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bed bugs, body odor treatment

Body Odor Treatment

When people are having body odor, then they are feeling embarrassed because their smell is unpleasant. It is discomforting feeling which is shame for many people. Body odor is happening when your sweat glands are overactive. All people are sweating but not all people are having body odor. But as we can see from this assignment sweat is not the main cause for body odor. The real cause for the body odor is the bacteria which is growing so fast when the temperatures are high. Also there are other causes for this condition is diabetes, poor hygiene, liver disease, underlying medical problems and chronic constipation. When you are having body odor, then you are feeling unpleasant smell all over your body. This is the main symptom of body odor. Other symptoms of this disease are cold hands, weight loss, excessive sweating and night sweats. This condition can be treated with medications or also you can use home remedies and natural cures which will improve your condition. Also there are many home remedies which are cheap and very effective at reducing the symptoms of body odor. Here are home remedies and natural cures for body odor treatment:

Natural cures and Home remedies for body odor treatment

Baking soda: This home remedy is very effective for moisturizing the skin. When you are using baking soda, then you are reducing the symptoms caused by this condition. Also this home remedy is killing the bacteria which is a cause for body odor. Baking soda is the perfect body odor treatment for your skin [1]. Make a mixture from baking soda and lemon juice. You will need one tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with one tablespoon of baking soda. In the parts where you are sweating a lot you should apply this remedy. You should let this home remedy to stay on your skin for few minutes. After this period you should wash your body with water. You should not scrub this body odor treatment on your skin. You should take a bath or shower. Repeat this process once per day in a period of few weeks if you want to have the best results. Also you can do other mixture. Mix equal amounts of cornstarch and baking soda. When your underarms are dry, and then is the perfect time for applying this mixture. When you are applying this home remedy you are preventing yourself from bad smell and sweating. When you are planning to go outside and to be in social environment, then you should use this mixture because it will give you the comfort that you need.

Apple cider vinegar: This is one of the best body odor treatment because it has powerful abilities to fight against the bacteria which is the reason for the body odor. When you are using apple cider vinegar you are making pH balance in your body which is very effective at body odor treatment. With a cotton ball you should apply the apple cider vinegar on your underarms or the places where you have excessive sweat. You should let the apple cider vinegar to stay on those places for 2 – 3 minutes. Then, you should take a shower to wash the apple cider vinegar. You should repeat this body odor treatment twice per day. The first time is when you wake up in the morning and the second time is before you go to the bed. Repeat this process until the day you are feeling better and you are not seeing excessive sweat. Also in your lukewarm bath water you should add one cup of this home remedy. You should soak in this mixture for ten minutes once per day. There is other mixture which you can make from this remedy. In one glass of warm water you should mix small amount of honey with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. You should drink this mixture 3 times per day before you are taking your meals.

Lemon juice: This is also very effective home remedy for body odor treatment. When you are using lemon juice as your home remedy, then you are making balance of your pH levels. When the pH level is normal, then the bacteria which is making body odor cannot survive. You will need one fresh lemon which you should cut in two parts. With both parts of the lemon you should rub your underarms. When you are rubbing your underarms with lemon, you should be sure that the lemon juice is getting in your skin. You should let this juice to dry on your underarms and then you should wash the lemon juice with taking shower. You should use this remedy for body odor treatment once per day until the day you have felt that your body odor is gone. People who are having sensitive skin should mix half a lemon in one cup of hot water. With cotton ball they should apply this remedy on their underarms. Leave this remedy to stay in your underarms for ten minutes and after that you should wash this remedy with water. Repeat this body odor treatment once per day until the day you have felt better results. [2]

bed bugs, body odor treatmentRosemary: When you have body odor you can use rosemary because this natural remedy for body odor treatment will inhibit the growth of the bacteria which is causing odor [3]. Chlorophyll and menthol which are components of this home remedy are neutralizing the body odor and also they are giving fresh smell on your body. When people are having body odor also one of the most common causes is the zinc deficiency. When you are using rosemary you are making zinc balance in your body. In four cups of hot water you should add ½ dried rosemary leaves. You should let this mixture to steep and then before you take a bath, you should add in your bath water. You should soak yourself in this water for fifteen to twenty minutes. You have to apply this remedy once per day if you want to have nice smell all day. Also you can make a mixture which you should use as deodorant. In one ounce of water add 10 drops of rosemary essential oil. If you have noticed that this remedy has made irritation on your skin, then you should stop using it.

Sage: This is a powerful herb that can be used if you want to get rid of the body odor. It will prevent the activity of the bacteria and also the activity of the sweat glands will be reduced when you are using sage as your remedy. You should make a natural deodorant by mixing equal amounts (five drops) of lavender essential oil, sage essential oil and coriander essential oil in 2 ounces of distilled witch hazel. When you have mixed these components, then you should put the mixture in a spray bottle which you should use every day as your deodorant. It will give you fresh smell of your body. In hot water you should add two tablespoons of dried sage. Let this mixture to steep for ten minutes. When this mixture is cooled you should apply it on your underarms. You should apply this remedy 2 times per day until you have noticed that your results are getting better. Also the sage tea is used as home remedy for body odor. You will need to make a sage tea. In one cup of hot water you should steep one teaspoon of dried sage. Leave this tea to steep for ten minutes. Then, you should remove the sage leaves from your tea and drink it. The recommended dose of this tea is two cups per day. You should not drink more cups of this tea because it will have side effects for your body.

Witch hazel: This home remedy for body odor treatment is making pH balance in your body which will help you to kill the bacteria that is living in your skin [4]. Also this remedy will help you to reduce the production of sweat from your underarms. You will need cotton ball. Soak it in witch hazel. Then, you should dub your underarms with this cotton ball. When you have noticed bad smell you should always repeat it because it will reduce the smell. Witch hazel is natural antiperspirant.

Tea tree oil: This remedy has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which are helping you to reduce the sweating and also this remedy is killing the bacteria which are the main cause for this condition [5]. This remedy is also controlling the sweating because it has astringent properties. In two tablespoons of water you should add two drops of tea tree oil. Put this mixture in spray bottle. You should use this mixture as your natural antiperspirant. People who have too sensitive skin should not use tea tree oil as their natural remedy for body odor treatment.

Turnips: This remedy also has anti – bacterial properties which will help you a lot in the fight against the body odor. Those properties will kill the bacteria which is the main cause for the body odor. They are having Vitamin C which is helping you to as body odor treatment. [6]

Tomatoes: This vegetable is also great remedy for body odor treatment by killing the bacteria which is causing body odor because it has anti–septic properties. Also this vegetable is reducing the sweating because it is shrinking the pores. [7]

Wheatgrass: It has a lot of chlorophyll which is having deodorizing effects. It is a very good body odor treatment to reduce the symptoms of the body odor. [8]


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