Health benefits of camu camu


Camu camu has many health benefits such as prevents cognitive disorders, prevents viral infections, protects the sexual organ system, reduces mood swings, protects against chronic diseases, promotes eye health, boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body and reduces inflammation. The scientific name of this fruit is Myrciaria dubia. Also this fruit is known as cacari depends on which part of the world is located. This is a tree which grows on riverbanks in Brazil, Peru and South America. It has small appearance and looks like cherry. The major importer of this kind of fruit is Japan. This is not worldwide known fruit. This kind of food is not taking a part of the foods which can cause you allergies. Also this fruit can be used in a combination with other supplements and pharmaceuticals. People who suffer from gout or other conditions which are related with the uric acid should not use this fruit as their natural remedy. They should talk with their doctor before you start using it. Here are some health benefits of the camu camu:

Health benefits of camu camu

Digestion: It has fiber content which is not in large amounts like the content of the Vitamin C. But this is very important part of this fruit because it can help you to boost your overall health. It can help you to optimize the digestive processes in your body. The unbalanced cholesterol levels in your body can lead to serious diseases of your heart. Camu camu can help you to have healthy heart. Fiber regulates the activity of the insulin receptors in our body which can help us to prevent diabetes.

Vision health: Carotenoids are antioxidant components found in camu camu. They keep the health of our eyes. They can help you to eliminate the oxidative stress in your ocular system. This means that you can help your body to prevent the cataracts and macular degeneration which can happen as we are getting older.

Health benefits of camu camu

Fertility: When we add camu camu in our diet, then it can protect the sexual organs in our body. They can ensure us that they will function properly.

Muscle tone: It has many vitamins, amino acids, minerals and nutrients which are making the camu camu perfect natural fruit. This fruit can help us to have normal growth of our muscles and also it will protect our muscles. This fruit will boost your immune system and also it can increase the muscle tone in your body.

Antiviral and antibacterial properties: This fruit has antiseptic properties which can protect us from viral and bacterial infections such as sexually transmitted disease (where we can include herpes) and E.coli. It can boost our immune system which means that this is perfect natural remedy for our health. It can keep our health at stable levels.

Mood swings: This fruit has sedative properties. It can soothe the mental anxiety and also it can balance the mood swings. The exact pathway of how this fruit reacts to our mood is not known, but there are many vitamins and nutrients in it which can reduce the inflammation. Also it can help to women who suffer from depression and who are in their menopausal mood swings.

Cancer prevention: We all want to know if there is a remedy for the cancer. Camu camu has antioxidant components which can prevent the spread process of some types of cancers. This is a reason why you should add this fruit in your diet.

Anti – inflammatory activity: This fruit has Vitamin C which is anti – inflammatory component. But this fruit has another anti – inflammatory components such as flavonols, catechins and anthocyanins. People who suffer from headaches, gout, hemorrhoids and arthritis should use this fruit in their diet because it will soothe the inflammation and also it will give them a relief.

Cognitive ability: Free radicals and the oxidative stress are a reason for the plaque build-up in the cognitive pathways. You should add camu camu in your diet because the Vitamin C will eliminate those build-ups. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented with the consummation of this fruit. It can help you to improve your concentration skill. It can increase your memory, focus and also it can prevent from the cognitive disorders in young people.

These are some of the health benefits of camu camu.


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