Natural treatments and home remedies for stomach cancer

stomach cancer people suffer from stomach cancer, then the cancerous cells located in the lining of the stomach and in the wall of stomach are starting to multiply themselves in not normal way. When we suffer from stomach cancer then we can feel many symptoms such as gastric problems, vomiting with blood, pain etc. This is not common type of cancer. There is a study in which is shown that in Japan the number of people who are affected with stomach cancer is increasing. If you are male, then you have bigger chances to get stomach cancer compared with women. Also there other factors which can increase the risk of getting cancer such as tobacco use, poor diet and helicobacter pylori. But if you go to doctor and he or she tells you that your disease is in early stage, then it can be easier for treating. It is sad fact that people who have late stage of stomach cancer have decreased chances for staying alive. There are many medications and natural remedies which you can use for this problem. Here are some home remedies which can help you to improve your condition:

Home remedies to prevent / treat stomach cancer

Indian Gooseberry: This kind of herb is also known as Amla. It has chemo – preventive qualities which are making it perfect natural remedy for stomach cancer [1]. You can find it easily in many natural products stores and herbal stores. You can consume it in raw form or you can cook it. If you suffer from stomach cancer and you want to cure from it, then you should add this herb in the everyday diet.

Juices: If you suffer from stomach cancer, then you should add fresh squeezed fruit juices in your diet. These kinds of juices have Vitamin C which is antioxidant that can help us to rid of this disease. Also the pulp from these fruits can help us to clean the toxic bacteria from our bodies which can help us to have better treatment. You should not use artificial and canned juices. When you are adding fresh juices in your diet you can also have normal bowel movement.

Water: People who suffer from stomach cancer should use at least 2 liters of distilled water every single day. It can help to your body to be clean from the free radicals. Also it will help you to heal from the stomach cancer.

Lu Feng Fang: This is a Chinese herb which is one of the most effective and popular natural remedies for stomach cancer. It is available in the most natural products stores. It can help you a lot if you suffer from stomach cancer.

Turmeric: This kind of herb has been used in the natural medicine for many kinds of diseases. It has antiseptic and healing properties which can help your body to fight against many diseases. Also this is very effective natural remedy for cancer. If you want to consume enough amount of turmeric in your diet, then you should add it in your cooked food. [2]

Green diet: People who suffer from stomach cancer should use green diet. They should eat lot of salads and to add a lot of green vegetables in their diet. If they consume the green diet in raw form, then this will be the best natural remedy for their condition. Mint, spinach, cucumber and bottle guard are green vegetables. They are full with vitamins, fiber and iron which are very important parts of our health.

Pineapple: You should drink small amount of pineapple mixed with goji juice. This kind of mixture will help you a lot if you suffer from stomach cancer. Patients should consume apricot seeds in their diet because they can speed up the recovery process. [3]

Essiac tea: If you suffer from stomach cancer, then you should drink Essiac tea. Also you can add cinnamon and honey in this mixture. The Essiac tea is often sold on the online markets. This kind of tea has anti – cancer properties which can help you to fight against the stomach cancer.

Herbs: They are natural remedies which can be used for different kinds of diseases. There are some herbs such as green tea, ginger and asparagus which can help you if you suffer from stomach cancer. They will help you to improve your immune system and also the resistance power will be increased.

Omega – 3 fatty acids: If you suffer from stomach cancer, then you must add omega – 3 fatty acids in your diet. This is important part of your body which must be in normal levels. You should enter enough amount of omega – 3 fatty acids because they will help you to cure of the stomach cancer and also they can help you to reduce the multiplication process of the cancerous cells in your body. [4]

Yoga: This method can help you to increase the immunity and also it can help you to improve the blood circulation. If you suffer from stomach cancer, then you should do yoga every morning because it can help you to win against it. [5]

Avoid exposure to toxins: You should avoid the exposure to toxins such as synthetic air fresheners, household chemical cleaners, pesticides, toxic cosmetics and herbicides because they can increase your risk of getting cancer.

Sleep: If you suffer from stomach cancer, then you should take enough restorative sleep. People who do not sleep enough can have problems with the melatonin production which is linked with weight gain and increased risk of insulin resistance. These factors are contributing in the cancer virility.

Stress management: The most common cause for many kinds of diseases is the stress. In this modern era we are under stress almost every day which leads to unhealthy bodies. One of the biggest causes which lead to stress are our emotions. In the most cases people who suffer from stomach cancer which is a result from the stress is caused by the emotional factor. It is very important to have stable mind. This means that you must resolve all your problems in your mind. You should carry about your emotions more than your physical condition. You should try with the emotional freedom techniques which can help you to resolve your emotional problems.

stomach cancerstomach cancer natural remedies

Exposure to radiation: You should put a limit to your exposure from the radiation. There are many different types of radiation such as radiation from base stations, cell phones, Wi – Fi stations, towers and also the radiation which comes from medical scans such as mammograms, CT scans and dental X – rays.

Vitamin D: If you optimize the Vitamin D levels in your body with the normal exposure to sunlight, then you can decrease your chances of getting stomach cancer. This statement is proven by many medical experts. If you are diagnoned with stomach cancer, then your serum should be closer to 80 – 90 ng/ml if you want to have the best benefits for your body. If you have decided to use Vitamin D in oral form, then you should constantly monitor the levels of Vitamin D in your body. Also you should constantly monitor Vitamin K2 levels in your body because if you have Vitamin K2 deficiency in your body, then this leads to have symptoms of Vitamin D toxicity in your body. [6]

Exercise: When you are exercising at regular base, then this leads to low insulin levels in your body which means that you will have low sugar environment in your body which can stop the growth and spread process of the cancer cells. There was a study in which people who were cancer survivors have altered the immune cells in a more potent disease fighting form compared with people who had chemotherapy. Doctors are saying to exercise at regular basis because this will help us to have healthier life. We will reduce our chances of getting cancer and also it can help to people who are affected with stomach cancer. Also when you are exercising, then you are triggering the programmed cell death in cancer cells (process which is known as apoptosis). You should choose a program in which you can include the strength, balance, high intensity interval training and flexibility. You should talk with your doctor about the recommended exercises which you should do. [7]

Protein and fat: You should reduce the protein levels in your body. You should replace the needed amount of proteins in the adult body with fats that are with high quality such as coconut oil, avocados, organic eggs from pastured hens and high – quality meats.

Animal based omega – 3 fats: You should take high quality krill oil and reduce your intake of processed vegetable oils which will normalize your ratio of omega – 3 to omega – 6 fats.


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  1. Hi Author, I am very curious about knowing more. I was wondering if you had any case studies which showed evidence of success or a success rate percentage? Not that I think this is, but there are so many false home remedies out there and I would just like to be sure about which I rely upon for the future.
    Thank you

  2. Thank you for this information,i have gone though stomach cancer surgery and discharged from hospital one week ago,my doctor proposed that,i may need chemo but i am opposed to there any further treatment that can help instead of chemo?


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