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Calcium Health Benefits in preventing diseases

Calcium has many health benefits, such as reducing obesity, preventing colon cancer, and aiding dental and bone health. We need to consume this mineral throughout our whole life.

In infants, this mineral is needed for proper tooth and bone growth. This mineral is important for bone development during adolescence and supports its growth. Our bones become weak and porous when we age, which means they need enough calcium intake.

Dairy products are one of the best sources of calcium. It is a known fact that if you have calcium deficiency in your body, it can result in serious diseases that can take a long time to cure. This mineral is a vital element in every healthy human diet.

9 Health benefits of calcium

Helps in the transportation of nutrients

Calcium can ease the movement of nutrients across the cell membranes in your body.

Maintains healthy teeth and gums

Calcium can protect your teeth by keeping the jaw bone strong and sturdy throughout your life, ensuring that your teeth will not get any bacteria. You should maintain a calcium-rich diet because, in this way, you will be sure your gums and teeth will not cause you any trouble. Young people should have high calcium intake because children will grow up with strong teeth.

Ensures a healthy alkaline pH level

Preserved food, excess sugar, and junk foods form acidity in your body, giving rise to many diseases and conditions, such as hypertension, kidney stones, and cancer. Calcium can help you maintain a healthy pH level, which will improve your vitality and overall health.

Prevents kidney stones

Kidney stones are crystallized deposits of calcium and other minerals in the urinary tract of people. Oxalate stones are the most common form of kidney stones. In the past, it was thought that the high absorption of this mineral or the high calcium intake develops kidney stones, but in recent studies, it was shown that a high dietary intake could decrease the risk of kidney stones. If you consume excess amounts of calcium, then this can result in kidney stones.

Prevents premenstrual depression

If you intake adequate amounts of this vitamin, they can lessen premenstrual syndrome symptoms, such as hypertension, mood swings, and dizziness. Suppose you have low levels of calcium in your body. In that case, it might trigger the release of the hormones responsible for premenstrual mood swings such as depression and irritability.


Prevents colon cancer

If you consume adequate amounts of calcium, then it can prevent the overall risk of getting colon cancer, and also it suppresses the growth of polyps which can lead to cancer. Also, it can reduce the risk of adenomas and nonmalignant tumors in your colon. This is a precursor to colon cancer, but it is still unknown if calcium intake can completely minimize the risk of getting cancer.

Protects cardiac muscles

This mineral can protect your heart muscles. If you take enough amounts of calcium, then it helps cardiac muscles to contract and relaxant properly. Also, this mineral can help the nervous system to maintain the proper pressure in the arteries.

Prevents obesity

Calcium can help you to maintain optimal body weight in males and females. If you have calcium deficiency in your diet, your body will tend to release the parathyroid hormone, which stimulates your bones to release it into your bloodstream.

This will help you to maintain the balance. The parathyroid hormone will stimulate the production of fat and prevent its breakdown, which subsequently can make you obese. You should be sure that you intake the proper amount of this mineral.

Strengthens bones

Many studies have shown that it can strengthen the backbone and ensure that you will have the right shape for your body. Also, it will help you to alleviate the presence of back pain. Calcium will keep your bones in proper shape, and also it will prevent many skeletal complaints like osteoporosis and arthritis, which can hamper freedom and also them extremely painful.

Merlin Joy
Merlin Joy
Holding a doctorate degree, Dr. Merlin Joy AKA Sinatra developed passion for home remedies from her mother, grand father and grandmother. Sinatra loves to read books and hiking. You can contact her through [email protected]



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