Health benefits of Indian borage

Indian borage

Indian borage is a sprawling and somewhat succulent attractive and aromatic evergreen herb which grows about 1 meter tall and it is even taller in width in wild. The Indian borage is also known as Mexican mint, Cuban oregano, country borage, French thyme, Mexican mint, etc. Indian borage grows in woodland or coastal bush, on rocky slopes and loamy or sandy flats, roadsides, waste places and river banks.

Indian borage has a fibrous root. The flowering season of this borage is from August till November. The fruit color is green when young and it turns to pale brown. This borage is a substitute for oregano to mask the strong odors and flavors of goat, mutton and fish. The aromatic leaves of Indian borage are used as a food additive or spice and flavoring soups, meat, fish and local beer. The leaves of Indian borage are strongly flavored and they are used for stuffing of meat and poultry, beef, lamb and game. The juice of the leaves of Indian borage is used to treat skin allergies in India.


Health benefits of the Indian borage

Indian borage

Improves vision

You can use the Indian borage as a home remedy for improving your eye sight. Indian borage has a Vitamin A which can help to reduce the oxidative stress in the eyes and it can prevent the macular degeneration.

Reduces arthritis

The Indian borage has Omega – 6 fatty acids in its leaves which can help to reduce the arthritis. Also, it is recommended to athletes the consumption of Indian borage leaves because it can help them to prevent the osteoporosis.

Beneficial for females

Women should know that the Indian borage has the ability to reduce menstrual pain, headaches and delivery pains. In India and some parts of the Indonesia the Indian borage is given to lactating mothers to increase the milk flow.

Irritable bowel syndrome remedy

This borage has been used since ancient times to settle upset stomach and to give you a relief from the irritable bowel syndrome because it can regulate digestion and soothe the stomach inflammation. You should brew tea from the leaves of borage because it can help you to get a relief from the irritable bowel syndrome.

Improves kidney health

It is known fact that this borage is acting as a quite effective diuretic which means that it can help the body to stay clean from toxins by stimulating the urination. This can help to reduce the amount of excess salt, fat and water in the body and it will keep the kidneys and lymphatic system functioning smoothly.

Anti – cancer potential

There are some studies in which are shown that the stem of Indian borage is rich in antioxidants which have the ability to fight against free radicals. The extract of the Indian borage can inhibit proliferation of cancer cells. Also, it has displayed the potential for anti – platelet accumulation ability.

Skin care effects

The Indian borage is used as an effective skin treatment for many years. It can help in the treatment of bug bites, stings, eczema and psoriasis. It has anti – inflammatory properties which can reduce the redness and swelling, while it can eliminate the irritation and itchiness.

Reduces stress and anxiety: This borage has organic compounds and minerals which are mildly sedative in nature. This is a reason why the borage can be made into tea and should be consumed by people who suffer from high anxiety or chronic stress. It can encourage the relaxation. It will give you a peace. You will have a healthy and restful sleep.

Treats fever: If you suffer from cold or flu, then you know that fever is one of the most common symptoms. This borage is a sudorific which means that it motivates sweating which can help to clear the body from toxins through the skin and it can speed the recovery process.

Cures respiratory issues: You can chew the leaves of borage or a brew a tea from the leaves of borage if you suffer from painful sinuses, a stuffy nose, congestion, a sore throat or a cold. It has compounds which act as powerful expectorant to remove the mucus and phlegm from the respiratory tract and clear out your sinuses.


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