Health benefits of lemon myrtle – fights bad odor and headache

Health benefits of lemon myrtle

This is a flowering plant which is native to Australia. The lemon myrtle tree grows up to a height of sixty feet. Lemon scented backhousia, lemon scented verbena, sweet verbena myrtle and sweet verbena tree are other common names for lemon myrtle. The lemon myrtle is heavily aromatic and it has characteristic taste. Lemon myrtle has about 90 – 98% of citral. It has vitamins, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E and minerals, such as magnesium, zinc and calcium. It is used in food to enhance flavor and aroma. Lemon myrtle is used in making curries, salads, sauces and dips and in cooking prawns, fish and chicken. Also lemon myrtle is used in skin care products, such as lip balms, lotions, etc. Lemon myrtle can be used in hair care products, such as conditioners and shampoos. Lemon myrtle is widely used as beverage tea because it has therapeutic values.

Some health benefits of lemon myrtle:

Elimination of accumulated mucus and phlegm: When we have infection, flu or cold, then our body is starting to produce excess mucus and phlegm. The phlegm is accumulating in the lungs and respiratory passage which is causing difficulty in breathing.  Steaming with a few drops of lemon myrtle oil in water can help to eliminate the excess accumulated phlegm and mucus.

Influenza/flu: Lemon myrtle has anti – viral properties which can help in the treatment of influenza. You can take steam with few lemon myrtle leaves or lemon myrtle oil because it will help you to fight against influenza.

Health benefits of lemon myrtle

Health benefits of lemon myrtle

Better sleep:  Those people who cannot sleep peacefully should use lemon myrtle because it will help them. It has relaxing effect which can calm your mind and promote peaceful sleep. You can put lemon myrtle oil in a bathtub and bath in this water before you go to sleep. Also you can drink lemon myrtle tea before you go to bed. Also you can drink lemon myrtle tea before you go to bed.

Insect bites: You can use the lemon myrtle oil to treat insect bites. When you apply lemon myrtle, then it can reduce the inflammation. You can add lemon myrtle to any lotion because it will prevent insect bites and it is acting as an insect repellant because it has strong aroma.

Cramps: The involuntary muscle contraction which is causing pain is defined as cramp. Lemon myrtle can help in reducing menstrual and muscle cramps. It has chemicals which can help muscles to relax and it will reduce the cramp to a significant extent.

Rheumatoid arthritis: This is one of the most common bone joint problems which many people are struggling with it. This is an inflammatory disorder which is resulting in painfully swelled joints. Lemon myrtle has anti – inflammatory properties which can help to reduce the inflammation and give a relief. You can massage your joints with lemon myrtle essential oil if you want to get a relief from rheumatoid arthritis.

Asthma: This natural cure can help in combating asthma. This is a lung disease in which the air passage swells and narrows causing difficulty in breathing. The steaming with lemon myrtle in water can help to ease the asthma problems.

Athlete’s foot: This is a fungal skin infection which is causing scaly and red itchiness in the foot sole and between toes. Lemon myrtle has anti – fungal properties which can fight against the infection that is killing fungus.

Headache: Lemon myrtle can give you a relief from the headache. Lemon myrtle has soothing aroma which can give you a relief from the headache. You can inhale the steam by adding lemon myrtle as a natural treatment for headache relief. Also you can massage your temples with lemon myrtle essential oil because in this you will also get a relief from the headache.

Fights bad odor: Lemon myrtle has refreshing aroma which can help you to rid of a bad body odor and bad breath. It has anti – microbial properties which can prevent the body odor by killing microbes that are causing odor. You can add lemon myrtle to your bathtub. Also you can apply a few drops of lemon myrtle to your body. If you want to rid of the bad breath, then add a few drops of lemon myrtle oil to water and gargle it.


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