Mustard greens helps in keeping the body cholesterol levels under control

Health benefits of mustard greens

There are many people who do not want to eat greens but they have many health benefits which can change your health. Mustard greens are not very popular among children but they are the most nutritious foods which you can have on your plate. It is available in many different colors and they are very delicious part of your cooking or you can use them as garnishing. Mustard greens are under study in research laboratories for seeing their role in the cancer prevention. The mustard greens target 3 key components or systems in the body such as the antioxidants in the body, the detoxification process in the body and anti – inflammatory system to prevent cancer. But the mustard greens have many other health benefits not just their cancer prevention.

Mustard greens health benefits

Overall health: These greens are very effective for the hair and skin, ensuring glowing skin and lustrous looks. Also mustard greens can help to people who want to manage their weight. They are low in calories and they can be consumed as snack or a meal without a fear of gaining weight. People who watch for their weight and people who have health problems like dry and damaged skin and hair fall or thinning, weakness, general listlessness, anemia and constant cold should add mustard greens in their diets.

Cardiovascular support: We know that the cholesterol is used by the liver as a basic building block to produce the bile. Bile has specialized molecules which aid the body in the digestion and absorption of fat molecules through a process known as emulsification. The bile is stored in fluid form in the gallbladder and later bile is released into the intestine for the proper digestion of fat and its eventual absorption into the body. Instead of being absorbed into the blood stream, the fiber which is present in the mustard greens and bile is combining together and it gets ejected from the body when there is a bowel movement. This is forcing your liver to replace the lost bile acids by drawing upon the body’s supply of cholesterol and it is keeping the cholesterol levels in the body under control.

Health benefits of mustard greens

Mustard greens nutrition

Cancer prevention: Mustard greens are rich in phytonutrients and glucosinolates. When they are consumed, then they in the body can be converted into ITCs (isothiocyanates) which are possessing anti – preventative properties. Singirin and gluconasturtian are 2 important glucosinolates which are found in mustard greens. Both components are having anti – inflammatory properties and they are reducing the risk of cancer in the body.

Anti – inflammatory agent: It is known fact that mustard greens are natural anti – inflammatory agents who can prevent the chronic inflammation and they can reduce the risk of arthritis and heart disease. Omega – 3 fatty acids and Vitamin K are anti – inflammatory agents which are found in the mustard greens. The Omega – 3 fatty acids are strengthening the immune system of the body and the Vitamin K is regulating the body’s anti – inflammatory system. Mustard greens have isothiocyanates which induce the body’s anti – inflammatory response and they can help you to reduce the risk of ischemic stroke.

Detoxifying agent: Mustard greens have sulfur rich nutrients and antioxidants which can stimulate the process of detoxification in the body. The detoxification is very important for the cardiovascular health because it can prevent cancer and other chronic illnesses. This food is rich in phytonutrients called glucosinolates and they can activate the detoxification enzymes in the body and also they are regulating their activity. But mustard greens are not only a detoxifying agent but also they are acting like a cleansing agent which can help your body to rid of the carbon dioxide. It can help to control the temperature of your body. Mustard greens are very effective for the colon because they are a natural cleanser. Mustard greens stimulate the ejection of waste from the body and they can cleanse the system of toxins.


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