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xanthoma home remedy

Xanthoma is a skin condition in which there are fats build up under the surface of your skin. Xanthelasma and skin growths – fatty are the secondary names for this condition. People who have high levels of blood lipids and older people are having increased chances to get this kind of condition. This condition can vary in its size. There are very small xanthomas but also there are xanthomas which are bigger than three inches in their diameter. This condition can appear on every part of the body but in the most cases they are appear on buttocks, feet, hands, knees, tendons, joints and elbow. When you have high levels of blood lipids in your body, then there is a chance to get xanthoma. This can be a sign that you have other underlying medical condition such as diabetes, pancreatic, certain cancers, hypothyroidism, hyperlipimedia, and inherited metabolic disorders such as familial hypercholesterolemia. Also there is another type of xanthoma which is known as xanthelasma palpebra. This condition appears on your eyelids and this condition is not associated with elevated levels of lipids or cholesterol or it does not mean that you have other medical condition. In the most cases when people suffer from xanthoma, then their doctor make surgery and very often this condition can come back again. If you suffer from xanthoma, then you should talk with your doctor if you need to make an operation to rid of this condition or you can use some xanthoma home remedy and natural cures as treatment.

Here are some Xanthoma Home Remedy

Garlic: There are many people who had suffered from this disease and they have said that garlic is one of the most powerful natural remedies for xanthomas. People who were suffering from xanthelasma have applied raw garlic as their xanthelasma natural treatment and they have noticed improvements in their condition. They are recommending every patient who suffers from this condition to try garlic as their natural xanthoma home remedy treatment. But also there are some people who have tried this home remedy and they have said that this was not powerful natural treatment for their condition. When they have applied the raw garlic on their xanthelasma they have noticed burning sensation on their face. When they have applied the second day, then they have noticed that their face was swelled up in the places where they have applied the raw garlic and they have stopped there because they were scarred. But also the other group which has success with this condition has said that they should try to rid of the muscle discomfort and to try once more with this natural treatment. Also they have said that this natural xanthoma home remedy can make you a scar. You should let this remedy to make you scar, then you should let the scar falls of and then you should repeat this process. [1,2]

Apple cider vinegar: This kind of vinegar will help you to reduce the levels of the bad cholesterol which is one of the most common causes for xanthoma. In a glass of water you should mix one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and you should drink this xanthoma home remedy two times per day.

Lemon rind: You need to cut small pieces of an organic lemon. You should let these pieces to soak in the vinegar for a period of three days and three nights. Then, you should tape a small piece to cover the xanthoma. You should wear it in a period of 3 nights. This is advice from French psychic and he has told that this remedy has helped to his patients. But you should talk with your doctor before you start using the lemon as your natural remedy for xanthoma. Maybe, this is not dramatic natural remedy because people who have used garlic as their natural xanthoma home remedy treatment have said that it has caused them a burning sensation. [3]

Tips for xanthoma: If you suffer from this condition, then you should constantly check your cholesterol levels. You should eat lot foods which are based on plants. Also you can take a supplement from vitamins and niacin. You should do lot of exercises. Also you should eat lot of raw garlic throughout the day but also you should be constant in your diet. Many people do not want to eat raw garlic because it has bad smell and taste. They can try with garlic capsules. It is recommended taking 3 capsules which should be taken three times per day. You should take them as long as you need. You should talk with your doctor if you can take garlic capsules as your natural xanthoma home remedy. You should add olive oil in your salads and cooking. Also you can add a palm and coconut oil in your diet because they can help you to lower the levels of blood cholesterol. Add cooked dried peas and beans in your diet. In every meal that you eat through your day you should add lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. You should not consume ice creams or other kinds of desserts that have high amounts of fats. You should not eat oily dishes and fried foods.

Carrots: You should eat two to three carrots every day because they can help you to reduce the levels of the blood cholesterol [4].

Coriander seeds: In a cup of water you should boil one tablespoon of coriander seeds. You should let this mixture to steep. You should strain this remedy and then you should drink it because it can help you to reduce the levels of cholesterol. You should do this xanthoma home remedy treatment two to three times per day.

Oatmeal: You should eat a bowl of oatmeal as your breakfast every day because it can help you lower the cholesterol levels because it can bust the cholesterol. It has high amounts of soluble fiber that can prevent the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in your body. [5]

Pure orange juice: If you drink pure orange juice, then it can decrease the LDL levels and it can increase the HDL levels. It is rich with flavonids and Vitamin C that are making it one of the best natural remedies for xanthoma. You need to drink 3 glasses of pure orange juice every day because in this way you will reduce the cholesterol levels in your blood.

xanthoma home remedyxanthoma natural treatments

Castor oil: There are many people around the world who suffer from xanthoams on their eyelids. In the most cases their doctors have said to make an operation to rid of this condition. Some people have agreed to this but others have not agreed with this solution. There were some people who have tried castor oil as their natural treatment for xanthoma. They have applied this natural xanthoma home remedy in a period of 3 nights and they have noticed improvements in their condition. They have continue to use this natural remedy 3 weeks more and they have noticed that they have no more xanthoma on their eyelids. But also there are some people who have applied castor oil in a period of one week and they have not noticed any kind of change in their condition. Also there was another case in which people have been using this natural xanthoma home remedy treatment in a period of 8 weeks and they have noticed improvements in their condition. They had heavily bumps. They put castor oil on their bumps and then they have massaged their bumps with this oil. They have been massaging their eyes with this kind of oil two times per day. You should not scrap the xanthomas with your nails because you can worsen this condition. If you do that, then ice can help you.

Almonds: You should add almonds in your daily diet because they can lower the levels of the bad cholesterol in your blood [6]. You should eat three to four almonds every single day.

Onion: Onions are having compounds that can inhibit the fat buildup and the bad cholesterol buildup [7]. In a glass of water you should add two tablespoons of onion juice. Mix it and then you should drink it. You should drink this xanthoma home remedy every day.

Methi seeds: You should soak two tablespoons of methi seeds in water and let them stay there all the night. You should drink this xanthoma home remedy in the morning on empty stomach. This will help you to reduce the levels of the bad cholesterol in your body.

Diet: People who have xanthomas that is a result from their diet should change their diet as soon as possible. They should eat soy – free, dairy – free and gluten – free food. Also they should add whole grains which need to be fresh. They should not eat refined flour products, refined sugar, processed foods. They can consume small amounts of natural sugars. They should eat cooked legumes which they have made in their homes. Also they should quit smoking and they should not drink alcohol. People who suffer from xanthoma and who have proper diet have said that they have reduced the underlying condition for xanthoma. Also they need to eat a lot of vegetables. They should eat fish one or two times per week as xanthoma home remedy.


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