Health benefits of cannabis coconut oil – prevents cancer

cannabis coconut oil benefits

Cannabis coconut oil – the combination of coconut oil and cannabis protects heart health, increase the metabolism, reduce inflammation, boost cognition, improve the immune system, fight cancer and relive pain. It can be used in a wide variety of different recipes. Also it can be used in the form of cannabinoid edibles and topical in places where cannabis is legalized. Cannabis has many medicinal properties which are approved in the medical world but it is illegal in many parts of the world and this is a reason why it is not used in many medicinal products. Nowadays all around the world are making efforts for the legalization process of cannabis. Cannabis has a compound which is known as THC-A which is converting into THC which is more powerful cannabinoid when it is heated. This element is able to bond with fats and this is a reason why creating cannabis butter is such popular practice for people who used this controversial substance. Also it is known fact that the fat content of the coconut oil is much better than the butter which is allowing a more efficient binding with the THC and this means it makes the more potent cannabis oil. The users of this natural remedy are adding it in their morning coffee or herbal tea. They add in add to their dressings, salads and soups. Also they put in their stews or soups or preparing meat dishes of frying bananas, fish or in some cases they add in scrambled eggs. You can stir it into your smoothies or drizzle it over your pasta. But you should remember that THC is very powerful and it can give you the same effects as smoking marijuana. It has many health benefits but this is a drug which has mind – altering effects. You should never drive a car or operate heavy machinery under the influence of cannabis. It is very important to create a cannabis coconut oil which is safe to consume so this combination should be in proper measurements and ratios. It is much recommended to follow a strict recipe, particularly if you are making this combination for the first time.

Health benefits of cannabis coconut oil

Anxiety and sleep disorders: There are some constituents in coconut oil which can help regulate hormones which is due to the release of ketones in your liver. THC can reduce the stress and anxiety and it can help you insomnia and sleep disorders.

Pain relief: It is known fact that the THC is extremely effective painkiller. This component has few side effects, unlike morphine – derived pills and pharmaceuticals. The coconut oil is allowing more THC to bind to the fat cells which is making this oil more powerful and it can be better in its function as analgesic.

cannabis coconut oil benefits

cannabis coconut oil benefits

Cancer: There are some studies in which is said that the cannabis oil has positive effects on the cancer prevention. In many studies THC and other cannabinoids are researched heavily in terms of their effect on the spread of the cancer as well as for the pain treatment.

Cognition: There are many studies in which is said that the THC can improve cognition, prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and reduce the oxidative stress in the brain. When it is combined with antioxidant properties of the coconut oil, then it can boost your brain.

Metabolism: Coconut oil can stimulate our metabolism. There are some studies in which is said that the energy expenditure is roughly 3 – 4% higher in people who consume coconut oil at regular basis which is equivalent to more than one hundred calories per day.

Inflammation: One of the main applications of THC and cannabinoids is the inflammation which is associated with injuries, arthritis and other conditions within the body. Coconut oil has anti – inflammatory properties which can help to soothe the stomach. When the cannabis – infused coconut oil is topically applied, then it can help to clear the irritation on your skin.

Heart health: Coconut oil has healthy fats which are beneficial forms of cholesterol. They can help you to lower the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. THC can lower your blood pressure. The cannabis – coconut oil combination can boost your cardiovascular health.


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