Health benefits of pomelos

Health benefits of pomelos

Pomelos is an unusual member of the citrus fruit and it has many health benefits for people who want to find it and consume it. It has many health benefits such as boosts dental and oral health, aids in weight loss, protects heart health, prevents cancer, reduces signs of premature aging, boosts bone strength, prevents anemia, reduces cramping, lowers blood pressure, improves digestion and boosts the immune system. This fruit is considered as citrus fruit and they are closely related to grapefruits and other members of the Citrus genus. The scientific name of pomelos is Citrus maxima because pomelo is the largest citrus fruit. Grapefruit is the closest fruit to the pomelo. This fruit is primarily found in Southeast Asia and this is the native region of pomelos. This fruit has not become popular in other parts of the world because it typically takes eight years before the seeds can start flowering and bear fruits. Also much of the volume and weight of pomelos is inedible and tough while only the inner flesh is palatable. Pomelos have high amounts of potassium and Vitamin C which can make it hazardous for people with kidney and liver conditions. Also people who have low blood pressure can be in danger when they consume pomelos because this fruit can lower the blood pressure significantly.

Health benefits of pomelos

Oral and dental health: We know that the Vitamin C is the essential vitamin for producing collagen which strengthens our cells, organs and tissues. This can boost the strength of our gums and oral surfaces to prevent them from becoming weak or infected which can result in tooth loss or other serious and dangerous oral diseases.

Weight loss: It is known fact the pomelos and grapefruits have a fat – burning enzyme which can help you to reduce the weight. This enzyme is known as Carnitine pamitoyl – transferase and this enzyme is not found in many foods. But this enzyme can boost your fight against the unwanted weight, so people should add this wonderful fruit in their diets.

Health benefits of pomelospomelos health benefits

Anti – aging: Pomelos are rich in Vitamin C which acts as antioxidant and it seeks out the dangerous free radicals. We known that one degradation which is caused by the side effects of the free radicals are the signs of premature aging (such as age spots, sagging skin and wrinkle) and degradation of the skin. When you eat more pomelos, then you increase your intake of Vitamin C which means that you can stay away from the side effects of the free radicals. This fruit also have spermadine which is a rare chemical found in the human sperm and this is where comes from this name. Also this component has been linked to anti – aging properties.

Bone health: Pomelos are rich in potassium which is connected to the bone mineral density and also this element is helping you to facilitate the uptake of other essential minerals which can keep your bones strong. This fruit can aid in preventing osteoporosis and general bone weakness throughout your body so this is a reason why you should add pomelos in your diet.

Body cramping: Potassium which is found in the pomelos is also important for the fluid balance in your body which is a key aspect of stiffness and muscle cramping. When you do not have intake proper levels of potassium in your body, then you become likely to cramp up and become susceptible to torn ligaments and pulled muscles.

Blood pressure: It is known fact that pomelos are rich in potassium and each fruit has roughly 37% of your daily potassium requirement. This element is vasodilator which means that it can release the tension of your blood vessels and also it can promote increased oxygenation and blood circulation in your body. This will reduce the strain on your heart and it will lower your chances of strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

Digestion: Pomelos have fiber. One pomelo (it is meant for the edible flesh only) has 25% of your daily requirement of fiber; this will promote healthy digestion and also it will eliminate problems such as diarrhea and constipation.


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