Flageolet beans can boost immune system and red blood cell generation

Health benefits of flageolet beans

When we are cooking meals, then we always use many types of vegetables but if we drop in a few strings of beans, then we can make our meals tastier. We can choose many different legumes from kidney beans to red beans. But also you can choose flageolet beans. These beans go well with many different meat preparations and also they have many health benefits. These beans are native to France. Flageolet beans are light green, small sized beans which were originally harvested in French provinces in the 18th century. Nowadays they are found mostly in California and Australia. In the past, flageolet beans only were in green color. Nowadays, you can find flageolet beans in different colors, such as black, red or yellow. These beans can be cooked without soaking and the cooking time is also less. These beans are one of the healthiest beans which you can consume. They have Vitamin B9, several essential minerals and protein. Both adults and kids can add flageolet beans to their diets. These beans have many health benefits which are applicable both for dried and canned variants.

Flageolet beans health benefits

Source of Vitamin B9: These beans are rich in Vitamin B9. This vitamin can help with boosting the immune system and healthy red blood cell generation.

Source of potassium: We know that our bodies need a daily intake of some essential minerals and potassium is one of them. You should eat foods that are rich in potassium because they can lower your risk of brittle bones. Also this mineral can improve the heart health by controlling your blood pressure levels. Also the canned flageolet beans have potassium.

Good source of fibre: Nowadays it is recommended to eat foods that are rich fibre. This is recommended by dieticians and health experts. It is known that the fibre intake can be good for the health from many different perspectives. It can keep you full for long time. It aids the digestion process in the body and also it can aid in the heart health. There are many people who think that just the oatmeal is a good source of dietary fibre but flageolet beans are rich in it as well.

Low in fat: Every single person wants to discard the fat from its diet. Flageolet beans have negligible amounts of fat. This is a reason why you can eat them on daily basis without having a fear that you will increase the waistline. It is known that in every 100 grams of flageolet beans, either frozen or cooked, there is not even 1 gram of fat.

Health benefits of flageolet beans

flageolet beans benefits and uses

Has good amount of vitamin content: These beans are rich in vitamins which can help to form new blood cells and also they can help to cure anemia. Also there are some vitamins in the flageolet beans which can improve the immunity of your body.

Carbohydrates: We need to eat foods that are rich in carb in moderate amounts. They can aid cardiac health and also they boost the mood. When you are consuming unrefined carbs, then they are playing a role in trimming the waistline. Also these beans have good amount of carbohydrates and you get more carbs from the frozen vitamins.

Source of protein: There are many animal meats which can give the protein to our body. But when we are consuming animal meat – based protein, then we consume good amount of fat too. Vegetarians do not eat meat so they need to add protein from some plant sources. These beans can give you some of your daily amounts of protein which your body needs.

Rich source of iron: This mineral can help in the formation of the red blood cells and also it is required for some enzymatic reactions in our bodies. These beans are rich in iron and they can help the body to fulfil its iron requirement.

Ideal for weight loss: These beans are very effective for people who want to shed excess flab. When we eat 100 grams of flageolet beans, then we consume 80 – 90 calories. Flageolet beans can make you to feel full for quite some time and also they can reduce the hunger pangs. When losing excess weight is priority, then you should include flageolet beans in your breakfast and main meals.


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