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Natural treatment for lumpy breasts – Vitamin A & Vitamin E

Breast lumps are not cancerous (most of the lumpy breasts). When you have noticed any change in your breast, then you should visit your doctor. There is always a chance to get lumpy breasts which may be cancerous. There are many causes for this condition. In most cases this condition is not a reason for which you should be worried. You should check your breasts because it is always better to diagnose the lumps as soon as possible. Some women are having mild symptoms of breast lumps while other women are having symptoms of breast lumps all the time. In some case women are having itching and other changes in the nipples. There are some women who have said that they have notices improvement in their condition. The main cause for this condition is stress and pregnancy. Also it can be caused by a fatty diet and hormone fluctuation. Also there are some hormones like estrogen (which is reproduction hormone) which can be a reason for breast lumps. If you are smoker, or you are consuming lot of coffee, then you have increased chances to have lumpy breasts. Also women who are obesity are having increased chances of getting lumpy breasts. When your body is not functioning normally and it cannot clean the broken cells, then the chances of getting this disease are also increased. There are many studies in which is shown that this condition can be heredity condition.  In the most cases this condition is affecting women who are between 30 and 50. Here are some home remedies and natural cures which will help you in the fight against the lumpy breasts.

Natural cures for lumpy breasts

Drinks which you should avoid: Tea and coffee in some cases are a reason for a lumpy breast [1]. If you do not want to have lumpy breasts, then you should avoid them. Also soft drinks are a reason for lumpy breasts. Alcohol such as beer and wine also can be a reason for lumpy breasts. All the mentioned drinks can be a reason for lumpy breasts because they are producing stress hormones in the body.

Cold compress: When you have lumpy breasts, then you are feeling inflammation and tenderness. When you are using cold compress as your natural remedy, then you are reducing the previous mentioned symptoms [2]. In a towel or in a plastic bag you should put crushed ice. When you have done this pack, then you should apply it on your breasts. You should let this remedy to stay on your breasts for 10 minutes. Also there is an option in which you can alternate and cold pack with hot pack. Firstly, you should put hot pack on your breasts for 30 minutes. Then, you should apply the cold pack on your breasts. Let the cold pack to stay on your breasts for ten minutes. This is a technique which is helping you to decrease the pain which is caused by this condition.

Natural cures for lumpy breasts lumpy breasts natural cures

Hot compress: If you want to reduce the swelling caused by the lumpy breasts, then you should use hot compress as your natural remedy [2]. In hot water you should dip a face towel. Then, you should put this towel on your breasts for few minutes. When you start feeling that the heat of the towel is reduced and the towel is cold, then you should put the towel again in the hot water and then apply it again on your breasts. Also when you are using this home remedy, you can use heating pad.

Fatty fish: Fatty fish which is rich with an omega – 3 fats you are reducing the chances of getting lumpy breasts. Fishes which are rich with an omega – 3 fatty acids are mackerel and salmon [3]. Also you should consume fish which is rich with iodine because it is helping you to reduce the iodine deficiency in your body. The deficiency of this element is also one of the causes for lumpy breasts.

Avoid meat: Beef meet and chicken meet are having hormones. This is a reason why you should avoid them. When you are adding hormones in your body, then you are increasing your chances to get serious diseases. Also when you are suffering from lumpy breasts, these kinds of products will worsen your symptoms. If you are a meat lover and you cannot imagine your life without meat, then you should buy meat and poultry foods which are not having hormones as their component. These kinds of meats are sold in the health food stores.

Vitamin E: When you are suffering from breast lumps, then you can feel tenderness and pain. If you want to reduce these symptoms of lumpy breasts, then you should use Vitamin E as your natural treatment [4,5]. You should consume foods which are rich with Vitamin E such as cooked taro root, peanuts, oatmeal, soybeans, oregano, sunflower seeds, basil, almonds, green leafy vegetables, pine nuts, wheat germ, dried apricots and fortified cereals. Also you can use Vitamin E supplements, but firstly you should consult with your doctor about the way in which you should consume this Vitamin.

Natural diuretics: When you are using natural diuretics as your natural remedy, then you these remedies are reducing the extra fluids and also they are decreasing the swelling which is caused by this condition. You should not buy diuretics from stores because when you are adding this remedy in your diet, then you can increase the potassium level in your body. When you have too much potassium in your body, then you balance of electrolytes can be spoiled and disturbed. Also the production of glucose can be changed. Cabbage and cucumber are natural diuretics which you can add in your diet.

Vitamin A: When you are suffering from lumpy breasts and you are feeling a pain, then you should use Vitamin A as your natural remedy. What is important for you to know is that you should not take a lot of Vitamin A (in an excess amount) because this condition can cause toxicity in your body. Red – colored foods and orange are foods which are having beta – carotene as their component and which you can use as your remedy. Also red – colored foods can be added in your diet such as pumpkin, sweet potato, peppers, carrots, kale, butternut squash and Chinese cabbage.

Whole grain foods: These kinds of food are rich with fiber which is effective natural remedy for lumpy breasts. One of the biggest causes for breast lumps is the hormone fluctuation. If you want to prevent the hormone fluctuation, then you should consume whole grain foods. You can eat some whole grain foods such as beans, fruits, bread made of whole wheat and brown rice.

Vitamin B6: Women who are suffering from breast lumps should also use Vitamin B6 as their natural remedy. When you are using this Vitamin, then the processing the estrogen of the liver is normal. With the help of this vitamin, the liver is detoxifying the estrogen. This is also helpful in the fluid control of the body. You should add foods in your diet which are rich with Vitamin B6 such as lentils, meat fish, bran, bell peppers, green peas, baked potato, chickpeas, broccoli, soybeans, peanuts, wheat germ, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, spinach, asparagus, turning greens, yams and sunflower seeds. [5]

Ginger oil: If you are suffering from lumpy breasts, then you should massage your breasts with this oil. After you are done with your massage, you should compress your breast with warm cloth. This is very effective natural remedy for the reduction of the breast lumps.

Sea vegetables: These kinds of vegetables are rich with iodine which makes them the perfect natural remedy for lumpy breasts. When you are not having enough iodine in your body, then this can result with lumpy breasts. You should eat food which is rich with iodine because in this way you can prevent yourself from this condition. Dulse, nori and kelp are kinds of sea vegetables which you can use in your natural treatment. In the most parts of the world sea vegetables can be found in the food markets. Also if you cannot find sea vegetable in raw form, you can buy it as powder. This powder will give you the same taste as the salt, so you can add in your cooking. If you add the sea powder in your cooking, then you should not add salt in your meals.

Green tea: If you are suffering from lumpy breasts, then you should drink green tea every day. This tea will prevent the new lumps to form in your breasts and also it will help you to stop the growth of the lumps which you have. When you are using green tea as your natural remedy, you are preventing the abnormal cells to grow in your body. Also this tea is very helpful for the detoxification process of the excess estrogen. [6]


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Hanan Marshal
Hanan Marshal
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