Top 9 best health benefits of Chayote

Health benefits of chayote

Chayote is originated from Mexico and Central America. It is a storehouse of important nutrients which our body needs. The scientific name of chayote is Sechium edule. This vegetable has a pear shape and a light green color. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. This vegetable is native to the land of Thailand. It has a mild flavor and slightly crunchy texture which resembles a combination of cucumber and a potato.

The chayote has a thin layer of pale green skin and it has multiple shallow and vertical furrows on the surface. This vegetable comes in different varieties and they can be easily differentiated by the surface texture and color of the vegetables. It can come in a green or white shade or to have a smooth or spiky texture. Inside chayote there are edible seeds which are usually fried or roasted.

It grows on a perennial wine with tendrils which enable the plant to climb and use a surface for support. This vine can cling to fences, shrubs and even on trees. It grows best during a long and warm season and it requires rich and well – drained soil. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants and it is very low in calories.

Health benefits of chayote

Health benefits of chayote

Prevents anemia: It is known that when a person has anemia, this is caused by deficiency of iron and Vitamin B12 in the body. This vegetable has both compounds which are able to stimulate the overall production of the red blood cells and hemoglobin so this can prevent anemia from happening in the body.

Prevent heart diseases: The chayote has a lot of essential vitamins which are useful for the overall health of the body. Vitamin C is one of these vitamins and it can be found in abundant amounts in this vegetable. It is antioxidant which is able to prevent the development of any diseases caused by the damage which free radicals can do and one of them is preventing heart disease from happening.

Lowers high blood pressure: It is believed that the regular consumption of chayote can help to lower the overall levels of blood pressure in the body. In one study, this vegetable has been used as a tea and it was shown that it has ability to lower the overall blood pressure levels in the body.

Prevent constipation: When you add chayote in your diet, then you will add the necessary amount of fiber which your body needs. Fiber can help you to maintain a proper digestive process within the body in order to prevent the constipation from ever happening.

Treat kidney stones: It is known that the chayote, especially its leaves can be used in the treatment of kidney stones. It has been found that it’s leaves can lower the overall high blood pressure levels.

Prevent the premature aging: The chayote is rich in flavonoid. Flavonoids which are found in this vegetable are able to help the body to fight off any harmful substances, such as ROS that is a substance that has derived from the oxygen but it is reactive which can be harmful for the body. Also, it can keep you safe from free radicals which can cause premature aging.

It is a great source of stamina: It is known that chayote is an excellent source of potassium which is kind of electrolyte that is found useful as a source of stamina in the body. In only 100 grams of this vegetable there are 125 mg of potassium.

Helps to lower cholesterol levels: It is known that the chayote does not have any saturated fats even for the caloric content alone in very small amounts. This is a reason why you can use chayote to control your overall cholesterol levels. This is a reason why people who have high levels of cholesterol can add chayote in their diets.

Helps prevent birth infant defects: The chayote is a vegetable which has vitamin B complex, as well as folate. In only 100 grams of chayote there is 23% of your daily recommended folate intake. The folate is needed in the process of division of the cells so when pregnant women consume it, then it can help their infant grow and develop in a proper way so this will prevent any neurological defects.


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