Health benefits of green beans

health benefits of green beans

Health benefits of green beans

It is easy to find out the appearance of green beans in the cuisine of many nations all over the world. For centuries, this plant has been getting familiar with housewives due to its excellent flavor. With regard to the health benefits of green beans, they provide plenty of nutrition. Green bean is the common name which falls into two main categories, namely pole bean and bush bean. While pole bean is creeper one and slow in growth, bush bean belongs to shrub plants and has fast growing instead. One particular thing is that green bean varies in size, shape and color as well. Some of them is long and contains array of seeds, the other however has shorter length and even purple in color.

It is not only a rich source of protein, but also being a store house of numerous vitamins, such as vitamin A, K, B6, C and folic. Like other vegetables, green bean supplements dietary fiber and is the no-cholesterol supplement. In terms of minerals, eating green bean can offer our body with manganese, iron, calcium, cooper and potassium.

Health benefits of green beans

  1. Decrease risks of  heart diseases

Green beans contain substantial antioxidant substances which can protect the body cells from radicals. In this way, people who eat this plant in daily life can escape from the risk of developing heart disease like atherosclerosis, heart attack or high blood pressure. Apart from the common antioxidant like vitamin C, beta-carotene, what out-standing from the property of green beans is carotenoid and flavonoid which is considered as the best anti free radicals compound.  Not only antioxidant content, green beans possess no cholesterol content, therefore the potential to develop vessel – related diseases.

  1. Cancer fighter

Some studies suggest that eating green bean can reduce risk of some kinds of digestive cancers duet to various mechanisms. Firstly, large amount of chlorophyll found in the green beans may flush out heterocyclic amines which is carcinogenic compound generated during eating roasted meat. Secondly, the body cells can also benefit from antioxidant substances which help out in remain the integrity and function properly of cell membrane. Although many researchers are aiming to discover the relationship between consumption of green beans and cancer prevention, the outcome is still benefits of green beans

  1. Benefits for Women

Women who has menstrual period require amount of iron supplement higher than the men require. Therefore, green bean with certain amount of iron would be the great source of this mineral to the women. During pregnancy, the requirement of this mineral even is far higher than usual as they need to supply for both fetus and pregnant women, and should be stored enough to offset for the iron loss during labor. They also should bear in mind that the consumption of iron must be accompanied with vitamin C intake since it improves the absorption of iron.

  1. Vision supporter

It is well documented that carotenoid is needed for the formation of pigment in the retina. Proper amount of carotenoid intake in daily is necessary for the normal vision. There are numerous ways to replenish carotenoid for our body including eating foods, carotenoid tablets. With regard to food, it is easy to pick up the foods which are packed with this pigment like carrot or tomato. There is no doubt that green bean can be considered as a good candidate either.

  1. Digestive system

As mentioned above, green beans are also excellent supplement of dietary fiber. This component is essential for the movement of bowel. Fiber helps out in increase the volume of stool by which stimulates the peristaltic. Hence, people who suffer from chronic constipation should learn to make friend with this kind vegetable and serve it for themselves as frequently as possible to improve their condition. Apart from assisting pass stool, fiber works in reduction cholesterol intake and control sugar content of the body.  Not only that, some scientists suggest the relationship between green bean intake and reduction of colon cancer. Although there are ongoing researches to prove it, we still should put it in our meal for the interest of prevention health risks.

  1. Bone

Needless to say, calcium is one of the most important parts in construction of bone. It is needed for the strength as well as the flexible of bone. In this sense, eating green beans may give bone a huge boost as it contains significant amount of calcium. In addition to this, Vitamin K in this vegetable also helps in the absorption of calcium in intestinal system and modulates the excretion through kidney. What stand out from the characteristic of green bean in compare to other vegetable is that it is storehouse of silicon. Along with calcium, silicon plays an important role in regeneration and growth of the bone. Therefore, people should add the green beans in their meal in order to get rid of the risk of mineral and vitamins deficiency.

Above are some of the health benefits of green beans.


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