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What are the benefits of taking Vitamin E ?

It is very important for our diet to be rich in vitamins. Vitamin E has many health benefits, such as keep you away from macular degeneration and symptoms associated with cataract development; helps to maintain and enhance your eye health; good for the skin; important for the cardiovascular health. Also, the Vitamin E can help in the fight against factors which lead to neurological diseases.

This is a reason why many physicians and beauticians emphasize that your diet should have enough amounts of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat – soluble antioxidant which has the potential to keep the free radicals at bay. We know that free radicals can damage cell structure which will result in many difficult health problems. Some foods which have Vitamin E as their component include parsley; almonds; mustard greens; Swiss chard; turnip greens; kale; spinach; pine nuts; avocado; sunflower seeds.

Vitamin E Benefits

Health benefits of Vitamin E

Vitamin E for skin and hair care

Vitamin E has antioxidant property which can promote the circulation of blood to the scalp; thereby keeping your hair shining. Also, this vitamin can alleviate the fatigue and can strengthen capillary walls while nourishing the cells and keep your skin shiny and glowing.

Effective for hands and nails

Our hands and nails need nourishment. The Vitamin E is known to moisturize the skin so it can help to keep your hands smooth and flawless. This vitamin is a safe way to restore the trans – epidermal water loss to your skin. You can mix this vitamin  with your regular lotion and apply it to your dry hands for amazing results. Also, you can soak your nails into Vitamin E essential oil regularly because it can help you to have stronger and healthy nails.

Prevents blood clots

If you have clotted blood in your arteries, then it can be extremely dangerous because it can lead to severe health problems, such as cardiac arrest. It can increase your chances of getting stroke. Also, the clots in the veins can cause pulmonary embolism if they travel to the lungs. This vitamin is helpful because it works as a blood thinner because it can prevent blood platelets to merge together and transform into clots. This is a reason why you should add this vitamin in your diet so it can help to prevent serious problems.

Vitamin E for scars

When you have damaged skin cells and tissues, then they produce scars which look unattractive. In some cases, these scars can take a long time to heal. Vitamin E has healing properties which are a safe option to repair damaged cells due to its curative properties. Also, it is safe to apply it on your burns and bruises. The skin will absorb nutrients and your scars will begin to fade gradually.

Boost immune system

It is very important to take extra care of your immune system because the immune system fights against infectious bacteria and it will keep you safe from cold, cough, fever and diarrhea. You should add Vitamin E in your diet because it will make your immune system stronger. It can contribute to cell growth which your body requires to kill germs and even cancerous cells. Also, this vitamin can promote the growth of B – cells which form antibodies that are known to kill bacteria.

Fights osteoarthritis inflammation

It is known that the Vitamin E is a powerful vitamin which the body needs to function better. You can treat the osteoarthritis inflammation with Vitamin E. It can help you to get a relief from the pain and irritation which are caused by the inflammation in your joints.

Good for cardiovascular health

Heart diseases are getting a big place in the world and this is a problem for which we should be careful. The Vitamin E can help to keep your arteries healthy but also, it can reduce the chances of having future heart problems. It can expand the blood vessels which is extremely important for the proper blood flow in your body.

Improves cognitive function

The cognitive decline and memory loss are very common in old age but you can delay these psychological problems by consuming a diet which is rich in Vitamin E. Also, it can help in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents cataract formation

Nowadays, many people have problems with their eye health. You can consume Vitamin E because it has the potential to keep your eyes safe from developing symptoms that are associated with cataracts.

Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar
Dr. Ramesh kumar, BAMS is naturopathy doctor who is well versed with health benefits of all fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants


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