Health benefits of redcurrant

Health benefits of redcurrant

The scientific name of redcurrant is Ribes rubrum. It is a member of the genus Ribes, in the gooseberry family – Grossulariaceae. Redcurrant is small and round fruit which resembles to grapes. These sweet and juicy berries can be used to make jams, sauces and many baked goods. Also, you can eat redcurrant as a snack. It has fiber which aids in weight loss and it curbs cravings.

It can keep your digestive system healthy.  Fiber binds with cholesterol so it is not fully absorbed into the blood stream which is preventing cardiovascular diseases. Redcurrant is rich in Vitamin C which acts as antioxidant. Redcurrant can protect your body from oxidative stress. It can strengthen your immune system and it will keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Health benefits of redcurrant

Health benefits of redcurrant

Prevents asthma: It is known that asthma is characterized by difficulty breathing which happens because the airways have swelling. Swollen airways restrict the airflow which is causing breathing difficulties. Redcurrant has magnesium which can help to relax the muscles. This mineral is useful to prevent asthma and even for people who have been suffering from severe asthma can help to normalize the breathing again with the help of magnesium.

Increases metabolism: Redcurrant is rich in magnesium which is essential for the protein synthesis and it can help the body to activate the enzyme in the body. This fruit can help to improve the body’s metabolic processes.

Aids in weight loss: It is known that redcurrant is low in calories. It has only 63 calories per cup. Also, redcurrants are low in fat and high in dietary fiber which is making them a perfect food for weight loss. Fiber can make you to feel full for longer so you will eat less.

Strengthen bones: Redcurrant is rich in Vitamin K which can help to retain calcium in the bone matrix. When you do not have enough Vitamin K in your body, then it can reduce the urinary excretion of calcium. We know that the calcium is essential for the bone growth and strength.

Prevents anemia: Anemia happens as a result of iron deficiency which leads to decreased production of red blood cells. Redcurrant has iron and copper which are essential for the formation of red blood cells. It is known fact that the deficiency of iron can lead to anemia, fatigue and muscular weakness.

Regulates blood sugar levels: Redcurrants are low in glycemic index which means that they are not broken down easily and their sugar is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream which can prevent sugar crashes, sugar cravings and this can help to regulate the blood sugar levels.

Heart health: Redcurrant has potassium which is playing an important role in the cardiovascular health. This element acts as a vasodilator which can help to prevent the hypertension and it helps to lower the blood pressure.

Relieves constipation: Redcurrant has fiber which can help to promote the regular bowel movements by soaking up water in the lower digestive tract and physically cleaning and pushing out the waste. This home remedy bulks up the colon and it triggers bowel movements. Fiber can help to prevent the constipation which is a very common condition in the today’s society due to the junk food that we consume. We know that junk food is refined and we think that it is free of fiber but it is not.

Boosts immunity: Redcurrants are rich in Vitamin C which can help to strengthen the immune system. It can help your body to stay protected from viral and bacterial attacks. This vitamin can help you to prevent common colds but also it can help you to fight against the formation of certain kinds of cancers. This vitamin is antioxidant which plays an important role in the respiratory tract and also it can give a relief to people who suffer from asthma. Also, Vitamin C has anti – histamine properties which can help to prevent and reduce the effects of allergies.

Skin health: Redcurrant has Vitamin C which is beneficial for the skin. This vitamin is powerful antioxidant which can help to fight and reverse free radical damage in the skin cells.


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