Natural Treatments For Mental Illness

Natural Treatments For Mental Illness

Mental illness is also known as mental health disorders. It refers to a wide range of health conditions, disorders that are affecting your behavior, thinking, and mood. Some of the most common mental illnesses include addictive behaviors, eating disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and depression. All people have mental concerns from time to time, but mental illness becomes a problem when the ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and they affect your ability to function.

Natural Treatments For Mental Illness
Natural Treatments For Mental Illness

Mental illness can make you miserable and it can cause problems in your daily life, such as at school or work or in a relationship. Mental illness is very common in people whose blood relatives also have a mental illness. Some people can get the mental illness from exposure to environmental stressors, inflammatory conditions, toxins, alcohol, or drugs while in the womb. The neurotransmitters are naturally happening brain chemicals, which carry signals to other parts of your brain and body.

The neural networks which involve these chemicals are impaired, but the function of nerve receptors and nerve system change, which leads to depression and other emotional disorders. If you or some of your family members have a mental illness, then talk with a doctor for the best natural treatment for you, so you will be sure that they will not cause you side effects. Here are some home remedies for mental illness:

Natural Treatments For Mental Illness:

Learn to adopt a positive attitude

You should focus on positive things in your life because this can make your life better and it can improve your health. You should try to accept changes when they happen and you should keep problems in perspective. The stress management techniques, such as relaxation methods can help.


This home remedy has shown promising results in improving cognitive function in dementia and the side effects of it are few and uncommon.

Determine priorities

You should reduce the impact of your mental illness by managing time and energy. You should cut back on obligations when necessary and set reasonable goals. You should give yourself permission to do less when symptoms are worse. Also, you can find it helpful to make a list of daily tasks or use a planner to structure your time and stay organized.

Kava kava

This home remedy has well–known anxiolytic properties, but it has also side effects, so you need to talk with your doctor if you suffer from some mental illness, before using it as a natural treatment.

Do not make important decisions when your symptoms are severe

You should avoid making decisions when you are in the depth of mental illness symptoms, because in this period you may not think clearly.


In some studies, ginseng is used as a home remedy for mental illness but talk with your doctor for the appropriate dosage.

Make healthy choices

You should maintain a regular schedule that includes sufficient sleep, healthy eating and regular physical activity. They are very important for your mental health.


This mineral can help to regulate mood and both manic and depressive episodes and they work with medications to make them work effectively. As a result it, some doctors recommend taking magnesium supplements. You should talk with your doctor about taking magnesium in your diet and he or she can tell you the best dosage according to your mental illness.

Stay active

When you exercise, this can help to manage your symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. Physical activity can counteract the effects of some psychiatric medications which can cause weight gain. You should consider gardening, swimming, walking or any form of physical activity which you enjoy. Also, light physical activity can make a difference.

Avoid alcohol and drug use

You should not use alcohol or recreational drugs, because this can make it difficult to treat the mental illness. If you are addicted, then quitting can be a real challenge. If you cannot quit on your own, then you should see a doctor or find a support group to help you.

Shiatsu massage

In this type of massage, pressure is put on certain points to help balance your energy.

Stick to your treatment plan

You should not skin the therapy sessions. Even if you are feeling better, you should not skin your medications. If you stop with your treatment, symptoms can come back. Also, you can have withdrawal-like symptoms if you stop medication too suddenly. If you have bothersome drug side effects or other problems with treatments, then you should talk with your doctor before making changes.


You should find a way to express anxiety, so this can help you manage better with your symptoms. In some studies is said that journaling and other forms of writing can help people to cope better with anxiety. One study done in 2016 was found that creative writing can help children and teens to manage anxiety.

Take good care of yourself

You should get enough sleep, eat healthily and make regular physical activities. They are very important for your mental health. You should try to maintain a regular schedule. You should talk with your primary care provider if you trouble sleeping or if you have questions about diet and physical activity.

Vitamin C

There are some studies in which are said that Vitamin C can help in the natural treatment of the bipolar disorder, which is a type of mental illness. This vitamin can boost the health of your immune system, so you should not doubt adding it to your diet.

Get help when you need it

Mental illness can be harder to treat if you wait until the symptoms get worse. The long–term maintenance treatment can help to prevent a relapse of symptoms.

Swedish massage

In this type of massage, light strokes are used to relax muscles, so you will get relief from the tension.

Herbal teas

There are many herbal teas that have been shown to help with anxiety and ease sleep. Some people have found that the process of making and drinking tea is soothing, but some teas can have a more direct effect on the brain which results in reduced anxiety. One 2018 study is said that chamomile can alter levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.


Meditation can help to slow the racing thoughts and it makes it easier to manage anxiety and stress. There are different meditation styles, including mindfulness and meditation during yoga can help. Mindfulness-based meditation is increasingly popular in therapy.


This is a natural treatment that was used in traditional Chinese medicine. The acupuncture practitioner will put small, thin needles into your skin at certain points on your body. These needles can help to start the healing process in your body. Some acupuncture practitioners say that this technique can be used as a natural treatment for mental illness. But, there are not enough scientific studies, so you need to talk with your doctor before you decide to go the acupuncture.

Herbal supplements

In some studies is said that herbal supplements can help to reduce anxiety. But, there are not enough studies to support it. You should talk with a doctor who knows about the herbal supplements and their potential interactions with other drugs, so you can know that they will not cause you side effects.

Omega – 3 fatty acids

 The Omega – 3 fatty acids can help in the natural treatment of some mental illnesses, such as bipolar disorder. It has been found that this disorder is less common in countries where people consume a lot if fish. Also, people who have lower levels of Omega – 3 levels in their blood, have an increased risk for depression. You can take Omega – 3 fatty acids in supplement form, but it is best to eat them in natural form. Some of the best sources of Omega – 3 fatty acids are plant oils, nuts, and cold-water fish.


When you smell soothing plant oils, then it can help to ease stress and anxiety. Some scents work better for some people than others, so you should consider experimenting with various options. Lavender oil can be especially helpful. One study done in 2012 were tested the effects of aromatherapy with lavender on insomnia in 67 women aged 45 – 55. In some studies is said that aromatherapy can help to reduce the heart rate in the short term and it can help to ease sleep issues in the long – term.


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