Bone marrow home remedy and other effective natural treatments

Bone marrow Home Remedy

Bone marrow cancer is a disease of the body’s primary manufacturing plant for white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. This is sponge tissue that affects on your bones, such as your thigh bones and hip.

Stem cells are cells that are contained in the bones. The stem cells can develop into red blood cells. The red blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body.

White blood cells fight against the infections in your organism, and platelets help with blood clotting.

When you have bone marrow disease, you have problems with your stem cells. The problem could be with stem cells or their way of developing. Leukemia is a type of cancer in which your organism produces abnormal white blood cells.

If you have aplastic anemia, then your body is not producing red blood cells. Lymphoma can spread to your bones and affect the production of red blood cells. There can be very different symptoms of bone marrow. There could be natural treatments for your bone marrow disease, or you could take medicines. It mostly depends on how serious is your health condition. But we are recommending trying some of the following Bone marrow Home Remedy.


17 Bone Marrow Home Remedy and Natural cures


Many cases have shown that calcium is an effective nutritional supplement for preventing and treating bone marrow disease. Calcium supplements are recommended in the diet, which is against the bone marrow. If you have bone marrow disease, you should take 1000 milligrams for adults aged 19-50. This Bone marrow Home Remedy can be obtained from a supplement and a nutritional diet. [1]


One of the most famous foundations for cancer, Independent Cancer Research, suggested to you magnesium for bone marrow disease. Magnesium helps to your body to utilize calcium. Magnesium also promotes bone health. This Bone marrow Home Remedy could be found as an individual supplement. Also, magnesium could be found in conjunction with calcium. [2]


Strontium is one of the most important nutrients to take in addition to calcium. This Bone marrow Home Remedy helps your body to convert calcium in the most useful form to aid in preserving healthy bones. Also, there is a capsule form from strontium that you can take. [3,4]

Bone marrow Home RemedyOmega-3

Omega-3 is also helping to prevent the deterioration of your bones. This Bone marrow Home Remedy serves as an important treatment option for bone marrow. You can find Omega-3 in supplements like fish oil. Also, you can add omega-3 fats to your diet via food sources and healthy oils. [5]

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is one of the most used remedies for bone marrow disease, but also it is used for other diseases, such as infections, insomnia, ulcers, diabetes, arthritis, migraines, and other diseases. Cannabis oil is also known as marijuana oil.

Marijuana oil contains cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabis oil is available in different forms. This Bone marrow Home Remedy can be used in cooking. Vapors of cannabis oil can be inhaled. Many cases have shown that cannabis oil can improve the health of people who are affected by cancer.

In some countries, this kind of treatment is forbidden. Many foundations are trying to make an effort to use this remedy. Patients who are using cannabis oil should always consult with their doctor about the way of use. Also, there is a negative effect of this remedy. It can cause memory loss and attention loss. One of the best effects of using cannabis oil is that patients who use it may inhibit enzymes that they need to metabolize other anticancer drugs, reducing their effectiveness or increasing their toxicity.

Carbohydrates and sugar

You should avoid food that contains sugar or fructose. Sugar increases your insulin level because unprocessed organic grains tend to break down rapidly. If you have bone marrow disease, then you should not eat any kind of sugar because sugar feeds the cancer cells and promotes their growth. Try to be sure that your total fructose intake is 25 grams daily.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most famous cures for bone marrow disease [6]. If you use Vitamin D and calcium in your meals, you can avoid the risk of bone marrow disease by 77%. There are many studies for using Vitamin D when you have bone marrow disease. One of the most famous studies for this vitamin is that there were 2 groups of women who were affected with bone marrow disease.

The first group took 1400 mg of calcium and 1100 IU of Vitamin D daily for four years. The second group took a placebo. This study has shown that the first group, which was given Calcium and Vitamin D, improved their health by 60%. You should consider that this study was made with a low dose of Vitamin D. If this Bone marrow Home Remedy is taken in larger amounts and also you are using the sun, the results of it would be astounding.

Black Seed

Bone marrow experts agree that black seed is one of the most incredible remedies for bone marrow disease. Black seed annihilates the bone marrow disease cells on all levels. It is one of the most powerful herbs for fighting against bone marrow disease. It works for every type of bone marrow. Also, the black seed wipes out the cancer cells very quickly. This Bone marrow Home Remedy has a strong effect on all kinds of bone marrow. [7]

Soursop (Graviola)

This kind of plant has been used to treat bone marrow disease and every kind of illness. It is one of the most talked about remedies from medical experts for bone marrow disease. It is found that soursop kills the bone marrow 10.000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

One advantage of soursop is that it kills just the cells affected with bone marrow and leaves the healthy cells to grow.

Graviola also increases the amount of white blood cells and is turbo-boosting the immune system. Graviola or soursop is affecting on every kind of bone marrow. This Bone marrow Home Remedy kills fungal infections in the body because Graviola contains antimicrobial agents.

Experts believe that bone marrow is a fungal disease. Because of its antimicrobial, they are telling their patients to use soursop more than any other plant. [8]


This Bone marrow Home Remedy has been recognized as an anti-bone marrow nutrient. Selenium works very closely with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and beta carotene. They are all blocking the chemical reactions in the body, creating dangerous free radicals. Selenium also helps to stop the automatic reproduction of damaged DNA molecules. It is slowing and sometimes is reversing the bone marrow progression in the patients who are affected by it. [9]


This is a tremendous natural remedy for bone marrow. This plant can be poisonous if you are drinking in high amounts. The best way to take oleander is to be in supplement form.

Ginger root

Ginger is found chemical which kills the bone marrow 10.000 times more effective than killing it with chemotherapy. It kills just the cells affected with bone marrow, while the healthy cells continue to live. Ginger is also good for the immune system and kills healthy gut bacteria. Make yourself ginger tea from one tablespoon of ginger. Drink it warm in the morning, noon and night.

Aloe Vera

This herb has been used against this disease for decades. In Aloe Vera are substances called polysaccharides that boost the immune system and kill the bone marrow cells. You can add this Bone marrow Home Remedy to your delicious tropical smoothly every day. [10]


Garlic is known as one of the best cures for every kind of disease. Many studies have shown that garlic is the most powerful killer of bone marrow. The sulfur components which are found in garlic neutralize carcinogens, and they contribute toward tumor shrinkage.


Carnsol and Camosic acid found in the rosemary is not only a bone-marrow killer but also protects against the deadly effects of radiation exposure. Make yourself a delicious rosemary and lemon tea every day. You should use this Bone marrow Home Remedy in your everyday cooking. You will see better results. [11]

Red Clover

The flowers from red clover contain four anti-tumor components. Tocopherol, which is an antioxidant in red clover, is one of the best components in this flower which helps you to cure yourself of bone-marrow disease.

Cat’s Claw

This herb has been used for decades against bone marrow disease. POA (pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids) is a component in cat’s claw is boosting the immune system and protect the organism from bone marrow. This is possible because this Bone marrow Home Remedy makes the body produce more T-cells attacking and killing cancer. [12]


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  1. This sounds very good, but is there a list of how much to take and how often during the day. Was diagnosed with cancer in bone marrow cancer. Does anyone know a good herbologist to work with?


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