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Health Benefits of Sunflower Seed Butter

In the past decades, people were using peanut butter to pair their jelly sandwiches with it. But, nowadays this is not the only option. There are different varieties of nut and seed butter, like almond and cashew on the market. But, if you never have used or heard about sunflower seed butter, then now is the right time. You are familiar with the sunflower seeds as a road trip snack. There are many new ways of using them. You can transform the plain old seeds into a yummy and healthy spread that is packed with flavor.

The sunflower seeds are packed with nutritional benefits and mostly healthy fats, so it is important to keep in mind that are relatively high in Omega – 6 fats, which can evade your vital Omega – 3 to Omega – 6 fats ratio. But, as long as you continue using foods with Omega – 3 fats and keep your consumption of sunflower seed butter low, then it can be a good alternative for anyone who has a peanut allergy.

Health benefits of sunflower seed butter

In one tablespoon of sunflower seed butter, there are 93 calories and it has slightly less protein than peanut butter. Also, sunflower seed butter has 17% of your daily value serving of manganese, which is a mineral that can help fight osteoporosis and reduce inflammation.

Here are some health benefits of sunflower seed butter:

Highly unprocessed:

Depending on the type of peanut butter you have bought, it can be full of ingredients that are unnecessary and downright scary, like hydrogenated oils and sugars. But, the sunflower seed butter is highly unprocessed. Also, sunflower seeds are budget-friendly, but pre-made sunflower butter is not. So, it is better to make it at your home. If you have a food processor, then it is easy to make it. You will have control of everything which is in the sunflower seed butter, so you can vary things according to your tastes and what you are using the butter for.

Full of healthy fats:

Some people may be turned off by sunflower seed butter due to its fat content, but this can be a bad mistake. But, you need to know that our bodies need fat. When you feed your body with healthy fats, like those in the sunflower seed butter and other seeds, then you give it the tools to carry vitamins throughout your body and to absorb foods nutrients, and give your skin a youthful glow.

The sunflower seed butter happens to be high in the good stuff. It is different from the sunflower seed oil, while healthy on its own, it often gets paired up with processed polyunsaturated fat oils, which go rancid when they are heated at high temperatures. The sunflower seed butter is made up mainly of unsaturated fats, can help to lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation.

Rich in magnesium:

Magnesium is the most important mineral in our bodies, but many people are deficient in it. Magnesium is keeping energy high, relieving muscle spasms, helps you to have a smooth bowel movement, and get quality sleep at night. The sunflower seed butter is rich in magnesium. It provides 15% of what your body needs a day, which is not bad just for one tablespoon.

Rich in Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is one of the best antioxidants for our bodies. It can help to balance cholesterol, keeping good and bad levels in check. Also, it can reduce free radical damage to naturally slow aging in our bodies and reduce cell damage, which is a reason why many beauty products have Vitamin E in them. The sunflower seed butter is one of the best foods rich in Vitamin E. When you spread just one tablespoon of sunflower seed butter on your toast or you eat it with fruit, it will give you 24% of what your body needs on daily basis.

High in protein:

The sunflower seed butter is rich in protein. In every dollop of sunflower seed butter, there are about 3 grams of protein, which is a great size for a snack, particularly when paired with carbs. Protein can help your muscles to stay strong and can help you with your hard work exercises. You will feel fuller and more satiated for longer, so you will eat less. It can help your metabolism to keep running smoothly.


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