Almond milk best alternative for infants with dairy intolerance

Health benefits of almond milk

Almond milk has many health benefits such as improve our vision, help us to lose weight and it makes stronger our bones and heart. Also this is a good alternative for the milk of nursing mothers. It can help us to have normal function of our kidneys, maintain ideal blood pressure and also it builds strong bones. Almond milk is not commonly used type of milk. Many people are trying to replace the cow milk with the almond milk. This kind of milk has many nutrients and it will be a good choice for all people who do not consume any kind of dairy products. It is rich with Vitamin C, zinc, sodium, potassium, Vitamin B6, niacin, fiber, lipids, proteins, riboflavin etc. All the mentioned nutrients are important for the normal health of our bodies. This milk has not lactose or cholesterol.

Health benefits of almond milk

Anti – Cancer properties: There are some studies in which is shown that if you consume almond milk, then it can suppress of the LNCaP prostate cells which are stimulated when someone is drinking cow milk. If you suffer from some kind of cancers, then you must talk with your doctor before you start using some kind of natural remedy.

Immunity system: This kind of milk is rich with minerals and nutrients that can help you to have healthy immune system. We need strong immune system because it can protect us from microorganisms and germs which are harmful for our bodies and can lead to serious diseases. When someone has poor immune system, then it has increased chances to get diseases and health issues. When we drink almond milk, then we are making our immune system strong and healthy.

Health benefits of almond milkalmond milk health benefits

Strong bones: Almond milk is rich with calcium that is vital element for strong bones and forming and maintaining healthy teeth. Also this element is important for maintaining a normal heart beat, relaxing muscles and blood clotting. You should add almond milk in your diet because it can make you sure that you will have healthy bone growth no matter if you are an adult or you have infant. Also this milk can help you to reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis. In one serving of almond milk there is 30% of the daily requirement amount of calcium. Also it has Vitamin D that can keep our bones healthy as we are getting older.

Substitute for breast milk: This kind of milk has many vitamins and minerals which are similar to those who are found in the mother’s breast milk. It has high amounts of Vitamin D and Vitamin C and iron. These elements can make you sure that your infant will grow healthy. Also it has high amounts of protein which are making it one of the healthiest foods around the world and is healthy in the same amount as the soy milk and rice.

Improved vision: It has high amounts of Vitamin A which can help you to have normal function of your eyes. In this modern age we are using tablets, smart phones and computers which can have side effects on our vision if we are using them too much. You can treat this condition in natural way. You should drink almond milk because it is rich with Vitamin A. It will protect your eyes from the side effects of these modern products and it will help you to have normal function of your eyes.

Healthy skin: Our skin needs to have different types of minerals and vitamins because they can keep it healthy. This kind of milk has Vitamin E that can help you have healthy skin. Also it has Vitamin A which together with the Vitamin E will repair your skin if it is damaged. You can use the almond milk as skin cleansing lotion. When you are cleansing your skin, then you should add rosewater in the almond milk to have the best results.

Kidney health: If you have too much amounts of potassium and calcium in your body, then they can harm your kidneys. Almond milk also has potassium and phosphorous which are not the same with the dairy products. People who suffer from kidney conditions should add almond milk in their diet because they can reduce the potassium levels in their bodies; those people should not use soy products or dairy products.


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