach polyps

Aloe Vera: This herb has antibacterial and anti – inflammatory properties. You can use as natural remedy if you suffer from stomach polyps. It can help you to eliminate the toxins from your body. Also this kind of natural remedy will soothe the lining of your stomach which can help you to improve your condition [1]. When you use Aloe Vera as your natural remedy, then you can help your body to heal from the stomach polyp in natural way. Also this herb will help you to prevent the further agitation of the stomach polyp.

Foods which are rich with Vitamin A and Vitamin C: If you want to improve your condition and to rid of the stomach polyps, then you should add foods which are rich with Vitamin A and Vitamin C in your diet.

Cranberries: This fruit has many health benefits which can help you to improve your condition. This kind of fruit is also used as prevention from some types of cancers. They have lot of minerals and vitamins which means that they are powerful antioxidants which can help you against this disease. Also this kind of fruit has Vitamin C as its component which means that they can help you to remove the toxins and infections from your body which can be a reason for the stomach polyps. [2]

Stomach polyps

stomach polyps home remedy

Xylitol: In the most plant material is found this kind of alcohol which is known as xylitol. This kind of alcohol is used as sugar substitute in the most cases. Also this alcohol will help you from the reproduction of the viruses, bacteria and fungus which in many cases can be a reason for the development of this disease. Also the xylitol will remove the toxins and decay – causing bacteria from your body. [3]

Cayenne pepper: This kind of vegetable is also known as Red Chili pepper. Capsicum Annuum is the botanical name of the cayenne pepper. You can find it easily in South and North America. It can improve the circulation and also it can boost the function of the blood capillaries which means that this vegetable will help you to shrink the stomach polyps. It has one component which is known as capsaicin which can help you to get a relief from the pain caused by the stomach polyps. You should take the powdered cayenne pepper which is made from pods of the cayenne pepper if you suffer from stomach polyps. But also there are other forms in which the cayenne pepper can be used. This is a reason why you must talk with your doctor before you start using this remedy. He or she will tell you in which form you should use the cayenne pepper and also they will tell you how much amount of it you should consume or apply. [4]

Garlic: This is one of the most used kinds of vegetables. It can help in the fight against many types of disease. Garlic has sulfur compounds such as alliin, allicin and ajeone which are having anti – inflammatory properties. Also this vegetable has high amounts of antioxidant components. Oragno – sulfur and phytochemicals are components in the garlic which can help you if you suffer from uterine polyps and colon polyps. You can use the garlic in raw form or in tablet form. But you should talk with your doctor if this vegetable can help you in the fight against the stomach cancer. [5]

Flax plant: The Latin name of the flax plant is the Linum Usitatissimum. The seeds of the flax plant are used for the medical purposes. They have omega – 3 essential fatty acids and alpha linolic acid which can improve your immune system and also they can help you to strengthen your body. This kind of herb will help you a lot if you suffer from colon polyps or nasal polyps. Talk with your doctor or herbalist if you should use this remedy for the stomach polyps. [6]

Whole grains and beans: Beans and grains are rich with B – Vitamins and fiber which can help you to have normal digestive functions. You should add barely products brown rice, bran cereals and wheat bread or pasta in your diet if you suffer from stomach polyps. You should not consume white grains which are having less nutrients and fiber in them. Also you can use kidney beans, navy and black beans in your diet because they are low in acidity and also they are rich with fiber which can help you against this disease.

Foods to limit: You should not consume whole dairy products, processed foods, fried foods and fatty red meat because these kinds of foods can increase the stomach acid production which in many cases is a reason for the irritation of the stomach lining. You should replace these kinds of products with fresh fish and baked poultry, olive oil and low – fat dairy products. You should not use carbonated drinks and beverages which have high amounts of caffeine that can worsen your condition. Before you start using some of the mentioned products you should talk with your doctor because in some cases they can have side effects for your health.

Fruits and vegetables: You should add fruits and vegetables in your diet because they can help you to have normal levels of the good bacteria. Also they have many vitamins and antioxidant components which can help you to improve your condition. You should add leafy greens, apples, berry varieties, bell pepper and squash which have high amounts of nutrients and which can help you to have normal digestive health. These fruits and vegetables can keep your health at high levels. The Cleveland Clinic has said that if you want to improve your condition and health, then you should add at least five servings of vegetables and fruits in your every day diet. You should not use too much grapefruit or oranges in your diet because they are having high amounts of acids which can be a reason for the stomach irritation. Also you should avoid the pickled vegetables because they can increase the risk of getting cancer. This statement is confirmed by the American Cancer Society. The antioxidant components from fruits and vegetable will increase the free radicals in your body which will inhibit abnormal growth of the cells in your stomach which means that you can have reduced chances of getting stomach polyps. [7]


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
Hanan, a medical student (MBBS) having passion for writing and is very much interested in holistic living along with nature. He is very much interested in doing community service and watches anime and play PS4 during his free time. You can reach him through [email protected]


  1. THANK you so much for this information, I just now have been diagnosed with polyps on the top of my stomach, no word yet on the results of the biopsy.


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