Health benefits of basil seeds

Health benefits of basil seeds
Lemon basil seeds in wooden spoon with green leaf lemon basil on tablecloth.

Basil seeds have many health benefits and many people do not know it. Basil seeds are also known as sabja` seeds. Your grandparents surely have used basil seeds in their cooking so you can ask them to make you a delicious food which will have basil seeds in it. In India, basil seeds are also known by other names, like “tukmaria seeds” or “falooda seeds”. It is native to India. Sabja seeds look like twins of chia seeds. Basil seeds have many health benefits to offer.

They have large amount of proteins and healthy fats, carbs and dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins along with calories that are needed for our bodies. You should soak basil seeds and then consume them as add on to juices and drinks, desserts and foods. It is not recommended to eat them raw.

When basil seeds are consumed in short – term period, then they are safe but if they are over consumed, then this can cause blood sugar levels. Post surgery patients should not consume basil seeds because the seeds and its oils would not allow the blood clotting to happen soon. The over – consumption of basil seeds can make you to bleed unnecessarily because it would repeal the need for blood clotting and increase the act of bleeding too.

Health benefits of basil seeds

Health benefits of basil seeds

Stronger immune system: Basil seed have Vitamin E and Vitamin C which in a combination with niacin and riboflavin in these seeds can help you to have stronger immune system.

Helps with anemia: Basil seeds are anti – anemic agents due to rich amount of iron. This can help to increase the levels of hemoglobin in the blood and it will boost the production of red blood cells during pregnancy.

Healthy blood supply for the mother: Basil seeds have high amounts of folate which is acting as a blood generator that most expectant mothers need. Also, folate is important for pregnant women because in this way there will not be birth defects to the unborn child.

Relieves constipation: When you eat soaked basil seed, then they can help to cleanse the inner stomach lining. It will ensure easy bowel movement and it will help to flush out toxins from the stomach. Also, you can take it with milk before you go to bed because it will ease constipation.

Good for hair: Basil seed have a good amount of Vitamin K, protein and iron which can make your hair to look healthy and shiny. You can add basil seeds in your daily diet so in this way you can escape from problems with hair, like baldness and hair loss.

Good for weight loss: You can use basil seeds for the weight management purposes. It is full of fiber which can make your stomach full and you will not feel hungry for some period. After soaking basil seeds in water, they have the ability to expand thirty times of the original sides and it will reduce the longing for eating more.

Acts as coolant: Basil seeds have the ability to lower the body heat. This is a reason why it is one of the most important ingredients in the summer which is used for many different cool drinks, like sherbet, nimbu pani, rooh afza and falooda.

Good for healthy skin: You can mix basil seed and coconut oil because it can help you to stay safe from many skin related diseases. You should take one teaspoon of crushed basil seed and mix it with 100 ml of coconut oil. You should strain it and apply it over your skin to cure skin related problems, like eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Diabetes treatment: It is known that basil seeds are good for curing diabetes type 2 by lowering the sugar in the blood. You should take one teaspoon of soaked basil seed, one glass of toned milk and vanilla for flavor. This home remedy will give you energy sans sugar.

Good for acidity: Acidity is a very common problem nowadays because we live fast life and we do not have much time to choose the healthy food. These seeds are having cooling and soothing effects on the stomach. You should take one cup of milk and one teaspoon of basil seed, stir it well and then drink this home remedy to reduce the burning sensation in your stomach.


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